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WEFF: We Made It

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(Non-Kayfabe note: I've made a couple of changes to WEFF. I've moved them to Hawaii, gave them a popularity of 48 regional in the USA, and removed their Canadian popularity. Otherwise, nothing was changed from the intial game. However, from the start of the game, I signed tons of fighters. The game has progressed to Low/Mid Level National. I managed to hit Mid National, but fall back down, due to "poor" main events and co-main events. It was more like they didn't have enough popularity. Still building up fighters. This is mostly diary for fun, so don't expect a whole lot of images. It's mostly a practice diary... for something else. Oh, I forgot, I added in a new character, too. You'll see who it is soon enough. I also changed the rules to make the matches more exciting... I hope I'm not forgetting anything...)



Setting: Cage

No Finish: Judge's Decision

Non-Title match length: 10 min 1st Round, Two 5 Minute Rounds After

Title match length: 10 min 1st Round, Three 5 Minute Rounds After

Referee can separate for inactivity: Yes

Ten Count for a Knock Down: No

Closing Guard: Illegal

Strikes to Downed Opponent: Legal

Elbow Strikes: Legal

Knees strikes to an opponnet on the ground; Legal

Stomps: Legal


Current WEFF's Middleweight Champion (145+ Lbs.):

'Beautiful' Erina Hill


Past Champions:

Echiko 'Rhino' Watanabe

'The Arizona Animal' Sarah Vaughn


Current WEFF Women's Welterweight Champion (136 to 145 Lbs.):

Gina Dixon


Past Champions:

Seka 'IRON' Mutsu

Tara 'The Heat" O'Brien

Alison 'Dirty Angel' Beattle

Vicki 'The Heart Breaker' Summers


Current WEFF Women's Lightweight Champion (126 to 135 Lbs.):

Tilu 'Tigress' Kass


Past Champions:

'The Electrifying' Jenny DeNeuve

'Deadly T.' Thea Higgins

Hanako 'The Storm Bringer' Shimizu

Jennie 'Bad Girl" Gill

'The Black Widow' Michelle Addams


Status of the WEFF Women's Featherweight (116 to 125 Lbs.) and Bantamweight (100 to 115 Lbs.) Divisions: Limbo




[she watches the sunset outside her window.]


Jennifer Avatra:...


Jennifer Avatra:*Sigh*


[she looks at the monitor screen.]


"WEFF 27 a dud."


"WEFF's play to become a serious national conender falters."


The Main Event as it was going to get. No one was going to be beat Erina Hill. But Gina Dixon pulled off a so-so win against Seka Mutsu. It was an unaniminous decision. That wouldn't have been so bad, but she won her last three matches decisively, with the last two against good opponents.


The problem was, other than Erina Hill, I had almost no idea who the other fighters were. I sort knew who Mutsu was, but Dixon? She had, like what, THREE fights before challenging Mutsu. Sure, she won... but... In any case, I wished they had used Saya Ikegami instead. I knew she recently lost, I know she recently lot to Pamela O'Neil, but... she's been improving since her early days.


In any case, Erina Hill destroys another opponent. Damn, she's good... so good, in fact, that the Regulatory Commissions are beginning to stop WEFF from booking certain opponents against due to a lack of "competitiveness", or for the "safety" of the other fighter. She's going to run of opponents soon. She's


A year ago, if you could keep it standing, you might have a TINY chance at beater. She had little to no experience, and very basic standup technique standup and not a whole lot of power.


Since she joined Montreal Fight Sciences, though, that ALL goes out the window. Her stand-up game has improved enough where it's no longer a good idea to exchange with. She was fast and had good footwork. She had fast hands. She's nearly unbeatable now.


Gianna Russo can learn a thing or two from hrom her.


WEFF is ****. It's Bush League. I have no ****ing idea how it ****ing got so ****ing big. They are never going to be as big as Alpha 1 or Gamma. #3 in the world my ***.


Alpha_1_Purist, you've been warned before about swearing, and keeping it professional. You're going to receive another yellow card. The next time, it's going to be a ban.


I wish I could get WEFF. They don't broadcost their PPV or TV shows here.


That's because they are on an obscure channel, and their PPV is on another obscure digital "exclusive" channel. I heard rumors they considered going to a bigger TV Station and PPV provider, but they made more money on the smaller ones, since the smaller ones offered better deals. Plus, the smallers promised not to terminate the contract.... within limits.


Unlike Alpha 1 or GAMMA, they are actually make more money for the TV and sometimes even for their PPV's, when you consider the size of each promotion. WEFF is making a lot more money than it spends.


I heard Erina's contract is about to come up, though... so...



Jennifer Avatra:*Rubs her head*


Jennifer Avatra:*Sigh*


[in comes Bethany Tonks.]


Bethany Tonks: It's okay, Jen. We win some, we lose some. Becky and Sophie think you did your best under the circumstances...


Jennifer Avatra: *Sigh*


Jennifer Avatra: I know. It's just that... other than Erina Hill, most of the other fighters are barely well enough. Some are well-known enough barely, but not enough to push us to the next level. We are in the big leagues now... but only barely...


Bethany Tonks: Don't worry about it. You got us this far. Never, in our dreams... in mine... that we will even have a National TV Show, or get on PPV, much less reach the big time.


Jennifer Avatra: Thanks... where's Becky and Sophie?


Bethany Tonks: Sophie's called it a day... dealing with the press wore her off. Becky is still at Colorado, wrapping up loose ends.


Jennifer Avatra: Thanks.


Bethany Tonks: I'm going to call it a day... you should, too.


Jennifer Avatra: Sure, after, I finish making some possible matches.


[bethany Tonks gives a slight nod. She leaves. Jennifer Avatra clicks away at computer, as the Sunset over the waves fall down.]

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Sunday, Week 2, May, 2000


WEFF TV: Hill vs. Croft


Main Event, for the WEFF Women's Middleweight Championship:

Erina Hill (12-0, On a Winning Streak) vs. Haley Croft (13-4, On a Winning Streak)


Co-Main Event:

Tilu Kass (5-0, On a Winning Streak) vs. Nina Belle (4-0, On a Winning Streak) for the WEFF Women's Lightweight Championship


Opening TV Bout: Layla Holmes (5-0, On a Winning Streak) vs. Eiko Shiokawa (5-0, On a Winning Streak)




Emma Birch (9-7, On a Winning Streak) vs. Debra Everett (4-4, On a Winning Streak)


Setsuko Hemi (3-1, On a Winning Streak) vs. Lucia Pessoa (1-2, Broke their Losing Streak)


Beckie Dexter (1-4, On a Losing Streak) vs. Rose Nessa (0-4, On a Losing Streak)


helen Fox (10-7, Coming off a Defeat) vs. Kerry Silverman (9-8, Coming off a Defeat)


Viv Yoman (6-10, On a Losing Streak)) vs. Ayame Kondo (5-8, On a Losing Streak)


Anna Thompson (3-2, On a Winning Streak) vs. Carmen Routhwaite (2-3, Coming off a Victory)


Hope Lehane (8-7, On a Losing Streak) vs. Stella Massey (5-5, On a Losing Streak)


Monica Masters (4-4, On a Losing Streak) vs. Sue Eccleston (2-5, Coming off a Defeat)


Yutsuko Sasaki (3-1, Broke their Winning Streak) vs. Marion Reynolds (2-2, Broke their Winning Streak)


Shannon Palmer (4-6, On a Losing Streak) vs. Emiko Shikuk (3-6, On a Losing Streak)


Tara O'Brien (8-2, On a Losing Streak) vs. Lora Hayes (2-4, On a Losing Streak)


Violet Benes (2-2, Broke their Winning Streak) vs. Park seong (4-4, Coming off a Defeat)


Kimie Igarashi (7-1, On a Winning Streak) vs. Harriet Fey (4-4, On a Winning Streak)


Steph Smith (4-1, On a Wnning Streak) vs. Trish Biel (4-0, On a Winning Streak)


Doroty Gayle (2-3, Coming off a Defeat) vs. Angelina Keiff (4-6, On a Losing Streak)


Kit Sakamoto (7-4, Coming off a Victory) vs. Alisha Wood (7-1, Coming off a Victory)


Shiho Konno (4-0, On a Winning Streak) vs. Katherine Williams (3-1, On a Winning Streak)


Going to post the show lomorrow.

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