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NWC: J.K Stallings Second Brain Child

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I was said to be a superstar in the making, but a car wreck ended that


I'm ChrisKid i'm 19 years old and already retired, I was the main eventer for J.K's new company NorthWest Championship Wrestling.


After i became injured i quit the company and started blogging online until a couple of months ago when i was called by J.K and he hired me to sit at the shows and write reviews about the shows



NWC Product

Key Features: Traditional

Medium: Realism

Intensity: 50%

Danger: 0%

Women: No

T&A: No

Face/Heel Divide: Medium

Match Ratio 100%


The promotion has 2 shows a week and the touring schedule is January,March,May,July,September,November

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Main Event


Keith Vegas



Upper Midcard

Ben Williams


Dermott Ayres



Running Wolf


Mario Da Silva

Stretch The Chicken Boy


Lower Midcard

Nigel Svensson


Other Employees

Miles Wakefield (Colour Commentator)

Wilson Carlisle (Referee)

J.K Stallings (Road Agent and Owner of The Company)

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First Tour announced


NWC Live Wire Tour (Matches every Wednesday and Friday)

also announced the first big event

NWC Never Again (Monday Week 2 January)


Also Titles are:

IWC International: Main Event

NWC #1 Contender: Midcard

NWC World Tag Team: Midcard

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NWC Live Wire Tour Wednesday Week 1 January

At Stanley Hall in front of 11 people



Valentine defeated Mario Da Silva: Rating E

Nigel Svensson defeated Stretch The Chicken Boy: Rating E

Ben Williams defeated Dagger: Rating E

Raphael defeated Running Wolf: Rating E

Keith Vegas defeated Ant-Man for the vacant NWC International Championship: Rating E


Overall Show Rating E

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Show 1 Review


Well it's fair to say this was a very good show considering the size of the company, i was not the only person to have this opinion as the feedback from the crowd was that "It was better than expected considering it's a tiny company"


Match Records

How this will work is in a table format, you enter the table once you wrestle your first match, a win is 3 points,Draw 2 points and a loss is 1 point,if you are performer of the night you recieve an extra point and this is the same with a title win apart from you get 2 points added on (2 if main event,1 if midcard), at the end of the tour there will be a winner of the Worker of the month Trophy

1. Keith Vegas 5 (Title Win)

2. Nigel Svensson 4 (Performer of the night)

3. Raphael 3

4. Ben Williams 3

5. Valentine 3

6. Ant-Man 1

7. Running Wolf 1

8. Dagger 1

9. Stretch The Chicken Boy 1

10. Mario Da Silva 1

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NWC Live Tour Friday Week 1 January

At Stanley Hall in front of 8 people


Running Wolf defeated Ben Williams: F+

Dagger defeated Paranoia for the vacant NWC #1 Contender Title: E

Stretch and Svensson defeated Da Silva and Valentine for the vacant NWC World Tag Team: E+

Paradigm went to a double count-out with Dermott Ayres: Rating E-

Keith Vegas defeated Ant-Man to retain the NWC International Championship: E


Show Rating: E

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Show 2 Review


Well during the show we saw Valentine turn face when post match Stretch The Chicken Boy beat down Da Silva, Valentine came to his rescue, Svensson is still a face as he was already in the back, once again positive feedback, people are shocked on the qualities of our match ups given our local size


Match Records

1. Nigel Svensson 9 (Title Win and Performer of the night)

2. Keith Vegas 8

3. Stretch The Chicken Boy 5 (Title Win)

4. Running Wolf 4

5. Dagger 4

6. Ben Williams 4

7. Valentine 4

8. Raphael 3

9. Ant-Man 2

10. Mario Da Silva 2

11. Paradigm 2

12. Dermott Ayres 2



Stretch and Svensson experience F-


Yet to debut: Paradox,Paranoia

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NCW Never Again Card:


Mario Da Silva vs Running Wolf

Valentine and Dagger vs Stretch and Svensson © for NWC Tag Titles

Dermott Ayres and Paradox vs Ant-Man and Ben Williams

Keith Vegas © vs Paradigm for the NWC World Heavyweight




NCW Live Wire Tour Monday Wk2


Dermott Ayres vs Mario Da Silva

Stretch and Svensson (?) (if they are still champions) vs Running Wolf and Valentine

Dagger © vs Ben Williams for the No1 Contenders Title

Ant-Man vs Raphael

Paranoia vs Keith Vegas

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