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World Championship Wrestling 2000: Now This Will be Fun

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My name is Jack Tison but everyone calls me JT I’ve been involved in WCW since 1998 and I’ve seen the decline happen. Now I’m only 28 years old but by wrestling knowledge is way beyond my years, some say im a student of the game but I look at myself as the future of professional wrestling. The last two years I’ve been in a booker in waiting type roll in WCW just in case Vince Russo didn’t get it done and well the last year this is the kind of stuff we saw.


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Yea so I have been given full control over WCW hiring’s firings. Expect some major changes in the coming weeks to months. As of now Russo is still on the roster and that will remain until farther notice while I do not agree with everything the guy did he does have good ideas from time to time so I will keep him until he screws up then he is gone. Mondays my first show. Lets get this thing started.

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So this Monday I am starting all over with WCW although no titles will be vacated storylines are being dropped so here is the card for my first show.


DDP & Kanyon will face The Filthy Animals (Kidman & Mysterio)

This is for the number 1 contenders for the WCW tag team championship


David Flair Versus Lance Storm

No more Crowbar and David combo I’ll see what he has as a singles wrestler


Booker T will face Kevin Nash

This is a solid Semi Main Event two over stars who knows this may lead to something.


Hulk Hogan Versus Goldberg Versus Mike Awesome

This is a star studded main event that is to crown the number one contender for Jeff Jarrett’s WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Now Mike Awesome might be the odd man out in this epic main event but don’t count him out the 35 year old has never really gotten the changes he should and I plan on giving him opportunities that he has earned.


Quick Picks


DDP & Kanyon V. The Filthy Animals

David Flair V. Lance Storm

Booker T V. Kevin Nash

Hulk Hogan V. Goldberg V. Mike Awesome

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<p><strong>DDP & Kanyon</strong> V. The Filthy Animals</p><p>

They are more over and could have been a great team. This will give DDP something to do for awhile.</p><p> </p><p>

David Flair V. <strong>Lance Storm</strong></p><p>

Storm was one of my favorite wrestlers at this time.</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Booker T</strong> V. Kevin Nash</p><p>

Booker T has a few great years ahead of him. Nash is on the downside of his career.</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Hulk Hogan</strong> V. Goldberg V. Mike Awesome</p><p>

I think Mike Awesome is in this match to be the guy who loses so neither Hogan or Goldberg looks weak by losing.</p>

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