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Hey guys, I'm playing TEW10 for the first time and I'm trying to create a product for WCW in 1994. I want to radically change the course of what the product for the company was, so I'm looking for help with a product. I want it to be something where work rate is very important and where a puroresu style can work, while still allowing for the importance of storylines.
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Sorry for not replying sooner. My old computer's HD crashed. In any case... you have a storylines in performanced-based promotion. The problem is, it's angle. Performanced-based product settings don't work well with angles. I just want to warn you about that. Onto the product...


Match Ratio: 80% to 90%

Match Intensity: 60%

Match Danger: 10%

Face/Heel Divide: Strong


Key Feature: Traditional

Heavy: Realism, Pure

Medium: Mainstream, Lucha Libre

Low: Comedy

Very Low: Modern


Since this is 1994, Modern-style Wrestling is JUST starting to grow. WCW was particularly adverse to Hardcore/Risque/Daredevil/Cult until the NWO, so... this is what I came up with. This product setting has a very old-school tilt to it.

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This is just my opinion but i would lower pure down to medium and lucha down to low. in 94 lucha was not big in the states yet.....they were bigger on japaness workers *i would not call them lucha to be honest, maybe bring hyper realisem up to low or very low*. I think there main thing was realisim *for brawling* and mainstream *turner was a very fammily friendly station still at this time*.
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