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What's the best camp in your game?

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Using the FSC mod, I have three really good ones.


Xtreme Hollywood with WW champ Phillip Ziskie, the Ballard brothers, Lamont Banner and a few cans.


Fezzik Sambo with HW champ Hassan Fezzik... 4 time Flyweight champ in other promotions than mine, Milenko Rudonja... next in line for a HW title shot, Rav Kapur... the #1 HW in Galaxy (Rival promotion) Vitali Kuznevic... plus Will Kane, Uwe Maier, Ari Peltonen, Daniel Hornsby, Jens Halle, Mick Curran, and promising young russian prospect Petya Ermakov.


And then there is Keane Athletics who have ofcourse Jake Keane and a ton of really good wrestlers like Lars Bohlin, Grzegorz Boniek, Lubos Plasil, Kelly Gallaway, Lenny McFadden, Louie Sullivan, Lenny McFadden, Mugur Boc, and Nicolai Mickiewicz.



I am interested to here about yours!

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The best camp in the game I'm currently looking at--in 2005 with the default database--is American Cage Fighters. It features two champions for my Japanese EMERALD promotion and another champion in GAMMA (Stuart Strange, at 25-4, is the current GAMMA Middleweight Champion.)


Sylvester Collins (17-0) has been my heavyweight champion for nearly five years and has been the most dominant fighter in the Cornellverse and held Blurcat's top PFP ranking for much of that time. He's run through every notable heavyweight in the game except Fezzik, whom I've unfortunately not been able to lure to EMERALD.


David Allen (27-5) has also been an extremely impressive member of American Cage Fighters and is currently my lightweight champion. He's been a top fighter at both welterweight and lightweight over the past six-plus years and holds the distinction of being the only man to have beaten Julio Rivero, with a third round KO over the GAMMA stalwart in October of 2002 that won him Blurcat's Knockout of the Year award as well as the GAMMA Welterweight Title. Allen won the EMERALD Lightweight Title in December of 2004, stopping Li-Kong Ho just over three minutes into the second round. That victory capped off an outstanding year for Allen, who was Blurcat's Fighter of the Year in 2004.


The camp also features several top contenders at light heavyweight, middleweight and featherweight, including William Harrison (18-2), Phillip Ziskie (23-2), Matthew Dean (43-6), Easton Frye (22-4), and Bill Brown (12-1). Additionally, ACF boasts the membership of a number of top prospects such as Evan Pizzaro (8-1) and MacGregor Dare (5-0).


American Cage Fighters' closest challenger at the moment is Top Team Japan, which is led by a trio of top heavyweights: Tomoji Takaoka (12-2), Kanezane Fujii (9-0) and Hiro Arai (18-3). The Japanese team also features one of the best lightweight fighters in the world in Li-Kong Ho (28-2), who is contemplating a drop back down to his more natural weight of 145 in the wake of his recent loss to David Allen.


Top Team Japan will have a chance to perhaps knock American Cage Fighters off its perch as Takaoka is scheduled to challenge Collins at my next event. Collins already holds a KO victory over the Japanese fighter, but Takaoka is one of the few men alive who can match up with Collins' size and power and he's vowed that he'll be the one to hand the American his first loss.

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