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International Federation of Fighters Association

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The IFFA (International Federation of Fighters Association) is a new mod I created, based on the default database.


I guess since my other idea sorta fell through, I've just decided to take a less painful approach to the game. Here's the game set-up;


Imagine, if you will, one main MMA organization in the world. The IFFA is that organization, it is the pinnacle as far as MMA goes. It is set up that the IFFA is the final stop at the top of the pyramid, below it is the various "feeder" regional organizations, and below that is the three tiers, which are the "feeder" organizations of the main regional branches.


The hope is that the younger, less developed, or just starting out, fighters join the bottom tier (Tier-3, or T-3) and work their way up from those tiers to the main regional organizations, all of which is run by the IFFA.


The IFFA, in turn, can promote the fighters from their major organizations into the IFFA, representing those organizations in the various IFFA tournaments. Those being the IFFA Master's and World Cup Tournaments.


The various "feeder" regions are; North American Combat Association (NACA), South American Combat Fighters Federation (SACFF), European Boxing and Martial Arts Association (EBMAA), African Fighting and Combat Sports Federation (AFCSF), Asian Shoot Fighting Fighters Association (ASFFA), and the Oceanic Martial Arts Association (OMAA) with each of these regional organization having three Tiers (T-3 to T-1) as "feeder" organizations.


What I am planning to do is to do a little Dynasty Mode, I will be the IFFA, and I will update you on the latest happenings, interviews, and build up to the various shows that will take place in the IFFA. I will have "live" show postings, as well as feedback from the fighters and fans in pre/post show interview sessions.


This will be something that I plan on doing for a little bit, but if you like the idea of my mod, or would like to do your own Dynasty from a regional, or regional tier, organization in this mod, let me know and I'll see about posting up the mod.


Other than that, I will update as needed. Till then.

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The Fighter Line-Up has been announced!


The full line-up of fighters who will begin the IFFA 2009 World Cup event, which will take place in France and the Netherlands this year:


(Please note that the line-ups may change depending upon injuries, or fighter's refusals, so the line-up is subject to change. In which case, an alternate will be announced from the various regions, and will replace the fighter.)




AFCSF - African Fighting and Combat Sports Federation

ASFFA - Asian Shoot Fighting Fighters Association

EBMAA - European Boxing and Martial Arts Association

NACFA - North American Combat Association

OMAA - Oceanic Martial Arts Association

SACFF - South American Combat Fighters Federation




Heavyweights (216-265)

Khru Duangjan (ASFFA)

James Foster (NACFA)

Kunimichi Kikuchi (ASFFA)

Terron Cabal (EBMAA)

Armen Sarkisian (EBMAA)

Grzegorz Boniek (EBMAA)

Jeff Carlton (NACFA)

Rick Stanley (NACFA)


Cruiserweights (200-215)

Tadamasa Yamada (ASFFA)

Zvonimir Asanovic (EBMAA)

Jin Katou (ASFFA)

Roberto Aldez (SACFF)

Linfield Ballard (NACFA)

John Rivero (NACFA)

Anthony LeToussier (NACFA)

Elgar (SACFF)

Mike Watson (NACFA)

Roberto Aldez (SACFF)


Light Heavyweights (175-199)

Neil Napier (NACFA)

Matthew Dean (NACFA)

Mac Fuller (NACFA)

Thorbjorn Rekdal (EBMAA)


Petey Mack (NACFA)

Leonardo da Costa (SACFF)

Stuart Strange (NACFA)

Maarten De Vries (EBMAA)

Fernando Amaro (EBMAA)


Middleweights (160-174)

Carlos da Guia (SACFF)

Jack Humphreys (NACFA)

Julio Regueriro (EBMAA)

Gabriel Gallego (SACFF)

Ricardo Fernandes (SACFF)

Brandon Sugar (NACFA)

Xie Ming (ASFFA)

Alan Kendall (NACFA)

Noach Van Der Capellen (EBMAA)

Jake Kean (EBMAA)


Welterweights (147-159)

Sean Morrison (NACFA)

Go Yamamoto (ASFFA)

Bruce Steven (NACFA)

Luis Basora (EBMAA)

Fumiaki Hayashi (ASFFA)

Fiyero Lermontov (EBMAA)

Charles Stiles (SACFF)

Helio (SACFF)

Milenko Rudonja (EBMAA)

Giovani Silva (SACFF)


Lightweights (135-146)

Lars Bohlin (EBMAA)

Tomohiro Takeuchi (ASFFA)

Philip Ziskie (NACFA)

Li-Kong Ho (ASFFA)

Sammy Gaffigan (NACFA)

Norberto (SACFF)

Manish Khan (EBMAA)

Colm Dee (EBMAA)

Azor Portela Nunes (SACFF)

Rafael Tavares (SACFF)





Heavyweight (140-154)

Veronika Sabikova (EBMAA)

Sarah Vaughan (NACFA)

Haley Croft (NACFA)

Alisha Wood (NACFA)

Hope Lehane (NACFA)

Rachel McGuiness (NACFA)

Emma Birch (NACFA)

Serena Hill (AFCSF)


Middleweight (127-139)

Vicki Summers (NACFA)

Phoebe Bergman (NACFA)

Maggie Martin (NACFA)

Samantha Sachs (OMAA)

Sayoko Ebisawa (ASFFA)

Karen Curtis (NACFA)

Alison Beattie (NACFA)

Seka Mutsu (ASFFA)

Roz Wareing (NACFA)

Michelle Addams (NACFA)


Lightweight (115-126)

Hanako Shimizu (ASFFA)

Angelina Keiff (EBMAA)

Vanessa Phillips (NACFA)

Sandy Oliver (NACFA)

Jennie Gill (NACFA)

Jenny DeNeuve (NACFA)

Thea Higgins (NACFA)

Jocelyn Hescott (NACFA)

Park Seong (ASFFA)

Yuya Shimizu (ASFFA)

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World Cup Brackets announced, 1st Card of the Year Announced!!


Posted on Blurcat.com, January, 2010-


IFFA World Cup 2010 Group Brackets Announced


January, 2010- The 2010 IFFA season begins with Day 1 of the World Cup announced for 4th week of October. The names were already posted for fighters that qualified on the IFFA website. And the drawings were held behind closed doors with the IFFA match makers. The group brackets are as follows:


Heavyweight Division

Group A

Kunimichi Kikuchi

Terron Cabal

Grzegorz Boniek

Jeff Carlton


Group B

Khru Duangjan

James Foster

Rick Stanley

Armen Sarkisian


Cruiserweight Division

Group A

Zvonimir Asanovic

Jin Katou

Roberto Aldez

John Rivero

Anthony LeToussier


Group B

Tadamasa Yamada

Linfield Ballard


Gary McSweegan



Light Heavyweight Division


Group A

Neil Napier

Matthew Dean

Mac Fuller

Maarten De Vries

Fernando Amaro


Group B

Petey Mack

Leonardo da Costa

Stuart Strange

Thorbjorn Rekdal

JJ Reid


Middleweight Division


Group A

Carlos da Guia

Jack Humphreys

Julio Regueriro

Gabriel Gallego

Ricardo Fernandes


Group B

Brandon Sugar

Xie Ming

Alan Kendall

Noach Van Der Capellen

Jake Kean


Welterweight Division


Group A

Luis Basora

Fumiaki Hayashi


Milenko Rudonja

Giovani Silva


Group B

Sean Morrison

Go Yamamoto

Bruce Steven

Fiyero Lermontov

Charles Stiles


Lightweight Division


Group A

Philip Ziskie

Li-Kong Ho

Sammy Gaffigan

Azor Portela Nunes

Rafael Tavares


Group B

Lars Bohlin

Tomohiro Takeuchi


Manish Khan

Colm Dee


Women's Division


Heavyweight Division


Group A

Haley Croft

Alisha Wood

Hope Lehane

Rachel McGuiness


Group B

Veronika Sabikova

Sarah Vaughan

Emma Birch

Serena Hill


Middleweight Division


Group A

Maggie Martin

Samantha Sachs

Sayoko Ebisawa

Karen Curtis

Alison Beattie


Group B

Vicki Summers

Phoebe Bergman

Seka Mutsu

Roz Wareing

Michelle Addams


Lightweight Division


Group A

Sandy Oliver

Jennie Gill

Jocelyn Hescott

Park Seong

Yuya Shimizu


Group B

Hanako Shimizu

Angelina Keiff

Vanessa Phillips

Jenny DeNeuve

Thea Higgins


The World Cup Tournaments, unlike the Master's Tournaments, are Round-Robin matches within the groups. The Top-2 from each group will go into a 4-person tournament, and the winner is crowned that weight division's champion.


The reign lasts until the Master's Tournament, in which, the champion and the runner-up already qualifies for the tournament. More information will become available in the upcoming days as it pertains to the match-ups for the World Cup Tournament, and it will be posted when does, so come back later for the latest match listings here on Blurcat.com.

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The Matches have been announced!


Posted on Blurcat.com, January, 2010-


January, 2010- The first round of matches have been announced for the IFFA World Cup Event! These 1st Round matches will be stretched out for four shows will will equal out to about nine matches per card, so it will be pretty busy for the fighters. All of the fighters have been given short notice, as of today, the fighters will have all of four days to get as prepared as they can for their matches.


With such short notice, how will the fighters react? What kind of game plan, if any, could be devised in such a short amount of time?


"Obviously, it's going to be tough", said James Foster (32-4-1),"You really only have so many days to get mentally set to go to war, plus on the added effect, that really, you don't have a game plan coming into the fights, so really, you have to rely on your skills to be able to pull off a "W". Hopefully, you've preped enough to pull a win out, or hopefully, you're able to sneak one out."


With the Groups announced yesterday and the matches officially announced today, the fighters know that they will going into unknown territory. But from talking to the fighters, they all seem ready to go to war, and start off the Group phase of the IFFA World Cup Tournament off on a good note.


So, here are the current Group Stage matches for the 2010 World Cup:


(Please note, the card is subject to change, depending upon injury or fight refusal.)



Male Divisions:


Heavyweight Division:


Group A

Kunimichi Kikuchi vs Jeff Carlton

Terron Cabal vs Grzegorz Boniek


Group B

Khru Duangjan vs Armen Sarkisian

James Foster vs Rick Stanley


Cruiserweight Division:


Group A

Zvonimir Axanovic vs Anthony LeToussier

Jin Katou vs John Rivero

Roberto Aldez - Off


Group B

Tadamasa Yamada vs Garry McSweegan

Linfield Ballard vs Mike Watson

Elgar - Off


Light Heavyweight Division:


Group A

Neil Napier vs Fernando Amaro

Matthew Dean vs Maarten De Vries

Mac Fuller - Off


Group B

Petey Mack vs JJ Reid

Leonardo da Costa vs Thorbjorn Rekdal

Stuart Strange - Off


Middleweight Division:


Group A

Carlos da Guia vs Ricardo Fernandes

Jack Humphreys vs Gabriel Gallego

Julio Regueriro - Off


Group B

Brandon Sugar vs Jake Kean

Xie Ming vs Noach Van Der Capellen

Alan Kendall - Off


Welterweight Division:


Group A

Luis Basora vs Giovani Silva

Fuiaki Hayashi vs Milenko Rudonja

Helio - Off


Group B

Sean Morrison vs Charles Stiles

Go Yamamoto vs Fiyero Lermontov

Bruce Steven - Off


Lightweight Division:


Group A

Philip Ziskie vs Rafael Tavares

Li-Kong Ho vs Azor Portela Nunes

Sammy Gaffigan - Off


Group B

Lars Bohlin vs Colm Dee

Tomohiro Takeuchi vs Manish Khan

Norberto - Off




Female Divisions:




Group A

Haley Croft vs Rachel McGuiness

Alisha Wood vs Hope Lehane


Group B

Veronika Sabikova vs Serena Hill

Sarah Vaughan vs Emma Birch




Group A

Maggie Martin vs Alison Beattle

Samantha Sachs vs Karen Curtis

Sayoko Ebisawa - Off


Group B

Vicki Summers vs Yuya Shimizu

Phoebe Bergman vs Roz Wareing

Seka Mutsu - Off




Group A

Sandy Oliver vs Yuya Shimizu

Jeannie Gill vs Park Seong

Jocelyn Hescott - Off


Group B

Hanako Shimizu vs Thea Higgins

Angela Keiff vs Jenny DeNeuve

Vanessa Phillips - Off


With the road starting this Saturday, well will still keep you posted on the 1st day fight card here on Blurcat.com, so please come back for the latest on the IFFA World Cup event happenings!

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IFFA World Cup Event and Venue Info Announced!


Posted on Blurcat.com, January, 2010-


January 2010- After speaking with the head of the IFFA, "Mr. Biggz" Marc Johnson in a private over the phone conversation special for the Blurcat.com. Mr. Biggz has told me on the logistics of this year's IFFA World Cup event.


What is known is that the Group Stage and Tournaments will be held between the countries of France and Netherlands. After getting off the phone with Mr. Johnson, he had notified us that the two venues have been officially signed for the Group Stage events, and which country will have which part in the Tournament Stages.


The Breakdown


The breakdown in the works is for the French arena to be Arena Monipellier in Montipellier, France. It is a newly opened arena that could fit up to 14,000 fans, and it is believed with the cage set-up for the arena, it will be in upwards of 17,000 people.

The other arena that has been announced is the Ahoy Rotterdam Arena, in Rotterdam, Netherlands. A relatively new arena that could fit up to 10,000 people, which will probably be extended to 13,000 by the 2nd day events.


The Group Stage is said to be bouncing between France and Netherlands per show, in this case, the 1st Day events will be in the Arena Monipellier in France, then it will go to the Ahoy Rottterdam Arena in Netherlands. It will continue this pattern until the Grouping Stages are complete. After this, the Tournament Stage will begin with the Quarter-Finals happening in France, the Semi-Finals in Netherlands, and the Finals in France.


The 1st Day Card


With that said, here is the IFFA World Cup 2010, Day 1 Card:


IFFA World Cup 2010, Day 1, Arena Monipellier, Monipellier, France


Main Card


Main Event

"The Mack Attack" Petey Mack (12-2) vs. "The Executioner" Maarten De Vries (13-4)


Co-Main Event

"Unstoppable K" Kunimichi Kikuci (32-4) vs. Jeff "The Rock" Carlton (32-7)


"The Dragon" Tamasa Yamada (21-1) vs. "Hot Shot Scot" Garry McSweegan (23-7)


"The King of Ground and Pound" James Foster (32-4-1) vs. "The Pit Bull" Rick Stanley (22-7-3)


Preliminary Bouts


Jin "The Tsunami" Katou (17-0) vs. John "The Ripper" Rivero (14-2)


"The Anarchist" Matthew Dean (31-5) vs. "The Amazing" JJ Reid (26-2)


"The Showstopper" Jack Humphreys (25-3) vs. "Mad Dog" Gabriel Gallego (15-1)


"The X Factor" Xie Ming (20-4) vs. "The Super Animal" Noach Van Der Capellen (10-3)


Luis "El Diablo" Basora (23-3-2) vs. "The Brazilian Whirlwind" Giovani Silva (21-7)



The Live Weigh-Ins will be on Friday, the night before the event. With the card officially announced and the World Cup season about to get underway, the anticipation should be at a fever pitch come this Saturday for the live show, shown all around the world on TV. So, there should be a lot of eyes on the happenings for this year's event. The 2nd and 3rd day events will come out tomorrow, with the 4th day event's match listings the day after the 1st day's events. So, come back to Blurcat to keep up to date on all World Cup event happenings.

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IFFA World Cup Event 2010 ESPN Weigh-In Special!


January 2010, 7:00p.m., ESPN's IFFA World Cup 2010's Live Weigh-Ins!


[The scene fades to the inside of the Arena Montpellier Convention Center. Chris Berman sent SportsCenter off the air to this scene, as you see the live cameras looking around the arena as the crowd in the convention center erupts loudly with whistles and cheering...]


Hello, and welcome to the kick-off to the IFFA season with the 2010 World Cup weigh-ins!


[The camera fades to a circular panning of the announcer's booth, built on the floor of convention center, with the base some five feet up off the ground. As you see the ESPN logo above the 2010 World Cup logo, and three people sitting on stools with backrests...]


We have a jammed-packed civic center here in Montpellier, France, and we expect this kind of energy to last the whole night, and into tomorrow's first day of the IFFA World Cup!


[The camera then fades from that shot to a front shot of the three men sitting at their booth, some distance away from the stage. The lights are dimmed, as spot lights illuminate from the stage out to the packed audience, signifying the importance of what will occur on stage in due time, as well as various lights traversing the buzzing audience. The booth, itself, is dimly lit just enough to allow for the TV audience to know who is in the booth, all in tuxedos, all holding microphones as the one on the far left speaks...]


We are excited to be here today for this weigh-in special, I am your host, Stuart Scott, and with me today are two followers of the MMA fight scene. From Bluecat.com, Kevin Robinson [The man in the middle seat nods] and to his left, from Sherdog.com, fellow MMA correspondent, Tomas Rios [The man on the far right nods his head].


[The picture cuts to Stuart Scott, looking directly at the camera...]


SS: In case you came in late, or missed the Preliminary Fight weigh-ins, let's run them down, one by one, to catch you up!


[The scene changes to the stage as Louis Basora and Giovani Silva are both on the stage...]


SS: In the first weigh-in of the night, and the first fight of Day 1, we had Louis Basora-Giovani Silva make weight for their Welterweight Division fight.


[The scene changes to Louis weighing in, you see a smile on his face as he does the usual muscle flex for the audience..]


KR: The Welterweight Division is anywhere between 147 to 159 pounds, and both of them are fighting in a weight division that is EASILY within their size. “El Diablo” and “The Brazilian Whirlwind” both came in at 155, so they both are going to be able to take part in their match.

[Giovani then comes up to the scale, and he looks pleased, then does the same as Basora. They both then come face-to-face to do the usual stare-down as flash-bulbs are seen going off behind them, they both then shake hands afterward...]


TR: The only thing I see is that this is a DRASTIC clash of styles for these guys, Basora is a VERY skilled Judoka, but a fairly underpowered Boxer. Silva, on the other hand, is a pretty skilled Muay Tai specialist. It really depends on if they stand up, or if they go to the ground, either way, I feel with Basora's reach and skill advantage, it should be a relatively short night come Saturday for Basora.


SS: Well, the next fighters, after that, was the fight between Xie Ming and Noach Van Der Capellen. And it seems like the whole country of Netherlands migrated to France to cheer on one of their fighters, take a look...


[The scene changed to the stage introductions, first in French, then in English....]


French Announcer: De Rotterdam, Pays-Bas,*l'Animal Super "Der Capellen Noé Van!

English Announcer: From Rotterdam, Netherlands, “The Super Animal” Noach Van Der Capellen!


[Noach came up the steps and on stage to a LOUD roar, as air-horns and whistles blared through the convention center. As he was waving, you could hear people singing the Feynoord FC fight song along with flash bulbs going off in front of him.]


TR: That is just a TASTE of what makes, not only this sport, but this event so special! Kudos to the IFFA to keep this event going!


SS: Couldn't say it any better myself, but as for the weigh-ins, both made the cut for the fight.


[The scene changes to Xie Ming, getting a sportsman-like round of applause from the crowd. He gets onto the scale, makes weight, then waves at the crowd as he gets off the scale. Then Noach gets on the scale, and as the official told him that he's good, the Netherlanders erupted again with their horns and whistles, and the Feynoord FC fight song was actually louder than the stage introduction singing of the fight song, as Noach blew a kiss and waved to his homeland supporters...]


TR: Their fight will be at the Middleweight weight, which is 160 to 174 pounds, and both of them came in weighing in at 168 pounds.


[The scene changes to the stare down, and with the fight song in the background, Noach couldn't help but smile during the stare down. Ming does the same, and the both shook, then gave a quick hug and a little sportsman like bow to each other out of respect.]


KR: Both fighters are coming into this fight on a win streak, both fighters are very exciting fighters to watch, and Noach has practically his whole country by his side. The question is whether it helps or hurts him, both fighters come from striking backgrounds, Noach has the height and reach advantage, but Ming has a slight edge in the ground game. That means that to me, this one of my picks for the Darkhorse of the Night come Saturday!


SS: Wow, strong statement by Kev, but we will get to that discussion later in the show. The next two competitors to weigh in was Jack Humphreys and Gabriel Gallego.


[The scene changes to Jack getting on the scale and seeing him happily flex afterward for making weight...]


KR: This fight will also be in the Middleweight Division, with both fighters also making the cut at 168 pounds.


[The scene changes to Gabriel getting on the scale, he makes the weight and points out to the crowd, the then come to the middle of the stage for their stare-down.]


TR: Like the last fight, both competitors are coming off a win, so there is momentum for both men. Again, this will be a WAR out there, as both fighters will make this match just as exciting as the Noach-Ming fight, the only difference I see here is the major advantage the Jack has over Gabriel in the wrestling department. Gabriel has a strict advantage with his strikes, but he is also losing the height AND reach advantage to Jack, so I see Jack easily pulling out the win if he could ground Gabriel.


SS: And that brings us to our Co-Main Preliminary fight between Matthew Dean and JJ Reid...


[The scene changes to Matthew Dean, royally tatted up, and happy that he made weight and flexes his biceps for the audience...]


TR: This fight will be at the Light Heavyweight Division, which is for fighters weighing 175 to 199 pounds, and both fighters came in and weighed 185 pounds for this fight.


[The scene changed to JJ Reid weighing in, and when he made the cut, smiled and waived to the audience. They both came to the middle of the stage posed, shook hands, gave a quick hug, and wished each other luck...]


KR: Like a good majority of these fights, the fighters here are coming off of a win. The difference here is if it's either going to be Matthew's wrestling skills or JJ's Jiu-Jitsu skills. I expect to have most of this fight to be on the ground. I expect a relatively technical battle. The key difference will be in the stand-up game, and I see “The Anarchist” with a distinct advantage here, so I'm going for Matthew Dean to pull out the win here.


SS: And with that, we come to our Main Preliminary match-up between Jin Katou and John Rivero.


[The scene changes to the weigh ins, as Jin gets on the scale, makes weight and then flexes...]


KR: This is a Cruiserweight Division battle, which is for fighters in the 200 to 215 pound range. Both fighters today clocked in at 205 pounds, so they both will meet in the cage with no problems this Saturday.

[The scene changes to the weigh in of Rivero, who steps up on scale, looking jacked, and does a number one sign with his right hand while flexing with his left arm. Both fighters come to the middle of the stage for a stare-down, then a quick handshake later, they're done...]


TR: Katou is an inch off in size, weight is the same, with Rivero having a three inch advantage in the reach department. Both men are warriors and I see there could be some room for sparks to fly, they are basically a wash in the grappling department, so it will have to come down to the striking department, and I really see Katou with a slight advantage there. This fight is one of my picks for Darkhorse of the Night come this Saturday, Kev, I just can't really go all the way with Katou, and I can't really tell if Rivero will have a shot.


KR: I couldn't agree with you more, I've heard and seen people dogging this card. And I can't really see where they're coming from. I know the internet can be negative, but these two matches will more than likely be just as entertaining as the Main Card fights, and we haven't really even touched those fights yet.


TR: Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more. I do some research on these fights, and I've seen what Rivero can do, Katou, in ASFFA, Noach and Ming. And I really see that this card is a lot better than some people are saying, a very underrated card, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of these fights surprise a lot of people.


KR: I know.


[The scene comes back to the three sitting in their booth, as Stuart begins...]


SS: Same here, guys, and we are just a couple of minutes away from the weigh-ins to the Main Card fights, so we'll be right back after these commercials.


[The scene fades out to commercials...]

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The Rick Stanley-James Foster weigh-ins!


[The scene fades back in from commercials as you see the stage starting to gather more people, with the crowd buzzing impatiently in anticipation of the Main Card weigh-ins...]


SS: Welcome back, and we should be commercial-free for the rest of this event. Now that we have finished the weigh-ins for the Preliminary fights, guys? Which fight do you think is the most intriguing fight?


[in the background, you hear the French announcer on the intercom say, “Trente secondes jusqu'à ce que la Carte Principale de la pesée!”, the crowd erupts in a loud roar as some electronic music blares through the convention center, followed quickly with the English announcer saying, “Thirty seconds till the Main Card weigh-ins!”...]


KR: Well, if you haven't heard that in the background, we are literally moments away from the weigh-ins of the Main Card fights. I know I'm psyched, but as for the Preliminary fights, my bet would be on the Noach Van Der Cappellen-Xie Ming fight. Those two are very evenly matched, both fighters are very exciting to watch, and I expect a war from the first round till the eight, or sooner.


SS: Kev chimed in, Thomas, what is yours?


TR: Good pick by Kev, but I'm going with the Main Preliminary bought between “The Tsunami” and “The Ripper”. I just find that match to be too unpredictable to call right now, like Kev's match-


[There is a Picture-In-Picture of the stage, as the camps for both James Foster and Rick Stanley come on stage, you also hear in the background, “S'il vous plaît accueillir les camps de Rick Stanley et James Foster à la scène!”, followed directly by, “Please welcome the camps of Rick Stanley and James Foster to the stage!” as the crowd roars loudly]


-and I really feel that that match you can't really tell who would come out on top. Well, I said that just in time, didn't I?


[All three commentators have a laugh after that comment, as electronic music is still blaring in the background...]


SS [still chuckling]: I'd say! Well, in case if you didn't catch it, the fighting camps for both teams are on the stage, and the stage introductions for the first fight of the Main Card fights are about to be announced for their weigh-ins, let's take it to the stage in front of this jacked crowd!


[The scene changes to a camera looking a the stage, as both camps finished shaking hands, some friends from both camps cracks jokes, as the crowd is electric.

Then, suddenly, you hear “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie blast through the PA system in the convention center. The crowd roars as Rick Stanley comes out from the exit on the right side of the building, the spotlights shine down on him, as he comes out in a black Tap-Out hat, quarter-canted towards his right, a white Affliction shirt, black Adidas track pants, and white Nike sneakers.


The crowd erupts, as Rick spots a camera, then points towards the camera with his left hand. He is giving high-fives to some people in the crowd as he makes his way to the side of the stage.]


French Announcer: De Philadelphie, en Pennsylvanie! "Le Pit Bull" Rick Stanley!

English Announcer: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! “The Pit Bull” Rick Stanley!


KR: This is the first match on the Main Card! The Rick Stanley versus James Foster match! It will be in the IFFA Heavyweight Division, which is from 220 to 265 pound range. Rick Stanley is coming off a loss in his last match, and he said that he's going to "Mike Tyson" James Foster in this match. Let's just hope he means knock him out and not bite off half his ear!


[You could hear laughs from the commentators in the background as Rick, climbs up the stairs and puts up both arms as the crowd roars with cheers, air-horns, and whistles. Rick then goes to his camp and gives handshake-hugs to them, then goes to James Foster's camp and gives quick high-fives to Foster's camp. He then puts both arms up in the air to the roar of the crowd as he goes back to his camp.


The music fades off, and after a slight pause, you hear “Burn it to the Ground” by Nickelback blare on the PA system in the convention center. The crowd roars as James Foster comes out wearing all red-white-and-blue gear, starting with his Dethrone hat, hanging low over his face to keep the spotlights from blinding him, his American Fighter shirt, and even his Nike track pants are red-white-and-blue with Red and white Rebook shoes.]


French Announcer: De Aurora, Illinois! "Le roi de Ground and Pound" James Foster!

English Announcer: From Aurora, Illinois! “The King of Ground and Pound” James Foster!


TR: “The King of Ground and Pound” is a main-stay in the fight game, he's fought in close to thirty-seven fights! He is coming off a win in his last match, and so, I feel that he's going to have a lot of momentum in this fight. He has heard the smack talk by Rick Stanley, and he told me that he's going to enjoy making Rick eat those words.


[James goes up the stairs by the stage, after giving a couple of high-fives, and walks onto the stage and puts up his right arm up. James goes to his camp and gives handshakes, and hugs, then takes off his hat and flings it into the crowd. There is a little scuffle, but someone has the hat and shows it back to the stage.


James goes back his camp, as the announcer's comes into view in between two scales, the one on the left has a blueish-white light over it and one right has a reddish-white light over it.]


French Announcer: Le premier à la pesée sera Rick Stanley! Rick, pourriez-vous s'il vous plaît venez à votre échelle?!

English Announcer: The first to weigh-in will be Rick Stanley! Rick, could you please come to your scale?!


[The crowd roars again with whistles and air-horns, as Rick pulls off his shirt, and hat, then steps into the blueish-white light, and on the scale in front of him. He smiles as he flexes his right biceps, then points to the crowd, who is buzzing.


The official balances the scale's weight indication as, once he has the scale's indicator balanced, he yells something in French to the announcers, and then puts up a thumbs-up to Rick, telling him that he made weight.


The crowd roars as the French announcer talks over him.]


French Announcer: Il a été annoncé que Rick Stanley pèse 109.6 kilos! Rick Stanley a fait le poids pour son combat!

English Announcer: It has been announced that Rick Stanley weighs 109.6 Kilograms! Rick Stanley has made weight for his fight!


[The crowd roars as Rick does a double biceps flex, then steps down from his scale and goes over to his camp to put on his shirt and hat, while getting congratulated from his camp.]


SS: It seems that Rick Stanley has made weight, at 109.6 Kilograms, which is roughly 235 pounds. So, with Rick Stanley making weight, it up to see if James Foster could do the same!


[The crowd is still buzzing loudly, you hear air-horns in the background, as the announcer begins to speak...]


French Announcer: Le second de peser sera James Foster! Pourriez-James Foster s'il vous plaît aller à sa balance pour peser dans?!

English Announcer: The second to weigh in will be James Foster! Could James Foster please go to his scale to weigh in?!


[The crowd again flares up as James takes off his shirt, hands it over to a person in his camp, as he walks into the Reddish-white light, and steps on the scale. Looking intimidating on the scale as the official goes to his weight scale and adjusts the weight scale's weight indicator.


After balancing the weight indicator, he pats James on the back, and gives him, and the crowd, a thumbs up. The official then notifies the announcer who reports.]


French Announcer: Et il a été annoncé que James Foster a fait le poids à 100,6 kilos! James Foster a fait le poids pour son combat!

English Announcer: And it has been announced that James Foster has made weight at 100.6 kilos! James Foster has made weight for his fight!


[The crowd roars as James smiles to the crowd, waves to the crowd, and goes to the center of the stage as both men are in a stare down. Rick starts talking smack as James smiles at him, and does the “blah, blah” signal with his right hand to mock Rick as the crowd roars and light bulbs start flashing in the crowd.

The camps pulls them apart as Rick is signalling that James is going down, who James “shooes” him away with his right hand as the crowd is cheering on the fighters.]


SS: I looks like Rick isn't wasting any time letting James know how he feels about his chances in the fight! And just for the viewers back in the States, 100.6 kilograms is around 220 pounds, so James Foster has also made weight for the fight!


[The scene changes to the booth area with all three commentators in the booth, as in the background, both fighters are making their way off the stage and to the Exit doors to their locker rooms with the crowd is still buzzing loudly.]


SS: Well, that's one fight down in the Main Card. What are your opinions on this match-up Kev?


[The scene changes to a Picture-in-Picture, side by side, with the larger video plane on the left-hand side showing a top-down isometric shot of James Foster stopping to sign autographs.]


KR: James Foster has fought practically all over the world, North America, Asia, Europe, and the Oceanic areas. He has a huge reputation in the MMA fight scene, and with good reason, he has fought Hasssan Frezzik, the current #1 guy in the Pound-4-Pound rankings, as well as the current #1 guy in the Heavyweight division rankings. He, as noted, has fought an amazing thirty-seven fights and is coming off a win.


[The scene changes back to the commentators in the booth. As the lights in the convention center lightens up a little bit.]


KR: Rick Stanley has an impressive thirty-one fights under his belt, and is currently the 10th ranked fighter in the Heavyweight Division. He has not fought in as many places, mainly he's been to North and South America, with a couple fights in Asia, which was also his last loss. So, experience-wise, I see that it's a wash, the main advantage that I see going into James' camp is that he's a master in developing, and executing a game plan. I see that he's going to look to take Rick down, I really don't see Rick having much of a chance at preventing the level of grappling that James possesses.


TR: I totally agree with that statement. The only thing that I could see is if James gets over-confident, or if he gets lazy in that cage tomorrow night. Because Rick has destructive power in his strikes. So I wouldn't discount Rick, either. I see a possible outside puncher's chance, and all it really takes is one shot to pull off that kind of an upset, really.


KR: True, well see tomorrow night. But in reality, I feel that James is just too much of a professional to be sloppy in the match, over-confident is another thing that I just don't see, for the same reason. I'm leaning towards a tap-out in the mid-to-later rounds as I just don't see Rick being able to counter too much of James' grappling ability.


TR: I agree with that assumption as well. I give it to Rick, he is at least giving it a good go at it, as well as making the match entertaining. But in actuality, the dwarf of skills between the two fighters is just too great for James not to win. I'm going a submission as well, more than likely in the beginning rounds.

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The Tadamasa Yamada-Garry McSweegan weigh-ins


SS: Well it's decided by our pundits, two to none, that it looks to be an easy win for James Foster.

[The camera changes to a panning shot of the stage as there is a lot of movement on it as the camps of the next fighters gets on stage. The same thing happens as it did in the Foster-Stanley weigh-in as both camps give handshakes, hugs, and some jokes towards each other. Then disperse back to their areas of the stage.]


SS: It looks like the camps for the two next fighters are already on the stage, what are your opinions on the next match-up, Tadamasa Yamada versus Garry McSweegan?


TR: Well, this is a match that will be in the Cruiserweight Division, and honestly, it's a HUGE mis-match the way I see it.


KR: Yeah, actually I see an easy win here for “The Dragon”, Tadamasa is just way too talented for McSweegan to counter.


[The scene changes to the stage as the announcers begin to talk...]


SS: Well, we will continue after the weigh-in, as it seems that everything is about to get started. Let's take it up to the stage.


[The lights in the convention center begins to dim again, as the crowd's buzz grows a little louder, as a faint group of people singing the “Hearts Song” for McSweegan's soccer club Hearts FC through the electricity within the convention center...]


French Announcer: Avant de commencer, je voudrais vous présenter les camps pour les concurrents! Les camps se battre pour les deux Tadamasa Yamada et Garry McSweegan!

English Announcer: Before we begin, I would like to introduce the camps for both competitors! The fighting camps for both Tadamasa Yamada and Garry McSweegan!


[The crowd gives a pleasant sportsman-like ovation, as the Hearts FC fight song becomes louder after the announcement as the McSweegan camp smiles and pumps their fists along.


After the camps wave towards the crowd, they both go to their sides of the stage, Tadamasa's to the left, McSweegan's to the right. The announcer's are again inbetween two beams of lights, again, on the left side, over the left scale, you see a blueish-white light above it, and the scale on the right with a reddish-white light above it.


Then you hear “Madskillz-Miccekka” by BT on the PA, and out pops Tadamasa Yamada from the left exit door. He is wearing a Red and Black Bad Boy t-shirt and Yakuza hat, hung over his eyes to keep the spotlight from blinding him, with black track pants, and black Nikes.


The crowd roars as he walks down the stage area in his classic, calm manner.]


French Announcer: Depuis Osaka, au Japon! "The Dragon" Tadamasa Yamada!

English Announcer: From Osaka, Japan! “The Dragon” Tadamasa Yamada!


KR: And there is the classic concentration, and rat-tail, of “The Dragon” himself. A legend in the business and one of the top Cruiserweights in MMA. He's fought in a total of twenty-two fights and has a skill set that makes most people jealous. He is also coming off a win in his last fight in Japan, so he is coming with a ton of momentum and confidence into his fight this Saturday.


[Yamada goes to his camp and gives them bows, high-fives, and hugs, as he throws up the peace sign with his right hand, before bowing in respect to the crowd as flash-bulbs are going off in front of him. Afterward, he walks back to his camp and talks to his camp.


The music fades off, and comes back on with the ever famous beginnings to “Song 2” by Blur and as the song goes “Wooo Hooo!!” all close to 3,000 people in attendance does the same, then roars as McSweegan comes out from the left Exit door. He is wearing a Bad Boy Scotland shirt, that is white with the Scottish flag over his left shoulder, and white, with blue ribbons, track pants, and white Pumas.


He squints as he comes out but he gives high-fives to the crowd on the way to the stage area.]


French Announcer:De Edimbourg, en Ecosse! "Le Scot Hotshot" McSweegan Garry!

English Announcer: From Edinburgh, Scotland! “The Hotshot Scot” Garry McSweegan!


TR: And here is his opponent, Garry McSweegan, with some of his fans from Scotland! The decided underdog in this match, although he's fought more than Tadamasa, it was against opponents that weren't considered World Class. So, this will be a test for him this Saturday!


SS: I've spoken with him last night, and he told me that he knows that the deck is stacked against him. He said that he just wants to make his fans, and country, proud and give Tadamasa a heck of a fight!


[McSweegan comes up to the stage, gives his camp some handshakes and hugs, then gives a slight bow to Tadamasa, who does the same. The music fades as the crowd is still electric, and as the other people in the crowd quiets down, the “Heats Song” comes back louder as you could see McSweegan smile from ear to ear.]


KR: In case you don't know, that's the song of the Heats FC in Scotland, McSweegan's favorite soccer club.


French Announcer: Le premier à la pesée sera Tadamasa Yamada! Pourriez-vous s'il vous plaît venez à votre échelle?!

English Announcer: The first to weigh-in will be Tadamasa Yamada! Could you please come to your scale?!


[The crowd gives a light cheer, out of respect to Yamada, while the fans from Scotland start booing Yamada a little bit. Yamada takes off his hat and shirt and gets onto the scale under the blueish-white light, and looks calm on the scale.


The official then goes and balances the scale's weight indicator, then gives him a pat on the back and a thumbs up. Yamada simply bows and waves to the crowd. As the mixed reaction continues as he gets off the scale and goes to his camp.]


French Announcer: Il a été annoncé que Tadamasa Yamada a fait le poids à 91,6 kilos! Tadamasa Yamada a fait le poids pour son combat!

English Announcer: It has been announced that Tadamasa Yamada has made weight at 91.6 kilos! Tadamasa Yamada has made weight for his fight!


[The crowd is buzzing, as the Scottish faithful are clapping three times before yelling “Garry” as Garry smiles again at the people who made the trip from Scotland.]


French Announcer: Le second de peser sera Garry McSweegan! Pourriez-Garry McSweegan s'il vous plaît aller à sa balance pour peser dans?!

English Announcer: The second to weigh in will be Garry McSweegan! Could Garry McSweegan please go to his scale to weigh in?!


[The crowd cheers as Garry takes off his shirt, comes into the Reddish-white light and steps onto the scale where that light is shining down on. He gives a thumbs up to his fans in the audience, looking glad to see them.

The official then does the same as he did with Yamada, then pats him on the back and gives the thumbs up to the announcers as the Scottish supporters begins singing the “Hearts Song” to Garry, who gets off the scale and puts back on his shirt.]


French Announcer: Et il a été annoncé que Garry McSweegan a fait du poids de 92,5 kilos! Garry McSweegan a fait le poids pour son combat!

English Announcer: And it has been announced that Garry McSweegan has made weight at 92.5 kilos! Garry McSweegan has made weight for his fight!


[The crowd roars as both men come to the center of the stage, and like the weigh-ins before it, the blueish-white and the redish-white lights come and intersect in the middle of the stage as both competitors assume fighting positions for a stare-down as flash bulbs goes off in the arena.]


SS: Well, both men made weight for the fight, as Yamada came in at 202 pounds and McSweegan came in at 204.


[They finish their stare-down and McSweegan shakes Yamada's hand, and gives him a bow out of respect, who Yamada returns the same bow. The camera again, goes into a Picture-in-Picture view with the commentators, sitting in their booths in the larger video frame on the left hand side, while the smaller video frame shows the camps dispersing from the stage, then follows McSweegan, as some of the Scottish fans came over to the barricades and you see him stopping to pose with some of his fans for pictures.


The Picture-in-Picture then transforms into the boadcast booth's video plane growing to take over the screen as the lights in the convention center lightens up.]


SS: So, with both guys making weight, what are your thoughts of this fight?


TR: Well, at least Garry has some fans for the match. Too bad that I don't really see him standing a shot against someone the caliber of Yamada. It's like night and day to me, they are both relatively young, McSweegan has the height advantage, but to me, that's where it stops. Yamada is a better striker, a way better grappler, and really, the only way McSweegan could pull this off is if Yamada somehow has a major off-night, and I mean a MAJOR off-night.


KR: Yeah, seriously, you nailed it right on the head here. I just don't see McSweegan having even an outside shot at beating Yamada. I see a quick night for Yamada, if it gets past the 4th round, I'll be very surprised.


TR: I know, really, unlike the first fight of the night, this is the easiest match to call. Yamada in three. I just think that Yamada has way too many weapons and McSweegan doesn't have anywhere near enough to combat that much skill.

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Co-Main Event Weigh-In: Kunimichi Kikuchi vs Jeff Carlton


SS: Well, we are officially down to two fights in the Main Card fight weigh-ins. Luckily, it looks like all fighters tonight were able to make weight. So, hopefully the next two, you know, the two MAIN fights have the same result. So, to the people out there that just came in, in which I have to ask “what's wrong with you people?”, here is what you missed!


[The scene changes to all of the weigh-ins as the pundits chime in along with reiterating who they think is going to win, how many rounds, and which matches they view as the Darkhorse Match of the Night.


Just to make sure you are keeping track:


Basora vs Silva – Split; Kevin with a Basora early win, Tomas with a Silva decision.


Ming vs Van Der Cappellen – Kevin's Darkhorse of the Night; Split; Kevin with a Noach Decision, and Tomas with a Ming Decision


Humphreys vs Gallego – Both for Humphreys; Kevin said in three rounds, and Tomas said in two rounds.


Dean vs Reid (Co-Main Preliminary) – Both for Dean; Kevin for Dean via Decision, and Tomas for Dean via KO in the sixth.


Katou vs Rivero (Main Preliminary) – Tomas' Darkhorse of the Night; Split; Kevin goes for Rivero via late KO, while Tomas sees the opposite with Katou getting a KO in the middle rounds.


Foster vs Stanley – Both for Foster; both for submission in the middle rounds.


Yamada vs McSweegan – Both for Yamada; both for early round submission.


After the last match was summarized, the scene faded into the stage area as there is some activity from both camps, as they meet and greet each other. They then go back to their areas of the stage as they converse with each other.


The crowd is energetically buzzing, in waiting for the introductions for the fighters of the Co-Main Event of the evening, as you hear air-horns and some sort of drunk singing going on in French that sounds very incomprehensible.]


SS: And we are now down to the last two matches for Saturday night, the Co-Main Event and the Main Event itself! Guys? What have you thought about this night? I can't complain, I've got a free trip to France with my family, in case you're wondering, [Everyone starts laughing] but seriously, what are your opinions for Saturday night?


[The scene fades back to the booth as the reporters begins to speak.]


KR: Well, I have to first thank ESPN and the IFFA for allowing me the trip, and tickets to this show. I really think that this event is definitely special, and it is going to build up to the finals amazingly. Plus, do you hear the amount of energy out there in the crowd. They may be ten sheets to the wind, but you can't really get that kind of excitement unless you are talking about the World Cup and Master's Tournaments.


TR [Laughing]: Thinking about the pubs after the show? Eh Kev?

[All the broadcasters laugh]


SS [still chuckling]: Calm down guys, this is a kid's show.


[The scene fades out as you see a shot of the impatient buzzing in the convention center becomes louder.]


SS: Well, it's the final two weigh-ins, and it looks like we're close to the Co-Main Event weigh-ins, as both camps are on stage, let's take it to the announcers!


[The camps are both at their parts of the ring, talking, then the lights dim in the convention center, as the crowd roars to life. The lights surrounding the stage lights up and spans in a rotational pattern, from downward to upward, and you see the bluish-white and reddish-white lights over the scales. As the announcers in the middle begins to speak.]


French Announcer: Avant de commencer, permettez-moi de présenter les camps pour les deux combattants! À ma droite, le camp pour Kunimichi Kikuchi! Et à ma gauche, le camp de Jeff Carlton's!

English Announcer: Before we begin, let me introduce the camps for both fighters! To my right, the camp for Kunimichi Kikuchi! And to my left, Jeff Carlton's camp!


[The crowd roars as people from both camps waves to the crowd. They then meet up in the middle of the ring and again shake hands, converse a little, then they go back to their separate sides of the stage; Kikuchi's camp on the left and Carlton's camp on the right.


There is a pause, then suddenly “Go Hard” by Kanye West and T-Pain blasts on the PA. The crowd explodes as Jeff Carlton comes out of the right side Exit door of the convention center.]


French Announcer: De Shreveport, en Louisiane! Jeff "The Rock" Carlton!

English Announcer: From Shreveport, Louisiana! Jeff "The Rock" Carlton!


[Jeff “gangsta walks” down to the stage area, and looks to be in a gold and black outfit, with the Clinch Gear T-Shirt, Tap-Out hat (3/4ths canted towards his left side), and his track pants, are all gold and black. The only thing that is not gold is his Adidas sneakers, which are black.]


SS: It looks like someone's representing his home team.


TR: By that, you mean the New Orleans Saints, which is Jeff's favorite NFL team. A forty fight veteran, he has been in the fight game for some time, he is also coming off a win in his last fight before qualifying and getting bumped up to the IFFA main roster for the World Cup this year!


[Jeff climbs up the stairs by the stage and puts up both hands in a #1 symbol as the flash-bulbs goes off in front of him.]


KR: A Ground and Pound specialist as well, the issue revolves around if he could out wrestle a VERY talented wrestler in Kikuchi!


[Jeff goes to his camp and gives high-fives and hugs as he talks to his camp. The sound fades from the PA, and out blares “Around the World” by Daft Punk, the crowd roars as Kunimichi Kikuchi comes out the Exit door to the right.]


French Announcer: De Sendai, au Japon! "K Unstoppable" Kunimichi Kikuchi!

English Announcer: From Sendai, Japan! “Unstoppable K” Kunimichi Kikuchi!


[Kikuchi is walking down to the stage with a red and black outfit, with his Forged t-shirt and track pants, the only thing not red and black is his black and white Rebook shoes. He is giving high-fives to some of the people in the crowd as he makes a determined stride to the stage.]


KR: This whole card is very much stacked with the top ranking fighters in all of the weight classes! In this match, we have the number three and number nine fighters in the Heavyweight rankings. And Kikuchi is the third ranked Heavyweight fighter in the world!


[Kikuchi comes up to the stage and gives a thumbs up to the crowd, then bows to the crowd, before waving and going back to his camp to give hugs and high-fives.]


TR: And there is a reason for that. He has been dominate in the past three fights. In here, he's going up against practically every top ranked Heavyweight in the world, minus Fezzik, so he's going to be challenged in this tournament, as the number two and four Heavyweights are all there, nipping at his heels.


KR: That might be in the future, but right now he has to deal with the number nine Heavyweight in the world, a really confident Carlton.


[The roar calms down to a loud buzz, with some air-horn traffic, in the background.]


French Announcer: Il s'agit de la pesée pour le Co-Main Event pour le samedi soir!

English Announcer: This is the weigh-ins for the Co-Main Event for Saturday night!


[The crowd roars loudly, again, as the announcers resumes...]


French Announcer: Le premier à la pesée sera Kunimichi Kikuchi! Est-ce que M. Kikuchi s'il vous plaît venez à l'échelle pour obtenir pesé?!

English Announcer: The first to weigh-in will be Kunimichi Kikuchi! Will Mr. Kikuchi please come to the scale to get weighed?!


[The official signals for Kikuchi, who doesn't really know either French or English all that well, but he takes off his shirt and shoes, and climbs onto the scale with the blueish-white light shinning down on it.


The official messes around with the weight indicator, and once it's balanced, he pats Kikuchi on the back, and gives him a thumbs up. The crowd roars as Kikuchi does a double biceps flex for the cameras.]


French Announcer: Kunimichi Kikuchi pèse-en à 105,2 kilos! Kunimichi Kikuchi a fait le poids pour son combat!

English Announcer: Kunimichi Kikuchi weighs-in at 105.2 kilograms! Kunimichi Kikuchi has made weight for his fight!


[The crowd roars loudly with cheers, whistles, and air-horns as Kikuchi, waves and bows quickly to the crowd, then shakes the official's hand while bowing to him. He then goes to his camp as they congratulate each other for making weight.]


French Announcer: Maintenant, pour son adversaire! Pourriez-Carlton Jeff s'il vous plaît aller à sa balance pour peser en?!

English Announcer: Now for his opponent! Could Jeff Carlton please go to his scale to weigh-in?!


[Jeff takes off his hat, shirt, and sneakers to his camp, who gathers those items and he goes to the scale under the bright reddish-white light, and steps onto the scale while pointing at the raucous crowd with his right arm while flexing with his left.


The official works around Jeff, and like a professional, somehow manages to get the weight indicator balanced. He then pats Jeff on the shoulder and signals that he's good. Jeff then puts both fists in the air as the flash-bulbs goes off in front of him.]


French Announcer: Jeff Carlton pèse-en à 115,6 kilos! Jeff Carlton a fait le poids pour son combat!

English Announcer: Jeff Carlton weighs-in at 115.6 kilos! Jeff Carlton has made weight for his fight!


[The crowd roars as Jeff goes back to his camp, and puts on his shirt and cap (but only managed to get one arm through his shirt) as the announcers announced for both men to come to the center of the stage for the stare-down.

Jeff, being taller, by two inches, was sort of looking intimidatingly down at Kikuchi, as Kikuchi looks up intensely back at Carlton.]


TR: And there is the height advantage by Carlton. He is two inches taller, with a seventy-nine inch reach advantage that is probably going to give Kikuchi some fits in the ring.


[They are finished with the stare-down, and Kikuchi tries to show some sportsmanship with a hand shake, but Carlton looks at him, then signals for him to get out of his face as he turns his back on Kikuchi, totally disrespecting him. Kikuchi has a fit, and the crowd explodes as he tries to lung for Carlton, but is held back from his camp, and some of the Carlton camp.


Carlton smiles, then waves back at Kikuchi, mocking him even more. Then he, and the rest of his camp leaves the stage as practically all of Kikuchi's camp has to push him to the stairs, as Kikuchi is yelling something in Japanese to Carlton and walks down the stairs.]


KR: Wow! I really hope Carlton knows what he's doing, because he's going to end up going against Kikuchi one more time after this!


TR: I hope that Carlton is trying to mess with Kikuchi's head, get him off-balance. Because if Kikuchi uses this in the fight, Carlton might not make it to his next fight!


[The camera goes to the broadcast booth ESPN has set up in the middle of the convention center as the lights in the convention center brightens to a really live crowd now that a fight almost took place on the stage for the weigh-ins.]


SS: Well, that was interesting! I can still hear the crowd going off! What do you think about that?!


KR: Honestly, I think Carlton is going to get owned in his match. Kikuchi RUNS off of respect, and not only did Carlton shrug off a handshake, he blew Kikuchi off, then mocked him some more!


TR: I was about to say that I thought Carlton knew better about getting on the case of someone who is practically superior to him in the cage. I just don't see this ending too well for “The Rock”. The only real question now that he's pissed off Kikuchi is whether it's going to be a quick and painless or a long and brutal end.


KR: I THINK, and I might be a minority in this, that Carlton is trying to get Kikuchi off his mental game plan by disrespecting him. And if it worked here, and gets Kikuchi to come into the fight head-hunting, I think Carlton might pull off the upset.

TR: Yeah, but that's IF Kikuchi doesn't use this as motivation as focus for the fight, which, I think, IS what's going to happen in the match.


SS: Without a doubt, this is going to be an interesting match, but we have to cut to a commercial break, sorry people at home, but we will be back in a second!


[The scene fades to commercials, as the camera is making a panning shot of the crowd still going off...]

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The Main Event weigh-in: Petey Mack vs Maarten De Vries


[The scene comes back as the crowd is still loudly buzzing, some 45 seconds after what happened beforehand. The camera is panning the near 3,000 in the convention center of Arena Montpellier in Montpellier, France.]

SS: Well, we've just witnessed some fireworks a couple of seconds ago in the Jeff Carlton-Kunimuchi Kikuchi weigh-ins for the Co-Main Event for the Saturday's event! If you missed it, let's go back and see what just happened!


[The scene replays the events that happened in the Jeff Carlton-Kunimuchi Kikuchi weigh-ins. To include the disrespect being shown by Carlton and Kikuchi almost getting into a scuffle on the stage after their stare down.


The scene then changed back to a panning shot of the crowd...]


SS: So, guys, you have said that this might be a sort of a mind-game [Looking at Kevin], while you said that this might not end all too well for Carlton [Looking at Tomas], but let's change the subject, let's talk about how you see the fight playing out, guys. Both guys made the cut at Heavyweight, Kikuchi at 235 and Carlton at 255. Guys?


KR: Well, before that incident, I was strictly in Kikuchi's court on this one. The only TRUE advantages I see is Carlton's height and weight. His reach is less than Kikuchi, Kikuchi is a little bit more technical of a puncher, but his wrestling is just World-Class, and I really see Carlton not only having no shot at taking down Kikuchi, I just don't see any viable way for Carlton to KEEP Kikuchi down long enough to employ his ground and pound technique.


TR: Couldn't agree with you more here. I just see a lop-sided victory here for Kikuchi. If this was only a boxing match, I would say that Jeff had a very good chance. Heck, he still has a puncher's chance here, he has enough power, it's just that Kikuchi is so good in grappling, that I see Kikuchi taking Carlton down continuously during the match.


SS: Yeah, but this was before Carlton threw a wrench in the perpetual gears, how do you guys feel what, if anything, will happen BECAUSE of what just transpired?


TR: Well, I think Carlton's gonna get destroyed in his match. I mean, really, Kikuchi is just WAY too good for Carlton, way, way, too much for Carlton. So, I think Kikuchi might be a little sadist in this match and punish Carlton for what happened.


KR: I see what you mean, but I think little bit of a tactic to get Kikuchi off his game-plan. I see it as Carlton trying to mentally knock off a more talented opponent. Carlton has been going at this for way too long, and if he could exploit and opening, whether it was there to begin with, or he made himself, you do it. I think that's where Carlton is going here, he trying to create an opening and knock Kikuchi off balance, mentally, for his match.


SS: So, basically he's trying to close the talent gap by creating a mental gap?


KR: Basically. That's IF Kikuchi doesn't use this as motivation.


TR: Which is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Kikuchi has also been doing this for a minute as well, so I don't feel like this will make a dent in his game-plan, but it might make Kikuchi drag the fight out on purpose.


SS: Well, either way, we are close to the Main Event weigh-ins. Guys, and people watching on ESPN, let's go to the stage!


[The camera does sort of a fly-over the broadcasting booth, as it changes it's perspective from the booth to the stage, then fades to a camera looking at the stage as the crowd is whistling, buzzing loudly, with some air-horns in the convention center.


The lights in the convention center dims down as the lights on the stage pans around the convention center. With the blue and red lights shining down on the scales.


Both camps then walk out the door, with a spotlight being shown as the camp members gives a couple of high-fives and gradually makes their way up the stairs and onto the stage.]


French Announcer: Si vous pouviez s'il vous plaît donner les camps de la lutte pour les deux combattants dans le Main Event des applaudissements!

English Announcer: If you could please give the fighting camps for the two fighters in the Main Event a round of applause!


[The crowd obliges with a thunderous ovation for both fighting camps, as the get onto the stage, and gives handshakes, some hugs, and some conversation. There is a large amount of people singing the fight song for AFC Ajax, obviously from Netherlands, cheering for the De Vries camp, who are smiling, photographing, and videoing the crowd.


The crowd quiets down, well except for the people singing the AFC Ajax fight song, then suddenly “Rocket” by Def Leppard blast through the convention center, as the people are singing along to the hook vocals, drowning out and blending in the other people singing. And out, through the left side Exit door, comes Maarten De Vries.]


French Announcer: Depuis Amsterdam, Pays-Bas! "Le Bourreau" Maarten De Vries!

English Announcer: From Amsterdam, Netherlands! “The Excecutioner” Maarten De Vries!


[He comes out to his nation's colors, as his Kill It shirt is painted in orange and blue on a white shirt, with white track pants with blue and orange stripes, his New Breed hat is even in blue and orange, and white Adidas sneakers finishing out the outfit.]


KR: And here is the powerhouse from Netherlands, Maarten De Vries! He is 13-and-4 and he plans on making that a 14-and-4 record with a win over a very tough opponent!


[De Vries climbs up the steps and goes gives his camp hugs, high-fives, and converses with them as the music fades off and you hear “Jews! Jews! Jews!” being yelled by the Netherlanders who made the trip.]


TR: Just to clarify, what you're hearing isn't a racially motivated by the Netherlanders, that as it reserves to their Ajax soccer club back in the Netherlands.


[There is laughing being heard by the commentators, as Maarten does the same, while he smiles, and pumps his fist along with the chants.


The as the chanting dies down “White Wedding” by Billy Idol blasts on the PA system and out comes Petey Mack from the right side Exit to a roar of the crowd as well. He is dressed all Canada as his attire is all red and white, red graphics on his white Kimora Wear shirt, and white stripes on his red track pants, with white Nike sneakers.]


French Announcer: De Lynn Lake, Manitoba, Canada! "L'attaque Mack" Mack Petey!

English Announcer: From Lynn Lake, Manitoba, Canada! "The Mack Attack" Petey Mack!


[The crowd roars louder as Petey walks down to the stage area, giving high-fives to some of the people in the crowd as he makes his way up the stairs and onto the stage area and raises his right arm in the air, before doing a quick fist pump with his right arm. He then goes to his camp and gives them high-fives, hugs, and happily conversing with them in the process.]


SS: Well, the final weigh-in for the night! The Main Event weigh-ins!


[The crowd goes down from a loud roar to an electrically loud buzz, as the AFC Ajax song is being sung louder in the crowd by the De Vries supporters, as the spotlight goes to the announcers who begin to talk.]


French Announcer: Il s'agit de la pesée pour le match du Main Event!

English Announcer: This is the weigh-ins for the Main Event match!


[The crowd erupts again, as whistles and air-horns makes their re-entry into the convention center's crowd.]


French Announcer: Cet événement est présenté par; Pepsi, PS3 de Sony, Snickers, Tap-Out, vêtements Everlast, et Nike!

English Announcer: This event is being brought to you by; Pepsi, Sony's PS3, Snickers, Tap-Out, Everlast apparel, and Nike!


[The crowd's buzz is loud and impatient as air-horns continues to go off...]


French Announcer: Maintenant, pour le premier participant à cette pesée! Petey Mack, pourriez-vous s'il vous plaît pas sur votre balance?!

English Announcer: Now, for the first participant for this weigh-in! Petey Mack, could you please step onto your scale?!


[Petey Mack takes off his shirt and walks into the blueish-white light over the scale and steps onto the scale, the official comes in and adjusts the weight indicator, he gets it balanced and gives an okay sign to the announcers.

He then pats Petey on the back and they shake hands, with Petey holding up both arms afterward.]


French Announcer: Petey Mack pèse-in à 83.9 kilos! Petey Mack a fait le poids pour son match!

English Announcer: Petey Mack weighs-in at 83.9 kilograms! Petey Mack has made weight for his match!


[Petey Mack goes back to his camp and gives them high-fives and jokes are passed around about Mack almost not making weight for the fight. Which gets laughs from Petey as he dawns his shirt.]


SS: Well Petey should be a little nervous, as he just barely made the weight cut for his fight! Petey Mack is coming into his match at 185 pounds on the dot!


[The crowd is loudly buzzing as the AFC Ajax fight song flares up in preparation for De Vries' introduction to the scale.]


French Announcer: Et maintenant, pour la deuxième personne à l'étape pour sa pesée! Pourriez-Maarten De Vries s'il vous plaît pas à son échelle?!

English Announcer: And now for the second person to step up for his weigh-in! Could Maarten De Vries please step up to his scale?!


[The crowd erupts as the Ajax fight song becomes louder. De Vries takes off his hat, shirt, and shoes and steps into the reddish-white light, and onto the scale beneath it, as he's singing along with the Netherlands people singing the AFC Ajax fight song.


The official moves the weight indicator's dial and balances it. He then pats De Vries' back and gives the thumbs up sign. There is a loud “Jew! Jew! Jew!” chant as De Vries does the same. He then shakes the official's hands, and goes back to his camp as he puts back on his gear.]


French Announcer: Pourriez-deux combattants s'il vous plaît venez au milieu de la scène pour le regard vers le bas?!

English Announcer: Could both fighters please come to the middle of the stage for the stare-down?!


[The AFC Ajax fight song continues to be sung, as both guys go into fighting stances as the crowd roars and flash bulbs flashes in the convention center.


Maarten broke the stare-down with a smile, then a hand-shake/hug later, they were joking around, laughing it up as the camps did the same afterward.]


SS: Well, that does it for the final weigh-in of the night! Guys, we are now on the clock! What are your opinions about the Main Event for Saturday?


[The fighters, along with both camps, gets into a group mass photo as the crowd is cheering, whistling, and blasting air-horns.]


TR: Honestly, it's a very good main event in the Light Heavyweight Division. Both fighters are two of the top ranked fighters in the world, but my bet is on Mack to win the match. I'm leaning that way because the fact that Petey Mack is just too well-rounded of a fighter for De Vries to stand a shot.


[The group photo is finished with as both fighters, and their camps, again, shake hands, hugs, and jokes around with each other as the wave to each other, and the crowd, as the picture changes to a Picture-in-Picture view. The larger video plane, on the left-hand side, had the broadcaster's booth, as the smaller right one was changing between both competitors signing autographs and taking group photos with some fans.]


KR: I do agree with one thing, Petey Mack is a very well-rounded fighter. But De Vries ain't no slouch in his own right, so I see a potential Match of the Night in the Main Event slot.


TR: Actually, I agree with you here. Mack is very well rounded, but De Vries has a ton of heart, and if he could keep Mack off-balance, we could be in the presence of a throw-down war. Potential Fight of the Night, and if it's a war, a potential Fight of the Year candidate!


[The scene transforms from a Picture-in-Picture to the broadcast booth becoming bigger.]


SS: Don't forget the home field advantage De Vries has here, as there are a lot of people from the Netherlands here, it does look like a home field advantage to De Vries, right?


TR: To an extent, both fighters are very experienced. So, I see that the European crowd might not be all that big of a deal. But I do see game-plans taking the main stage for the fight. Mack has been known to put together great game-plans, but De Vries has known to have a good game plan as well. I'll put it like this, if De Vries can keep Petey off balance, with his striking game, mainly, I see De Vries pulling off the victory. If Mack can solidify a game plan that he's known for, it maybe a short night for De Vries.


SS: Well, with that said, do any of you have any parting words for the audience?


KR: I would, but I want to get to some pubs.


[All broadcasters laugh.]


TR [still laughing]: I'm with this guy.


[Tomas puts his right hand on Kevin's shoulder and shakes it while laughing.]


SS: Well then, it's settled, you guys go out and enjoy the pubs, I'm going to catch a train to Paris to meet up the "fam". From the Montpellier Arena in France, he's Kevin Robinson, he's Tomas Rios, and I'm Stuart Scott, till the next time!


[The scene fades to black...]

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