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Gay wrester list

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Mario Heroic is bisexual

Corrine White

Viv Jacobs

Nighthawk is bisexual

Doc Messing


There's some crappy wrestler in Australia whose name escapes me

Jerome Turner


If popular belief is to be believed, Edd Stone is bisexual. If we dream it to be true, then it is, non?

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Dazzler is that crappy Australian wrestler who is gay.


There's another one I think. One half of unemployed rookie tag team The Next Big things. I forget the name, but I usually hire him when I'm a big enough company to important dudes.

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Make your own jokes about a gay wrestler being "traditional" haha


Ha. I swear that isn't some backstage rib on Weatherfield. I legitimately like the guy and its sad most people don't play past a year of game time because he doesn't debut until August 2016. And if you aren't SWF (like I was) you have to wait for him to be underutilized and for the original dojo graduate contract to expire.

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