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The GDS Rotherham United

Guest Toasty

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I'm going to be making a bunch of players in FIFA 10(made by you) and will put them all on the starting squad of Rotherham United in CC League 2.


Sign up form:




Preferred foot:





Hair style/color:

Skin color:

Ankle tape: yes/no

Jersey: tucked/untucked

Sleeves: long/short


Player Attributes:

Crossing, Finishing, Heading Accuracy, Short Pass, Volleys, Weak Foot, Marking, Stand Tackle, Slide Tackle, Dribbling, Curve, Free Kick Accuracy, Long Pass, Ball Control, Shot Power, Jumping, Stamina, Strength, Long Shots, Speed, Agility, Reactions, Agression, Positioning, Consistency


Players pick two attributes to have a 80 stat in.

Players pick 4 attributes to have a 75 stat in

Players pick 6 attributes to have a 70 stat in

Players pick 4 Attributes to have a 65 stat in

Players pick 4 Attributes to have a 60 stat in


Goalkeeper Attributes:

Diving, Handling, Kicking, 1-on-1, Positioning, Reflexes


Keepers pick one attribute to have a 80 stat in.

Keepers pick two attributes to have a 70 in


Positions available:


Left Back:

Center Back:

Right Back:

Left Midfield: Chris Starr (ChrisKid)

Center Defensive Midfield:

Center Attacking Midfield:

Right Midfield:

Left Forward:

Center Forward:

Right Forward


Look in the special dynasty forum as a thread about this will be starting there soon.

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Sign up form:

Name: Chris Starr

Position: LM

Number: 9

Preferred foot: Left

Nation: English

Age: 18

Height: 5'11

Weight: Lightest possible

Hair style/color: Black longish

Skin color: White

Ankle tape: yes/no No

Jersey: tucked/untucked Untucked

Sleeves: long/short Short



80: Finishing and Agility

75: Crossing and Speed and Curve and Stamina

70: Short and Long Pass and Volleys and Freekick Accuracy and Agression and Dribbling

65: Weak Foot and Slide Tackle and Strenght and Ball Control

60: Reactions and Consistency and Jumping and Long Shots



80: Kicking

70: Diving and Handling

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