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SIGMA: European Revolution

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I'll be starting a new dynasty, mostly because Adam announced WMMA3 and this was something I was shamelessly postponing. Predictions, positive criticism, negative criticism, hate mail and love declarations are all welcome.






In breaking news, SIGMA's president Robbie Hesthenal announced that he's "stepping down". Inside sources who wish to remain anonymous claim that this is due to an Hesthenal's deteriorating with SIGMA's owner, DL Freeman. According to inside rumors, the bad blood between the two stems from widely different stances in product type.


"I'm done. This job was the best time of my life, but I believe I achieved everything there is to achieve here... big thanks to everyone that helped me."


SIGMA's owner DL Freeman already has a man for the job, though, and announced it right after Hesthenal quit.


"It's with sadness that we see Robbie going away. Good luck to him for the future. However, this company needs to keep going... And the man for the job is already chosen."


The new president is Jose "openeye" Durao, a Portuguese fighter-turned-businessman probably better known as Euro Team Thunder's former head Jiu Jitsu trainer. The new SIGMA figurehead had some words after Freeman's announcement.


"Well, I've been involved with the European MMA scene since the beginning... This is my dream job."


"Our main objective is to take advantage of the thriving business opportunities here, to create a promotion able to compete with GAMMA and ALPHA-1, by putting exciting cards, and getting first and foremost Europe's top fighters, then the world's."


"We're gonna keep the 3x10 minute round systems and the cage. Well, we're not gonna change any rule, actually."


"SIGMA never numbered his events. But that will change from now on. Our next card will be numbered SIGMA.1, and we will announce it in the next few days."


If the new president will be successful, only the future knows. But Blurcat will follow and report future developments.

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Breaking News




SIGMA's president openeye announced today that its first event will be composed by 10 fights, headlined by the SIGMA Heavyweight title fight. The president was quoted as saying he was "as a fan, looking forward to every fight in the card, but the main event is just outstanding. Two of the most dangerous and explosive fighters in the SIGMA roster clashing for the Heavyweight belt? It'll be incredible!".




(170) Jens HALLE (13-2) vs Heiko PANDER (1-0)

(205) Jacob MATTHAUS (15-7) vs Andranik PALETILOLU (16-4)

(265) Phil VERDIGREE (14-20-1) vs Stjepan ANDRIC (12-3)

(145) Seth O'BREEN (1-0) vs Nuno VALENTINO (0-0)

(185) Stephan DE WINTER (2-0) vs Casim YENKINI (10-2)




(155) Sid MORGAN (2-0) vs Gustavo BAUTISTA (62-23-9)

(205) Ralph KOHL (16-7) vs Hyun-Shik LIM (3-0)

(170) Marko PROCHÁZKA (22-11) vs Benedikt STREIT (18-5)

(145) Colm DEE (12-2) VS Manish KHAN (8-1)

(265) Terron CABAL (13-0) vs Souleymane YA KONAN (8-0) for the SIGMA Heavyweight Title

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(170) HALLE (13-2) vs PANDER (1-0)

Round one was dominated by Pander, who completely outclassed Halle on the ground. However, the Norwegian came back strong in the 2nd, and after nailing a solid combination, hit a strong straight right that put Pander on the deck. The German wasn't done yet, and as Halle jumped him to finish, Pander scrambled and ended on top, in guard. Again showing who the superior grappler was, he achieved mount in seconds and started pounding until the referee stepped in and stopped it.


(205) MATTHAUS (15-7) vs PALETILOLU (16-4)

In another incredible fight, Paletilolu clocked Matthaus again and again, until a straight right put the hometown hero on the floor. "The Battering Ram" immediately jumped Matthaus and started dropping bombs, but it wasn't enough... The German came back and locked up a kimura for the finish. A solid victory for Matthaus.


(265) VERDIGREE (14-20-1) vs ANDRIC (12-3)

In a tight and entertaining affair, the German crowd was presented with a lovely standup war. Verdigree looked more technical in the early stages of the fight, taking the 1st round, but Andric rallied in the end of the 2nd and nailed the Welsh with a barrage to put him down, and after he got mount, it had to be the referee to save Verdigree from the strikes.


(145) O'BREEN (1-0) vs VALENTINO (0-0)

In a battle of grapplers, the Portuguese black belt, on his dayview nonetheless, embarrased O'Breen on the floor, taking him down and flowing through his defenses to get the armbar from the mount.


(185) DE WINTER (2-0) vs YENKINI (10-2)

Apparently, de Winter's camp didn't go so well this time, and his skills suffered for it. After being taken down right off the bat, Yenkini started dropping vicious elbows and improving position, ending the first round power punching de Winter after taking his back. His corner apparently didn't like that Yenkini missed so many chances to finish, so he came into the 2nd, knocked the Dutch down, and cranked on a kimura to finish.




(155) MORGAN (2-0) vs BAUTISTA (62-23-9)

In a surprisingly poor fight, these 2 wrestled each other for 30 minutes. The differencemaker were Morgan's takedowns, which allowed him to win rounds 2 and 3. Not all the judges agreed on that though, and he won the split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29).


(205) KOHL (16-7) vs LIM (3-0)

Lim came into this fight with a purpose, and Kohl's face attested it in the end. He knocked him down with a combo, got mount, and started pouncing until the ref was forced to stop it.


(170) PROCHÁZKA (22-11) vs STREIT (18-5)

In a grappling-heavy match, Procházka dominated Streit with wrestling for 2 rounds, staying heavy on top after getting the takedown. Inbetween rounds 2 and 3, everyone could feel the urgency in Streit's corner, as they instructed him to finish the fight at all costs. Being the fine gentleman that he is, the German sprawled Procházka's takedown attempts, and waited until he made a mistake to counter with a vicious combination that put the Croatian down. The following punches and subsequent stoppage were academical.

(145) DEE (12-2) VS KHAN (8-1)

Two standup fighters clashed in SIGMA.1's co-main event, and the result was highly entertaining. Khan dominated from the distance, with some vicious leg kicks and a well placed jab to take a well appointed decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).


(265) CABAL (13-0) vs YA KONAN (8-0) for the SIGMA Heavyweight Championship

In the main event of the night, again two strikers went the distance. The champion started off strong, taking round 1 with some well timed jabs and great movement, and looked on his way to get the decision. But Ya Konan disagreed. In round 2, he nailed an excellent combo that put Cabal down, but not out, and did it again in the 3rd. The champion needed to rebound, but the african kept hitting some nasty leg kicks that slowly shut Cabal down, taking round 4 home as well. The champion rallied in the 5th, hitting some punches and wrestling his way into a Muay Thai plum, but it wasn't to be, and SIGMA has a new Heavyweight champion (48-47, 48-47, 48-47).


Quick results


Heiko Pander beat Jens Halle by TKO (Ground Strikes) in 4:46 of round 2

Jacob Matthaus beat Andranik Paletilolu by Submission (Kimura) in 8:02 of round 1

Stjepan Andric beat Phil Verdigree by TKO (Punches) in 9:03 of round 2

Nuno Valentino beat Seth O'Breen by Submission (Armbar) in 1:59 of round 1

Casim Yenkini beat Stephan de Winter by Submission (Kimura) in 0:33 of round 2


Sid Morgan beat Gustavo Bautista by Split Decision

Hyun-Shik Lim beat Ralph Kohl by TKO (Punches) in 1:45 of round 1

Benedikt Streit beat Marko Procházka by TKO (Punches) in 4:59 of round 3

Manish Khan beat Colm Dee by Unanimous Decision

Souleymane Ya Konan beat Terron Cabal by Unanimous Decision

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Breaking News




Along with being the first card under openeye's tutelage, SIGMA.1 brought us a new champion: Souleymane Ya Konan. Côte D'Ivoire's #1 MMA export capitalized on the opportunity of a lifetime to outpoint Cabal with some highly effective kicks, making the former champion look bad in his main strength. "The African Dream" is the new kingpin at 265, as a lot of interesting fighters run for a shot at the crown.


The co-main event was a pivotal bout for the 145 division, with Khan taking another step that leaves him really close to a title shot. Colm Dee's heart wasn't enough to stop the Sheffield native, and the Irish will look to rebound from this disappointing loss as fast as possible.


With a come from behind victory, Streit takes another step forward to title contention, as Procházka gets shoved into the back of the line. The future will tell if the German ground and pound specialist can hang with the top 5 at 170, of course; but right now he will just want to enjoy his sweet victory.


Insiders were touting Hyun-Shik Lim as the next big thing at 205 for a long time now, and the South korean is now finally moving from prospect to contender. Kohl will look to get into action as fast as possible though, to forget this loss with a brand new W on his record.


While not the most enthralling fight of the night, Sid Morgan proved just good enough to beat the veteran Bautista, in a past-meets-future matchup. The 19-year-old London native is now looking to get another big fight to move up the rankings, as the old lion will sit back and think about his options.

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Breaking News









After President openeye was quoted, relating to SIGMA.1 card, to be "highly pleased with the results", the followup was announced. SIGMA.2 will be headlined by two of the best at 170 in the world, as Noach Van Der Capellen and Alberto Basora slug it out for the SIGMA Welterweight belt. openeye also confirmed that the winner of the co-main event fight gets a shot at Amaro's strap.




(265) Stanislaw LIPNICKI (13-5) vs Mugur BOC (6-0)

(155) Truck GLEESON (14-4) vs Jeremy SPROULE (3-2)

(145) Fernando PERAGON (4-1) vs Francesco MARAZZINA (18-6)

(155) Alvaro NEGREDO (19-8) vs Roy LYNCH (6-7)

(185) Carmelo ROSSI (8-2) vs Jim CARPENTER (49-9-2)



(155) Fiyero LERMONTOV (8-0) vs Lukas MELLBERG (18-2)

(265) Aleksander IVANOV (3-0) vs Ari PELTONEN (22-7)

(205) Murray DARBY (11-4) vs Niko SOLDO (0-0)

(185) Bambang SRIYANTO (22-6-2) vs Fjodor KANCHELSKIS (9-0)

(170) Noach VAN DER CAPELLEN (10-3) vs ALBERTO BASORA (14-4) for the SIGMA Welterweight Championship

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LIPNICKI (13-5) vs BOC (6-0)

The very definition of a boring fight, Boc spent 30 minutes taking Lipnicki down and trying to pass without success. He got the unanimous decision in the scorecards (30-27, 30-27, 30-27), and that'll be the highlight of his night.


GLEESON (14-4) vs SPROULE (3-2)

Gleeson didn't seem to want to spend much time in the cage tonight. He came in, dropped Sproule with a lovely combination, and got the armbar to take this one by submission, all within the first minute.


PERAGON (4-1) vs MARAZZINA (18-6)

Another lopsided fight. Marazzina got the takedown, took Peragon's back, and locked the rear naked choke for the finish.

NEGREDO (19-8) vs LYNCH (6-7)

Two standup specialists clashed in this one, and the result was mildly entertaining. Round one went to Lynch, showing his boxing background with his crisp jab; round 2 went to Negredo, who started to improve his movement and caught Lynch coming in a few times, and in round 3 the Spanish looked for the finish, maneuvering for the Muay Thai clinch and knocking the Irish senseless after a nasty looking knee to the face.


ROSSI (8-2) vs CARPENTER (49-9-2)

In the last preliminary bout, Carpenter completely outclassed Rossi on the floor. He took him down, passed to side control, nailed a few powerful knees and got the mount. Rossi, still hurt, exposed his left arm, and Carpenter took it home with a beautiful armbar.




LERMONTOV (8-0) vs MELLBERG (18-2)

In the first main card match, we witnessed the rise of one of the most hyped fighters in recent SIGMA history. The Russian overcame a 4' reach disadvantage, and kept going even after Mellberg sprawled his first takedown attempts and peppered him with some shots; but Lermontov wasn't going to be denied, and after clinching pressing the Swede into the cage, he got his back, took him down, and floated over for the armbar. A fantastic display of Sambo, against none other than a Jiu Jitsu specialist.


IVANOV (3-0) vs PELTONEN (22-7)

Two big heavyweights on the verge of a title shot collided next. With both being Sambo specialists, the early minutes of the fight were spent at boxing range, with Ivanov just being slightly faster and more effective. Peltonen forced the clinch, and they grappled for a while until Ivanov was able to pick Peltonen up and slam him to the floor, taking round one home. "The Finn-isher" came into the 2nd with a purpose, and immediately took Ivanov down; still, he got careless, and allowed the Russian to get the sweep from a guillotine, into side control. He could do nothing there, and the ref stood them up: round 2 to Peltonen. In the 3rd, Ivanov again got the upper hand, controlling the fight against the cage, and with some well placed strikes. All the judges agreed to a unanimous decision for Ivanov (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).


DARBY (11-4) vs SOLDO (0-0)

In the next fight, we witnessed the dayview of a potential future star, in Niko Soldo. Although Darby was a game opponent and never quit, he didn't seem to have nothing to give to the Croatian, who got the upper hand both in short range (landing some highly effective dirty boxing) and at striking distance (crippling Darby's lead leg with kicks). He'll want to work on his cardio levels, though; He gassed badly in the 3rd, and was only able to coast to a unanimous decision victory because Darby was just as tired.

SRIYANTO (22-6-2) vs KANCHELSKIS (9-0)

The co-main event brought us the no. 1 contender fight to Amaro's crown, as 2 fighters put their SIGMA undefeated records on the line. Round one went to Sriyanto, who controlled the standup and actually reversed a takedown attempt and hit the Russian with some powerful knees from side control; Kanchelskis came into the 2nd looking for the finish, and even after some minutes of being controlled against the cage, he got the takedown, achieved full mount and dropped bombs until the ref had to step in.


VAN DER CAPELLEN (10-3) vs ALBERTO BASORA (14-4) for the SIGMA Welterweight Championship

With a stunning performance, Van Der Capellen countered Basora's shot with a straight right that put him on the deck. The champion jumped Basora and finished it with strikes, at :38 of the 1st.

Quick Results


Mugur Boc beat Stanislaw Lipnicki by Unanimous Decision

Truck Gleeson beat Jeremy Sproule by Submission (Armbar) in :43 of round 1

Francesco Marazzina beat Fernando Peragon by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 6:15 of round 1

Alvaro Negredo beat Roy lynch by Knockout (Knee) in 2:33 of round 3

Jim Carpenter beat Carmelo Rossi by Submission (Armbar) in 3:25 of round 1


Fiyero Lermontov beat Lukas Mellberg by Submission (Armbar) in 6:50 of round 1

Aleksander Ivanov beat Ari Peltonen by Unanimous Decision

Niko Soldo beat Murray Darby by Unanimous Decision

Fjodor Kanchelskis beat Bambang Sriyanto by TKO (Ground Strikes) in 6:04 of round 2

Noach Van Der Cappelen beat Alberto Basora by TKO (Punches) in :38 of round 1

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Breaking News


Sorry for the long layoff guys. Been without my laptop for a while, and had everything written in there. But now it will be back on schedule.



Tonight, Van Der Capellen capped off one of those performances that everyone will remember for a long time. Basora actually came in a slight favorite in the odds, but it took the Dutch only 38 seconds to prove everyone wrong. A fantastic victory for SIGMA's Welterweight champion.


With no. 1 contendership for the Middleweight belt on the line, Kanchelskis upped his game to take on tough opponent Sryanto, in a very intense fight. The Indonesian actually dominated the first round, but the St. Petersburg Elite was not to be denied. He'll look to do the best he can with his title shot.


Croatia has an history with good fighters, and Niko Soldo might be the best of them all. Taking on the veteran Darby, he never looked in trouble for the whole 30 minutes, and although he missed chances to finish, he'll take this victory and will work on the problems. A tough loss for Darby, who will definitely look to rebound as soon as possible.


In a very important bout for the future of the heavyweight division, the veteran Peltonen and the rookie Ivanov dished out a 3 round grappling war with slams, reversals, and changes in momentum. The Russian seemed a little more prepared, and that made all the difference in the judges eyes.


Boasting an undefeated record and riding a tsunami of momentum, the Russian Lermontov came into this fight with an experience and reach disadvantage, facing off with a fighter that brought the exact same gameplan as he did: ground fighting. And if everyone expected this fight to be evenly matched on the floor, then someone forgot to warn Lermontov, because he manhandled the Jiu Jitsu black belt Mellberg like it was nothing. An incredible win, that shoots the Russian way up in the rankings.

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Breaking News






Tonight in Munich, the president openeye announced SIGMA.3. it will be composed by 10 fights, and will be headlined by the Light Heavyweight title bout between Thorbjorn Rekdal and Shane Gilchrist.


The co-main event will be a fight with possible title implications in the Heavyweight division, pitting Kokh master Armen Sarkisian against French Kickboxer Jean-Pierre Richelleau.


The full card will be as follows:




(185) Uwe MAIER (9-1) vs Jaromir GRYGERA (18-5)

(170) Gordon IDLE (7-2) vs Marco BERNACCI (4-1)

(185) Casim YENKINI (11-2) vs Ethan SUTTON (4-0)

(185) Davis SPYROU (18-4) vs Hans-Peter SCHNEIDER (12-5)

(170) Kenneth TOADSPEW (10-2) vs Tyler LASS (3-1)




(185) Rob BAINES (26-10) vs Henning OLSEN (15-2)

(155) Milenko RUDONJA (17-4) vs Lubos PLASIL (6-0)

(205) Aleksei CHEKHOV (19-3) vs Faas SMIT (34-14)

(265) Armen SARKISIAN (13-0) vs Jean-Pierre RICHELLEAU (22-7)

(205) Thorbjorn REKDAL (15-1) vs Shane GILCHRIST (16-2) for the SIGMA Light Heavyweight Championship

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(185) MAIER (9-1) vs GRYGERA (18-5)

Round one wasn't the best of times to Maier. He got taken down, ground and pounded, and hurt real bad; Grygera couldn't finish, but it was a clear 10-7 round, and it decided the fight. Maier came back strong and won the other 2 rounds with vicious leg kicks and nasty combos, but the judges still saw it 28-27(3x) giving Grygera the unanimous decision.


(170) IDLE (7-2) vs BERNACCI (4-1)

There were some rumors online that Bernacci didn't take the training as seriously as he should, and Idle capitalized. After sprawling a shot from the Italian, he rolled him into side control, got the mount, and hit several great shots until the ref had to stop it.


(185) YENKINI (11-2) vs SUTTON (4-0)

The Nigerian Yenkini kept his winning streak going by dominating Sutton with wrestling. The judges saw it 29-28(3x) for the unanimous decision.


(185) SPYROU (18-4) vs SCHNEIDER (12-5)

In a beautiful display of technical striking, Spyrou kept countering Schneider's attempts to grapple with a well timed jab, time and time again. The German eventually gassed, and moved in too recklessly with his hands down, which allowed Spyrou to hit a powerful straight right that put Schneider on the deck. He immediately pounced, and the result was a round 2 stoppage.


(170) TOADSPEW (10-2) vs LASS (3-1)

After 2 dead even rounds, with Lass sprawling Toadspew's takedowns, the Australian Judoka got Lass's back against the fence, took him down and secured the rear naked choke for the 3rd round finish.




(185) BAINES (26-10) vs OLSEN (15-2)

In a classic clash of styles, Olsen, the kickboxer, outstruck Baines early in round one. However, Baines got the clinch and the takedown, getting the americana from half guard.


(155) RUDONJA (17-4) vs PLASIL (6-0)

The Slovenian karateca looked completely out of his game tonight. Plasil took him down and wrenched on a kimura for the finish.

(205) CHEKHOV (19-3) vs SMIT (34-14)

In a very nice display of ground skills after seeing his takedown countered, Smit got the sweep to side control with a kimura, got Chekhov's back, and pounded until the stoppage.


(265) SARKISIAN (13-0) vs RICHELLEAU (22-7)

In a fight with great implications to the future of the heavyweight division, the better striker was quickly established, as Richelleau dominated the first 3 minutes with solid movement and leg kicks. Sarkisian wasn't done at all though, and taking advantage of a flat footed Richelleau, took him down and cranked on an americana from side control for the finish.


(205) REKDAL (15-1) vs GILCHRIST (16-2) for the SIGMA Light Heavyweight Championship

The main event brought us another classic styles clash. The champion Rekdal kept tagging Gilchrist in the first round with solid straight lefts, and crippling him with leg kicks. The Australian also showed his skill, shoving Rekdal into the cage and opening him above the left eye with a pair of vicious elbows. The doctor had it checked and didn't look too concerned about it; apparently, neither was the champion, who immediately countered an attempted shot by Gilchrist with a nasty left hook that knocked him down hard. Rekdal pounced, and the fight was over.


Quick Results


Jaromir Grygera beat Uwe Maier by UD

Gordon Idle beat Marco Bernacci by TKO (Ground Strikes) in 4:33 of round 1

Casim Yenkini beat Ethan Sutton by UD

Davis Spyrou beat Hans-Peter Schneider by TKO (Ground Strikes) in 9:36 of round 2

Kenneth Toadspew beat Tyler Lass by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 4:07 of round 2


Rob Baines beat Henning Olsen by Submission (Americana) in 7:27 of round 1

Lubos Plasil beat Milenko Rudonja by Submission (Kimura) in 5:18 of round 1

Faas Smit beat Aleksei Chekhov by TKO (Ground Strikes) in 4:56 of round 1

Armen Sarkisian beat Jean-Pierre Richelleau by Submission (Americana) in 5:26 of round 1

Thorbjorn Rekdal beat Shane Gilchrist by TKO (Punches) in 9:47 of round 1

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Breaking News




What a night. With every single main card fight ending in the 1st round, this was one of the most exciting cards in recent memory.


The main event brought us a fantastic fight for the Light Heavyweight belt. The champion Rekdal, even after Gilchrist cut him open with an elbow, turned it around to take the TKO victory.


Armen Sarkisian took a huge step towards the belt, if SIGMA's president is to be believed. The Armenian got his biggest win to date over a very tough Richelleau, and is now looking to get a big fight next.


In a pivotal bout for the 205 division, the 3rd main card brought us a great battle between Russian kickboxer Chekhov and Dutch grappler Smit, who ended it with a series of unanswered strikes. This win, of course, leaves him on the verge of a title shot.


In the other fights, Plasil confirmed the hype with a nice victory over Rudonja, and the veteran Baines showed he's still a factor at 185 after finishing Olsen.

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Breaking News






SIGMA brass has updated their next event, and it will be composed by 10 fights as usual, headlined by Souleymane Ya Konan trying to defend his belt for the first time against Sambo specialist Lefter Oktay, and co-headlined by the 205'ers Lim and Matthaus. It won't be the only title bout on the card, as Featherweight champion Lars Bohlin puts his belt on the line against dangerous submission artist Pedro Alves.




(265) Murilo SATINHO (0-0) vs Phil VERDIGREE (14-21-1)

(145) Jason DALGLISH (15-6) vs Nuno VALENTINO (1-0)

(155) Gustavo BAUTISTA (62-24-9) vs Moss GILBERT (5-0)

(170) Jens HALLE (13-3) vs Templeton CRUMB (6-1)

(145) Liam O'DONNELL (5-2) vs Louie SULLIVAN (0-0)



(155) Sid MORGAN (3-0) vs Paulo Roberto BEZERRA (14-1)

(170) Dominykas JANKOVIC (9-2) vs Benedikt STREIT (19-5)

(145) Lars BOHLIN (48-6-1) vs Pedro ALVES (10-4) for the SIGMA Featherweight Championship

(205) Hyun-Shik LIM (4-0) vs Jacob MATTHAUS (16-7)

(265) Souleymane YA KONAN (9-0) vs Lefter OKTAY (14-0) for the SIGMA Heavyweight Championship

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(265) SATINHO (0-0) vs VERDIGREE (14-21-1)

This was, of course, the Brazillian's dayview fight, and if you add to that the fact that he had some personal issues coming in, what this fight turned out to be is quite amazing. Satinho took the veteran down and battered him until the ref was forced to stop it.


(145) DALGLISH (15-6) vs VALENTINO (1-0)

The Portuguese keeps on the rise, this time disposing of dangerous veteran Jason Dalglish. A takedown, perfect control on top to get the back, and a rear naked choke sums up this fight.


(155) BAUTISTA (62-24-9) vs GILBERT (5-0)

The Ohio native felt the pressure of his SIGMA dayview, having a tough time in the 1st round against a game Bautista that used his experience and greco-roman prowess to take it. However, Gilbert came into the second much looser, and the result came quite naturally: after a powerful right hook, a hurt Bautista ended up with his back to the cage, and the American started pounding. Bautista wasn't defending himself intelligently, and the ref stopped it.


(170) HALLE (13-3) vs CRUMB (6-1)

After losing to Pander in SIGMA.1, Jens Halle brought a whole new fire into this match. The newcomer Crumb (a Muay Thai specialist) was completely dominated in the standup department, as "Battery" lived up to his moniker and kept tagging the South African with power shots. It was exactly one of those combos that knocked Crumb down, and roughly 10 shots later, the winner was decided.

(145) O'DONNELL (5-2) vs SULLIVAN (0-0)

Two newcomers squared off for the last preliminary fight. Sullivan, a very well rounded MMA fighter, brought a solid gameplan and implemented it to a tee, getting the Irish to the mat with ease in every round. O'Donnell was game and tried to survived and get back to his feet for the first 2 rounds, but gassed in the 3rd which allowed Sullivan to take his back and finish the fight with a rear naked choke.




(155) MORGAN (3-0) vs BEZERRA (14-1)

After beating Bautista, Morgan said that he would do anything to get his title shot, and he backed it up. With Bezerra unable to avoid the takedowns, Morgan spent 30 minutes controlling the Brazillian on the floor, en route to a well appointed unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)


(170) JANKOVIC (9-2) vs STREIT (19-5)

In a grappling heavy match, Streit took round one by dominating Jankovic against the cage; however, in round 2, Jankovic rebounded, took Streit down, outmaneuvered him to take the back, and after a struggle, locked in the rear naked choke for the finish.


(145) Bohlin (48-6-1) vs ALVES (10-4) for the SIGMA Featherweight Championship

The first title bout of the night ended rather quickly. Bohlin, nominally a wrestler, didn't even try to grapple with the Brazillian Jiu Jitsu black belt. Instead, he chose to strike, and it paid off big time: a 3 punch combo put Alves down, and a series of unanswered shots ensured Bohlin would still be the champion in the end of the night.


(205) LIM (4-0) vs MATTHAUS (16-7)

The co-main event brought us a clash between 2 fighters on the rise. Matthaus was coming off that big comeback win against Paletilolu, and Kohl still can't forget what Lim did to him. Tonight, it was the South Korean who prevailed, connecting with a series of punches that trapped Matthaus against the cage, who was unable to stop them. He wilted, and the ref stepped in, 2 minutes into the 1st.


(265) YA KONAN (9-0) vs OKTAY (14-0) for the SIGMA Heavyweight Championship

Our main event was also the night's second title fight, with both the champion and the challenger putting their undefeated records on the line. An astonishingly effective striker, Ya Konan isn't as gifted on the floor, and Oktay took advantage. Shooting for the takedown right off the starting bell, he got on top of the champion, kept hurting him with ground and pound and constantly improving position until he maneuvered to his back, got the body triangle and finished with the choke.


Quick Results


Murilo Satinho beats Phil Verdigree by TKO (Strikes) in 3:31 of round 1

Nuno Valentino beats Jason Dalglish by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 4:47 of round 1

Moss Gilbert beats Gustavo Bautista by TKO (Punches) in :18 of round 2

Jens Halle beat Templeton Crumb by TKO (Punches) in 3:18 of round 1

Louie Sullivan beats Liam O'Donnell by Submission (Rear Naked choke) in 5:47 of round 3


Sid Morgan beat Paulo Roberto Bezerra by Unanimous Decision

Dominykas Jankovic beat Benedikt Streit by Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Lars Bohlin beat Pedro Alves by TKO (Punches) in 2:55 of round 1

Hyun-Shik Lim beat Jacob Matthaus by TKO (Punches) in 1:58 of round 1

Lefter Oktay beat Souleymane Ya Konan by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 3:23 of round 1

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The stage was set. SIGMA.4's marquee fight, featuring two undefeated bruisers colliding for the 265 crown, was perhaps the biggest fight ever for the European's promotion Heavyweight division. The obvious war of words was more than expected; Hassan Fezzik, ALPHA-1's Heavyweight champion and Oktay's mentor, said in an interview in his home country of Turkey that Ya Konan was "too one dimensional to be an MMA champion".


This was not well accepted at all by Côte D'Ivoire's media, who gave Ya Konan a hero's welcome after his win against Cabal. The fighter himself felt "disrespected", and vowed to knock Oktay out senseless.


The fight confirmed his worst nightmares, though. The Turkish standout made the best of his clinical Sambo skills, and overran Ya Konan on the floor to take the belt home.


So intense was the build up to the title bout, that most people overlooked the co main event. Two fighters with legitimate title aspirations in the ever improving Light Heavyweight, with solid wins backing up their claims, clashed just before, and it was the South Korean that prevailed, again displaying his iincredibly dynamic striking and improving his SIGMA record to 3-0, and leaving a worryingly increasing pile of bodies on the way. Matthaus will look to rebound as soon as possible, of course.


The second title bout of the evening gave us a Lars Bohlin with a fresh gameplan. A lot of fans were expecting a highly divided ground war, and instead were treated with a standup clinic by the Swede. Alves looked surprised, and couldn't stop Bohlin from playing Whac-a-Mole on his face for the finish. Solid defense for the champion.


Streit had the tough luck of welcoming one of the most promising Welterweight prospects in recent history, his name Dominykas Jankovic. The German was game, trying to put a show in front of his home crowd, but the Bulgarian's Sambo proved to be too much for him. Jankovic takes a huge step towards contention with this win.


In a fight between two up and comers in the Lightweight division, Sid Morgan pulled yet another upset by giving the Brazilian knockout artist no chances to display his strong point. Still undefeated, the English grappler is now demanding more, and Bezerra will look to get into the ring as fast as possible to forget about tonight's performance.


In the preliminary card, Sullivan successfully debuted his MMA career over the more experienced O'Donnell, Halle overran the debuting Crumb, Gilbert got a hard TKO victory, Valentino just kept displaying Jiu Jitsu skills light years ahead of anyone at 145, and Satinho poured his heart in the ring (there are some rumours about his father being very ill) battering veteran Verdigree.


The night ended on a sad note though, as the veteran Gustavo Bautista formally announced his retirement. Blurcat thanks him for the years of commitment to our beloved sport and to his unbreakable professionalism.

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Breaking News




SIGMA's president recently announced their next card.


The main event will be a Welterweight title fight between the champion Van Der Cappellen, coming off an impressive victory against Alberto Basora, and dangerous British fighter Jim Carpenter, co-headlined with the 265 clash between tough veteran Andric and rising star Ivanov.




(155) H. M. MENZEL vs Lukas MELLBERG

(170) Marko PROCHÁZKA vs Rich ROBINSON

(205) Andranik PALETILOLU vs Murray DARBY

(170) Heiko PANDER vs Carmelo ROSSI

(205) Nicolai MICKIEWICZ vs Ralph KOHL




(145) Manish KHAN vs Francesco MARAZZINA

(265) Stratos PAPAIOANNOU vs Mugur BOC (7-0)

(155) Alvaro NEGREDO vs Brandon SUGAR

(265) Aleksander IVANOV vs Stjepan ANDRIC

(170) Noach VAN DER CAPPELLEN vs Jim CARPENTER for the SIGMA Welterweight Championship

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(155) H. M. MENZEL vs Lukas MELLBERG

(170) Marko PROCHÁZKA vs Rich ROBINSON

(205) Andranik PALETILOLU vs Murray DARBY

(170) Heiko PANDER vs Carmelo ROSSI

(205) Nicolai MICKIEWICZ vs Ralph KOHL




(145) Manish KHAN vs Francesco MARAZZINA

(265) Stratos PAPAIOANNOU vs Mugur BOC (7-0)

(155) Alvaro NEGREDO vs Brandon SUGAR

(265) Aleksander IVANOV vs Stjepan ANDRIC


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Freeman Companies presents: SIGMA.5









(155) MENZEL (10-3) vs MELLBERG (18-3)

In his SIGMA dayview, Menzel dominated Mellber with technical striking and control from the clinch. The Swede veteran tried to get the fight to the ground at all costs, but gassed as the fight went on, and lost the unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).


(170) PROCHÁZKA (22-11) vs ROBINSON (3-0)

According to internet rumours, Procházka's training camp was disrupted by staph infection, and his performance suffered for it. He looked sluggish and weak, and Robinson capitalized: after countering an attempted takedown with a vicious right cross that put the Croatian on the floor, he pounced, and a nasty right shot knocked Procházka out cold.


(205) PALETILOLU (16-5) vs DARBY (11-5)

These 2 sluggers threw down tonight. The Serbian put Darby down with a tremendous punch in the first, but Darby came back strong in the 2nd and 3rd, dominating his opponent on the ground, on is way to a hard fought unanimous decision.


(170) PANDER (2-0) vs ROSSI (8-3)

Pander came out strong, embarrasing Rossi for the 1st 10 minutes with a takedown, a slam and some nasty round and pound that cut the Italian. Although Rossi came back in the 2nd with a takedown of his own, Pander coasted to victory with his superior grappling. The judges saw it 30-26,30-26 and 30-26 for the unanimous decision.


(205) MICKIEWICZ (19-4) vs KOHL (16-8)

Mickiewicz completely shut Kohl down in this one. He took the German down, passed to side control, and got a beautiful armbar for the finish.




(145) KHAN (9-1) vs MARAZZINA (19-6)

In a classic clash of styles, it was the Italian's Judo skills that prevailed. After surpassing Khan's striking and clinching, he used one of his hip throws to get the Sheffield native to the floor, and the match was as good as over down there. Marazzina maneuvered to the back and locked on the choke for the finish.


(265) PAPAIOANNOU (25-6) vs BOC (7-0)

Boc came into this fight under heavy fire, after his last fight was dubbed a "snoozefest". He shut his critics up quickly though, as he took his opponent down, got his back and finished it with a choke.


(155) NEGREDO (20-8) vs SUGAR (24-5)

Coming up to this card, Negredo was very vocal about his ability to knock out Sugar and get his title shot. However, the American had none of it, as he got the Spanish to the floor quickly and outclassed him en route to an armbar finish.


(265) IVANOV (4-0) vs ANDRIC (13-3)

heavyweight prospecttook another big step towards the belt tonight, as Andric was unable to stop his takedowns and his ground and pound. The finish came as the Russian got side mount and pounced on the Croatian for the stoppage.


(170) VAN DER CAPPELLEN (11-3) vs CARPENTER (50-9-2) for the SIGMA Welterweight Championship

Two of the world's best at 170 clashed in our main event, and it became a fine fight. The first round was incredibly tight, with both fighters connecting. Carpenter came into the second with a new fire, and got his takedown against the cage, and outmaneuvered the Dutch to get mount, where he finished by armbar. SIGMA has a new Welterweight champion.



Quick Results


H. M. MENZEL beat Lukas MELLBERG by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Rich ROBINSON beat Marko PROCHÁZKA by Knock Out (Strikes) in 2:07 of round 1

Murray DARBY beat Andranik PALETILOLU by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Heiko PANDER beat Carmelo ROSSI by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Nicolai MICKIEWICZ beat Ralph KOHL by Submission (Armbar) in 2:03 of round 1


Francesco MARAZZINA beat Manish KHAN by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 9:56 of round 1

Mugur BOC beat Stratos PAPAIOANNOU by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 3:44 of round 1

Brandon SUGAR beat Alvaro NEGREDO by Submission (Armbar) in 2:35 round 1

Aleksander IVANOV beat Stjepan ANDRIC by TKO (Strikes) in 2:13 of round 1

Jim CARPENTER beat Noach VAN DER CAPPELLEN by Submission (Armbar) in 3:15 of round 2

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It was a long, long journey for the English fighter. With over 60 fights under his belt and the skills to bak it up, Carpenter was somehow one of the most unnapreciated fighters in the world.


His opponent was the Dutch destroyer Van Der Cappellen, who was coming off a memorable KO victory over Alberto Basora. He had the title, the support of the fans, and the odds on his favor. it looked like a natural defense.


But Carpentar had none of it. In the 1st, he actually outstruck the "Super Animal", and in the 2nd he took him down and stopped him with his patented armbar, giving SIGMA a new Welterweight champion.


Aleksander Ivanov took another big step from hot prospect to title contender, stopping rugged wrestler Stjepan Andric with authority. The Croatian was looking to capitalize on this opportunity to get a crack at Oktay, but the Russian had none of it and gave him absolutely no chance. It's getting harder and harder to deny "The Great Bear" his shot.


In a pivotal bout for the Lightweight division, Spanish Kickboxer Negredo and Jiu Jitsu expert Sugar clashed. The Spanish was making waves pre-fight, claiming he would have "no problem" putting the American away. Sugar chose to do the talking in the cage, dominating Negredo with grappling and finishing quite naturally with an armbar.


After his underwhelming bout versus Lipnicki, some wondered if the Moldovan wrestler deserved a main card bout, especially against perennial contender Papaioannou. In the pre fight interview, Boc said such doubts touched a nerve, and that he would make an example out of the Greek fighter. He did. Taking "Atlas" the wrestler down with ease and stopping him with a rear naked choke is quite the statement for the young Moldovan fighter.


After winning SIGMA.5's 1st main card match, the Italian Marazzina might very well be the next in line to challenge Bohlin for the 145 crown. Khan was actually favored in the odds to take this one, but Marazzina's fast movement was just enough to avoid the strikes from the English boxer and get the fight to close range. Khan will take from this fight that you do not want to clinch with a Judo black belt, as the Italian took him for a ride with a flashy hip toss that got a great reaction from the crowd. On the floor, the Englishman was overwhelmed, and Marazzina finished with the rear naked.


On the preliminary card, Mickiewicz made Kohl look out of place and climbs another step in SIGMA's 205 division, Pander outgrappled the grappler and is starting to make waves at 170, Darby got the decision in a fight between 2 fighters desperate for a victory, Robinson, in his dayview, took advantage of Procházka's bad training camp to knock him out cold with a powerful strike on the floor and Menzel upset Mellberg to get his 1st SIGMA win.



Aldenvdk 3/10



Aldenvdk 3


it kinda proves my point that no one plays with SIGMA ;) don't worry bro, you'll get the hang of it.

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Breaking News




The new SIGMA Welterweight champion, Jim Carpenter, has left the European promotion on a contract dispute, and although he wasn't available to comment, SIGMA's president had some words for the leaving champion.


"We don't need unhappy people who think they're doing favors to us. It is a blow for the promotion, but Carpenter wasn't the whole show by himself! There's a lot of great fighters at 170."


Despite Durao's words, this situation leaves the Welterweight division in a mess. With the division's top draws (Basora and Van Der Cappellen) coming off losses, it won't be easy to get a brand new champion immediately. The market might have some solutions, though.


"We're out there actively looking for talent. There's a bunch of fighters interested in a SIGMA contract. This is just a phase, I'm sure."


And although a fight for the belt wasn't announced yet, here at Blurcat we're all expecting developments soon.

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Breaking News




Still feeling the effects of Carpenter leaving, SIGMA's president announced the next card.


As usual, it will be composed by 10 fights, headlined by the Lightweight title fight between Keane and Lermontov, and co-healined by a very important fight for the future of the Middleweight divison, between Nigerian wrestler Yenkini who has been on a tear lately and the highly regarded Jiu Jitsu specialist Baines.


Other card attractions include the return of former Heavyweight champion Terron Cabal taking on dangerous submission specialist Peltonen, a 170 battle between former top contender Basora and up and comer Toadspew, and a middleweight clash that pits Schneider and Sutton, who will come in looking to rebound from their losses.


(265) Juozas SKERLA (3-0) vs Reinhardt RHETT (5-1)

(185) Stephan DE WINTER (2-1) vs Danny AKABARO (0-0)

(265) Stanislaw LIPNICKI (13-6) vs Sylvester COLLINS (3-0)

(145) Colm DEE (12-3) vs Seth O'BREEN (1-1)

(155) Gregory O'HARA (1-0) vs George ASTAIRE (9-4)




(185) Ethan SUTTON (4-1) vs Hans-Peter SCHNEIDER (12-6)

(170) Alberto BASORA (14-5) vs Kenneth TOADSPEW (11-2)

(265) Ari PELTONEN (22-8) vs Terron CABAL (13-1)

(185) Casim YENKINI (12-2) vs Rob BAINES (27-10)

(155) Jake KEANE (10-2) vs Fiyero LERMONTOV (9-0) for the SIGMA Lightweight Championship

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(265) Juozas SKERLA (3-0) vs Reinhardt RHETT (5-1)

(185) Stephan DE WINTER (2-1) vs Danny AKABARO (0-0)

(265) Stanislaw LIPNICKI (13-6) vs Sylvester COLLINS (3-0)

(145) Colm DEE (12-3) vs Seth O'BREEN (1-1)

(155) Gregory O'HARA (1-0) vs George ASTAIRE (9-4)




(185) Ethan SUTTON (4-1) vs Hans-Peter SCHNEIDER (12-6)

(170) Alberto BASORA (14-5) vs Kenneth TOADSPEW (11-2)

(265) Ari PELTONEN (22-8) vs Terron CABAL (13-1)

(185) Casim YENKINI (12-2) vs Rob BAINES (27-10)

(155) Jake KEANE (10-2) vs Fiyero LERMONTOV (9-0) for the SIGMA Lightweight Championship

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(265) Juozas SKERLA (3-0) vs Reinhardt RHETT (5-1)

(185) Stephan DE WINTER (2-1) vs Danny AKABARO (0-0)

(265) Stanislaw LIPNICKI (13-6) vs Sylvester COLLINS (3-0)

(145) Colm DEE (12-3) vs Seth O'BREEN (1-1)

(155) Gregory O'HARA (1-0) vs George ASTAIRE (9-4)




(185) Ethan SUTTON (4-1) vs Hans-Peter SCHNEIDER (12-6)

(170) Alberto BASORA (14-5) vs Kenneth TOADSPEW (11-2)

(265) Ari PELTONEN (22-8) vs Terron CABAL (13-1)

(185) Casim YENKINI (12-2) vs Rob BAINES (27-10)

(155) Jake KEANE (10-2) vs Fiyero LERMONTOV (9-0) for the SIGMA Lightweight Championship


I play SIGMA, but I only have the Demo :)

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Freeman Companies presents: SIGMA.6




June 21 1999

Munich, Germany




(265) SKERLA (3-0) vs RHETT (5-1)

In his dayview, the Lithuanian Skerla came out with a solid gameplan, moving around and kept Rhett unable to set up his strikes, taking round 1 in the process. However, the German benefited from a slightly more flat footed Skerla in the 2nd, and started taking over. Round 3 was more of the same, starting with a powerful combination that hurt the Lithuanian, and that gave him the round. The judges saw it 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

(185) DE WINTER (2-1) vs AKABARO (0-0)

Two young studs at 185 clashed next, and de Winter got the best of Akabaro early on. With highly technical striking to counter the Nigerian power shots, and dominating inside with crisp dirty boxing, round 1 was a shutout to "Ice Cold". but Akabaro wasn't done, and he jumped off the corner right away to knock the German down with a vicious combo, as he jumped in and got the armbar for the finish. Possibly the best fight in recent SIGMA's history.


(265) LIPNICKI (13-6) vs COLLINS (3-0)

The undefeated Canadian fighter continued his path of destruction with a dominating victory over the experienced Polish fighter. Using his wrestling prowess to dominate Lipnicki early, he got the takedown 8 minutes in the 1st round and pounded the Polish out from the mount.


(145) DEE (12-3) vs O'BREEN (1-1)

The next preliminary bout brought us two fighters looking to rebound from losses. Still, O'Breen complained in the pre fight conference that his training camp didn't go exactly as planned, and it showed. After chasing takedowns for the whole 1st round and being frustrated every time by Dee's highly elusive movement, he looked completely gassed in the end of the round. Dee gave him absolutely no chance from then on, sprawling his takedown attempts and punishing the the fellow Irish with straight punches. Round 3 brought us the most meaningful moment in the fight, as Dee nailed O'Breen with a nasty counter straight right that put his opponent down hard. He jumped into mount, but couldn't finish. The judges saw it 30-25, 30-25, and 30-25 for the most lopsided decision in SIGMA history.


(155) O'HARA (1-0) vs ASTAIRE (9-4)

In a double dayview, this was O'Hara's night. He used his wrestling to nullify Astaire's Judo prowess, take him down, get his back, and choke him out.




(185) SUTTON (4-1) vs SCHNEIDER (12-6)

Two wrestlers collided in the first main card bout, and it was the German who showed more drive in the 1st, taking the Canadian down at will and dominating the standup with some well placed strikes, and although Sutton got the best of the German in the second after a scramble that got him side control and round 2, Schneider again dominated round 3 with wrestling and striking for the decision victory.

(170) BASORA (14-5) vs TOADSPEW (11-2)

In a battle of judokas, the fight turned out to be a very tactical affair, with both battlers exchanging takedowns throughout the fight. Basora was better prepared with his cardio, and that was enough for the split decision. Not quite enough to convince the fans, though.


(265) PELTONEN (22-8) vs CABAL (13-1)

This next bout brought us the return of the former Heavyweight champion, in one of the most compelling fights of the year. Cabal dominated the Finnish fighter for 2 and a half rounds, knocking him down twice with nasty right hooks, and punishing Peltonen everytime he shot. In the 3rd, Cabal connected with his patented right hook again, knocking the Finnish down and jumping on him. Peltonen wasn't out, and scrambled to the top, maneuvering to take Cabal's back and locking the choke to finish.


(185) YENKINI (12-2) vs BAINES (27-10)

The co-main event saw 2 of the best at 185 fighting it out for a spot in conterdership. The Nigerian looked a little ahead of Baines the whole fight, using his superior wrestling to press the British against the cage and punish him with dirty boxing. Baines got a few chances to finish with guillotines, but he couldn't capitalize, and the judges awarded the decision to Yenkini.


(155) KEANE (10-2) vs LERMONTOV (9-0) for the SIGMA Lightweight Championship

In the main event of the evening, the fans saw a solid fight for the belt. The Russian destroyer Lermontov came out strong and dominated the champion from top position for the first 2 rounds. Keane rebounded in the 3rd with a takedown of his own, but got too reckless. Lermontov capitalized on a mistake to get the sweep and the armbar from the mount. SIGMA crowns a new champion at 155.


Quick results:

Reinhardt RHETT beat Juozas SKERLA by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Danny AKABARO beat Stephan DE WINTER by Submission (Armbar) in :36 of round 2

Sylvester COLLINS beat Stanislaw LIPNICKI by TKO (Strikes) in 8:42 of round 1

Colm DEE beat Seth O'BREEN by Unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-25)

Gregory O'HARA beat George ASTAIRE by Submission (Rear Naked choke) in 3:07 0f round 1


SCHNEIDER beat Ethan SUTTON by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Alberto BASORA beat Kenneth TOADSPEW by Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Ari PELTONEN beat Terron CABAL by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 9:58 of round 3

Casim YENKINI beat Rob BAINES by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Fiyero LERMONTOV beat Jake KEANE by Submission (Armbar) in 9:40 of round 3



Aldenvdk 5/10

BHK1978 4/10


Aldenvdk 8

BHK1978 4


Nice one Alden, you're improving. But this game deserves much more than for you to just play its demo...


Welcome, BHK! You used to predict in my WEC dynasty. Nice to see you back, and I hope you like this one.

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Breaking News




The ice cold Lermontov refused to talk coming into the fight. The Russian takes pride in his all business approach, but the fans responded in fashion, rallying behind Keane on the title fight.


It was to no avail, though. The Omsk native proved that he is one of the best fighters to ever grace the cage, astonishingly outgrappling the champion with apparent ease; the fans still made their voices heard, cheering Keane. The Russian didn't look bothered att allby this. The armbar victory against the grappling-based champion was just the icing on the top of the cake. Lermontov takes the belt, and proudly sits on the top of SIGMA's pound for pound rankings for the time being.


The co-headliner answered the question "is Yenkini ready for top competition?" with a resounding yes. Baines looked out of place the whole night, and the Nigerian used his fantastic wrestling skills to snatch yet another upset victory. Who knows what's next for the African?


SIGMA.5's 3rd televised bout pit the returning former champion Cabal against the monster Peltonen. Both fighters were coming off losses, and needed to rebound; the odds were definitely on the French's side, and he proved why in the 1st 27 minutes. He learned a lesson today, though: Peltonen isn't out until the ref says so. A frustrated Cabal got reckless, and jumped the Finnish, who waited all night for his chance. Completely outmaneuvering the French on the floor, he locked in the rear naked with 14 seconds left, as he saw the clock quickly ticking away. Cabal tried to hold on, but it was really a matter of tapping or going to sleep, and Peltonen snatched away the miracle victory with only 2 seconds on the clock. A definitive contender for fight of year.


Coming off his devastating loss to Van Der Cappellen, Basora took no chances against young stud Toadspew. With a highly pragmatic gameplan, the Spanish Judoka kept control from the top at all costs, without making any attempt to finish. he got the split decision and a very angry crowd as a result.


The opening bout of the night saw two fighters in need of a win, and it was Schneider who managed to come out on top. Taking rounds 1 and 3 with ease, the judges rewarded him with a very important decision victory, to keep his title aspirations alive.


On the preliminary card, o'Hara topped fellow newcomer Astaire with a rear naked choke, Dee was unable to pull the trigger but still won a lopsided decision over O'Breen, Collins continued his path of destruction by decisively stopping Lipnicki with ground strikes, Akabaro showed that he knows more than standup finishing de Winter with an armbar and leaving the German's SIGMA future on the line and Rhett did just enough to outpoint a tiring Skerla.

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