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Need help with my e-fed! (a "business" issue)


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Okay, so I'm part of this efed (it's called IWC and based in New York, coincidentally enough to Kam's logo thread), and the previous fedhead (Dave) had taken an unexpected sabbatical/hiatus.

I stepped up to run things while he was gone (at least, to the best of my current abilities), and now I'm being pressured (it sure seems like that, at least) by HIS predecessor (Nick) to merge the company into his and our mutual colleague's (Chris) current feds into one superfed, supposedly for the good of all three feds involved.

While under "regular" circumstances, I probably would've been fine with this (it would've taken the load of writing the shows while also promoing for my characters already there completely off my shoulders)...but the way Nick's been badgering me about it puts me completely ill at ease and is making me very suspicious of his ACTUAL motives behind this merger idea.

(note: I actually don't have a problem RPing wrestlers in a company run by Nick, as I've done it rather recently with at least 4; it's the way he's been going about pitching the merger idea that has me worried)


(Nick had a rather harsh falling out with Dave some years back over the fact that the fed's roster actually preferred Dave's show writing and planning to Nick's; said falling out is what prompted Dave to change Nick's company ULW to IWC)


ANY advice on this matter would be appreciated, because now the pressure's ramping up (plenty of arguments about "keeping the fed's history alive and well" and "letting the fed go 'on a break' while we're still strong") and I still can't get that nagging suspicion about Nick's possible ulterior motives out of my head.


Thanks in advance,

- Adz

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Tell Nick that the way he's doing things is making you feel uncomfortable.


Let him know that the ONLY way you're going to do this is if there is a VERY CLEAR system of deciding who's in charge and how decisions will be made and how responsibilities will be assigned (just in case he's planning on burying your roster once there's a merger)


Talk out the merger storyline ahead of time as I'm sure this will open the possibility of a big show where titles are merged, new feuds beak out, etc.


Talk to your roster; how they feel is really paramount. Maybe they don't want to be part of a superfed?


An e-fed is supposed to be fun first and foremost. If that's not happening with Nick then you need to step back.

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@ PeterHilton: Your advice is awesome and sound.

As for getting the roster's opinion about the matter, they are already well aware. Everybody has worked with Dave, Nick, AND Chris before in some fashion or another, and at least half the roster has said they'd be fine with bringing their characters over to the superfed if a merger/takeover took place.

The rest have made it clear that their characters in IWC were meant to be in IWC only, written and handled the way Dave--and subsequently myself--have been doing for the past however long, and will not be bringing them to the superfed (although at least a couple of them said they may create a new character just to stay fresh). So that's the roster's take.

Luckily, I have huge support in the form of Therese, who's worked with Dave, Nick, Chris, and even sibling fed SCW's head Olek (who also handles my tag partner in IWC); she's noticed the way Nick (and those pushing for the merger/hiatus) have been sounding and has basically on my behalf asked that they let me think things over about the whole thing without the "bullying".


@ ComradeBot and MelanieShaman:

link to the IWC - http://www.fwrestling.com/host/Hurse/IWC

(the forums however, are members only)

IWC's most recent PPV, "Upping the Ante" (written by me after Dave's disappearance) - http://www.supremecw.com/iwc/shows/IWCUppingTheAnte2010.html

(I ran out of steam for a segment, and a match got double-no-showed, so that explains the "summary" style for both of them)


MCW, one of the merger's feds - http://z8.invisionfree.com/Motorcity/index.php?

(I don't know the current website URL)

UCWF, the other merger fed (current website) - http://www.wix.com/ucwf2010/ucwf

forum - http://z7.invisionfree.com/UCWF


SCW, our sibling fed (but not part of the merger) - http://www.supremecw.com/

forum - http://s7.invisionfree.com/SCW_Forums/index.php

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I've been in E-Wrestling for over 11 years now, (retired the past 2) and I've faced some great people before and ran some great efeds. In fact, back at Roughkut and X-Net (when it was around), I think I'm still rated one of the top 5 E-Fed owners.


With that said, I'd like to address some issues that you've brought up that if I were in your position, I'd be worried about.


1. In the event of a "Super-fed" the promising result is highly unlikely.


What I mean by this is, don't get your hopes up. From my experience, unless everyone is using a team effort in this and helping each other out, superfeds wind up only benefiting the original man who thought of the idea, rather then the roster / fed itself.


2. Remember, it's not YOU that you need to be concerned about.


As the temp owner, you're job is first and foremost the people whom you've pledged responsibility to, for making the place of E-Wrestling as fun and safe and welcoming as could be. Superfeds, especially in the cases of murger, lack that at the beginning. Unfortunately, most people don't know how to, nor do they put in the effort of pushing through the tough spot and seeing the idea on through. I've seen one fed do this in all my years of Fedding, and man was that fed successful.


3. When you've discussed things with your members, it's up to YOU to make the final decision.


Yes, your first and foremost priority is to the members. But don't let havoc rule. It's very easy to get a "divided" forum this way. My best advice to avoiding this is to remind everyone "this isn't for you, it's for the family." Corny, yes. Effect, oh you wouldn't believe.


So ultimately, the best advice I could give you as corny as it may sound, is follow your heart. Go with where you want to see the place go, and FOLLOW that idea through whatever may come your way. Don't give up, even when it seems that failure is inevitable. Like a wise man once said, you only fail if you don't try. You never know, success could be right around the corner.

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Thanks for all the advice, everybody!


I actually plan on chatting with Dave about this whole manner so I can get his first-hand opinion on what he wants.

I'll be saying "no merger, BUT anyone on the roster who wants to join the superfed can", and have to hope that until Dave gives me his answer either way, that Nick will be satisfied enough.

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what type of format is the "superfed" going to have? are each fed going to have its own show? or are you having one show a week? two shows?


going from a nice sized roster to a bloated roster might cause a few issues with your rpers. guys will get lost in the shuffle.

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