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WWF: Collecting 200 Dollars

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December 2001







I slammed the receiver down back into its holder, so much for my empire. One year ago my father Preston Scott purchased the rights to the World Championship Wrestling franchise, and with him knowing of my love of the business, hired me Patrick Scott to be his head booker. I don't know how it could've went wrong, I had the smarts to run the company and my father had to wallet to fund my creative decisions. But all of that crumbled on October 1, 2001; I arrived at my father's Santa Clarita ranch to find him on the floor of his kitchen, dead of a heart attack. It's safe to say that I've gotten over the shock of his death but the thought of running this company on my own has just been too much of a burden, not to mention that money has been FLYING down the drain. The fact that the product was starting to get less and less viewers was the ultimate kick in the stomach, we were drowning, and fast...


That was until Vince McMahon came knocking on the door, and offered me something that I couldn't even believe a chance to join World Wrestling Federation in a creative role. I nearly immediately jumped ship into the Federation but Vince (being Vince) said there was a catch, he didn't just want me in his promotion, but he wanted to absorb WCW in full. Reportedly, he was already working on absorbing ECW so it wouldn't be long before he'd sink us anyways. The offer was perplexing, and I gave it much thought. Originally, I wanted to just stick to my guns and just forge on my own path with WCW. But apparently, I just got a call from Vince himself that pretty much stated 'WE BOUGHT YOU OUT, FLY OUT TO STAMFORD NEXT WEEK.' A couple of WCW Superstars have voiced their displeasure over being bought out but others jumped at the opportunity to perform in the Federation. Some others decided not to follow us to the 'F but all I could do was wish them the best in their future endeavours. Well, nothing much I can do about it now; Seeing how Vince's private jet was waiting for me at LA/Palmdale. Welp, here's to the future.




NOTES: This is a continuation of my WCW: Phoenix From The Ashes dynasty I had going about a year ago, now that I'm back I decided to invest my time into doing another dynasty using TEW10. Some tweaking was made to the database I transferred over to the new game so WWF/E 2002 may not look the same as it went down in real-life at that time. Such as no Invasion angles as of yet.

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