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The Phantom Rings

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You Will Believe A Man Can Fly!


A story of love, life and wrestling in this all new original 0/0/0 diary. Follow a nobody try his hardest to become a somebody in a world which has given up on him totally. You will believe a man can fly even if he has to force you to believe... and he will force you.. you have been warned!



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Dear Reader(s)


Please understand I’m mentally unstable, virtually poor, and living with my wife who, just like me, is also mentally unstable. Together we're a right pair!


…..Mother never thought I would amount to anything in life, neither did my Dad - that’s probably why he killed himself many years back. Mother never gave me much in life but she did give me wrestling, we would watch it together… her boyfriend would beat me afterwards while she was at the bar. - I was 30 at the time. Now, I’m a different man, and with that I plan to take risks in my life. I’m tired of making pointless vlog videos on YouTube and packing advertising leaflets into the middle pages of the newspaper. I want to be excited by life. I currently look after my spasticated wife Gloria, and a part from sitting around watching wrestling I do absolutely nothing else worth listing,. I’m a loser, but as I said I plan to change that.


As I said, wrestling was a huge part of my life growing up. These days I just watch it but the thought of getting involved excites me, really excites me - and that’s what I need…. Excitement!


Starting today I’m going to put into motions plans to start my own wrestling promotion code named “Phantom Rings”, I have no money so I don’t plan on spending much. I guess getting into debt and having the banks deal with the problem I give them is the overall more juicy option. I’m currently based in North Carolina, so hopefully the Horsemen Gods are with me on this one.


Join me, and enter my Phantom Ring.


Founder of The Phantom Rings

Kenneth Phantom

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Work Begins


Mother said the internet would kill America, well she was wrong, it killed the world. Facebook shouldn't be called that, it should be called MarriageWrecker.com. I should know.


Anyway, a friend of mine sorted me out with a laptop today, i'm going to use it for my wrestling promotion, as well as MSN, which so far has proven to be highly addictive.


It continues!



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