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WWE: Innovating Again

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I'm back thanks to a new computer :-). Enjoy the new dynasty, feedback welcomed as always. Raw is not yet completed, I will finish tomorrow as well as add Smackdown for October and add November notes. Enjoy so far.


October 2010


NewsWire Wrestling News

"The only reliable wrestling source for news"


-Chris Jericho did not renew his WWE contract as some were hoping. He is hoping to pursue entertainment opportunities outside of wrestling, but did note he is not finished with wrestling. There are doubts among many he will end up in TNA.


-Sting has let some of his closest friends know that as of late, his passion as an in-ring competitor has become strong again. We have learned that he has told his wife that if he decides to wrestle a little longer, he has promised he will not go longer than 2012. Some wonder if he'll even go much longer. His TNA contract is up in December, so we will see.


-Kevin Nash's contract is up with TNA. Rumors are going back and forth that he's fed up with the company or he is fine where he's at.


-Nigel McGuinness, aka Desmond Wolfe, has some sort of medical condition that is not known to the public at this time that may end his wrestling career. Expect an announcement regarding his future before the end of the year is out.


-Ken Anderson has signed a 'nice' deal with TNA. Many believe it is to be a 3-5 year deal.


-Some within TNA that are 'TNA originals' are fed up with the direction of the company and have made it known. TNA does not want to lose talent, but it is affecting the locker room to a big degree. Expect TNA to release a few names while making 'roster cuts'.


-It seems Triple H will definitely be out of in-ring action until at least November.


-WWE.com has officially posted that Matt Hardy has been released, which comes to no shock for anyone. WWE.com also has announced the releases of: Brie and Nikki Bella, The Great Khali, Ranjin Singh, Yoshi Tatsu, Chris Masters, Joey Mercury, Hornswoggle, and Curt Hawkins. We do not know the exact reasons for the releases.


-Vince McMahon has made it known he wants Smackdown to be an 'A' show, as much as Raw. Expect major roster changes to be made within weeks.


-With ratings in a slump, top superstars possibly on their 'last leg' such as Edge, The Undertaker, and Triple H, as well as those who have left like Shawn Michaels, Batista, and now Chris Jericho, Vince McMahon is not in a great mood. He thinks they are not producing superstars at the speed as he had hoped. Many expect Vince to change a lot of things around in the next few months.


-We are told not to be surprised to have some 'WCW' surprises for Wrestlemania.



"The Segment where you find out the truth behind the scenes"


With the ratings in a slump and lack of main event superstars stepping to the plate, Vince has let the company know of some changes. Vince had met with Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Steve Austin, along with the creative and writing teams, to bounce ideas off of and to gain different perspectives. While some found out about this meeting and helped bring rumors of HBK and Stone Cold returning, that's very far fetched. Vince had asked them to list superstars who had the 'it' factor, who they see not growing at all, and those who need more development. Within days after this meeting had took place, Mr. McMahon had announced changes were going to be made. Some fast, some slow. Prior to the Hell in a Cell pay per view, Vince had told the talent to give it their all and that nobody was to go to the hotel after. He is going to meet with everyone to share some changes.


Some websites got a hold of this private meeting within hours after it happened and began starting rumors. While nobody knew for sure what was taking place or what was going to take place, everyone knew changes were in motion.


With several releases and the WWE roster slimming down rapidly, one can only wonder if Vince is going to end up unifying all the brands.


Monday Night Raw

These are not full results, but highlighting events that happened until I get to where I am in the game


Following Hell in a Cell, many WWE superstars were announced released. With the Raw roster slim, many wondered if we would see some surprises from the past or from Smackdown. As time grew closer for Raw to begin, all the wrestling news websites could not report any special appearances or anyone who has been spotted.


Randy Orton opened the show talking about how his body is beat, but he is still the WWE Champion. Sheamus then appeared and told Orton that their fued is just beginning and that he would be facing him again at Bragging Rights. Edge then came out and told Sheamus he was the next contender and for Sheamus to back off. As Edge and Sheamus began talking, John Cena's music played saying where is he in all of this. When it seemed as if a brawl would take place, the anonymous GM 'chimed' in. Michael Cole read a big announcement that would take place that evening: Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Edge, with some stipulations. The winner of the match will face Randy Orton at Bragging Rights, and the loser will be drafted to Smackdown effective immediately. The Raw GM also told Randy Orton not to get comfortable in his street clothes, because he would be facing Raw's newest member... C..M.. PUNK. In the triple threat match, there was a lot of good action, but in the end Edge pinned Sheamus. This sent Sheamus to Smackdown and made Edge the next man in line against Randy Orton. In the main event that week, thanks to Edge's help, CM Punk won the match. The following week on Raw, CM Punk told the Raw GM he should be the next man in line since he actually beat Randy Orton, unlike Edge or John Cena or even Sheamus. Cena came out and told Punk just because he won one match, he doesn't deserve the shot, and to beat Orton he needed help. Punk called Cena the 'poster' child of the WWE when he should be. Punk said he would take a backseat to the WWE title in order to save John Cena. The match was made that Cena would face Punk at Bragging Rights, and if Cena lost he would join CM Punk. Orton and Edge were fighting nonstop, as was, Cena and Punk. On the Raw before Bragging Rights, it would be Cena & Orton against Edge and Punk. While the match grabbed fans attention, as it drew near the end we saw a familiar story. The Nexus came out to surround the ring and were about to attack when over the speakers you hear a loud horn followed by a truck turning on, which fans recognized immediately... KEVIN NASH came out as the fans cheered. Nash got in the ring and pointed at Barrett, which led to Nash hitting John Cena and the entire Nexus joining in as they beat on all four men.


RAW was putting decent matches, as well as, a comedy sketch with Santino and Vladimir. Santino came out to the ring and faced Zack Ryder. Santino lost from a quick roll up and brushed it off as 'no big deal', smiling and laughing. Zack was about to leave the ring, but turned around and gave Santino the 'L'. Santino laughed then starting blinking very fast, then went nuts on Zack. Santino took a chair from the outside and kept hitting Zack with it to the point where the fans began booing him. The refs didn't want to get in the ring to help stop the insane Santino. Vladimir came out to try and cool Santino, and when Santino seemed cool... Vladimir and Santino were exiting the ring. As they got to the top of the ramp, Santino pushed Vladimir off the stage and looked around and began attacking Vladimir. Finally, Santino stopped and went to the back while security and referees helped Zack and Vladimir to the back. Santino would refuse to be interviewed and would not compete. He was scheduled to face William Regal the following week. Santino was not himself. No laughing or smiling, no trumpet celebration, not even the famous 'cobra' was making an appearance. Once the bell rang, Santino just rolled out of the ring and walked to the back to be counted out. The third week of Raw in October, Vladimir caught up with Santino but Santino would not say a thing as he was packing his bags and said two words, "I'm gone."


The Miz continued his excuses of being defeated by Daniel Bryan again at Hell in a Cell, but would refuse to have two losses and not at least two wins against the man. The Miz told Bryan he had no friends here and was a loner, but offered to take him under his wing again. Bryan refused and ended up getting beat down by Miz and Riley. The Miz mentioned the next pay per view as bragging rights and he would earn his time to brag. The Miz challenged Daniel Bryan in a best two out of three pinfalls. If Bryan wins, The Miz will join Smackdown and hand over the briefcase to the Raw GM to do as he wishes. If The Miz wins, Bryan joins Smackdown and loses the Unites States title. Daniel Bryan wasn't too sure about it and denied The Miz. Bryan said he had already beat the Miz twice and no reason to fight again, he's moving on to better things. This made the Miz agree and he ended up beating Bryan pretty badly, getting Bryan to finally agree to the match and terms.


Ted Dibiase and Maryse kept having their relationship problems, as well as, their in ring problems. Dibiase lost to Mark Henry, as Maryse lost to Eve. The two kept fighting backstage, as well as, them finding notes in their belongings pointing that they both were cheating on the other.


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