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Need help defining product

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Above is a screenshot of my product for a fed I created. With credit to takerngn74 for helping me put the image up, I'd love if someone gave me some input to make these changes to my product:


1) Be able to KEEP the key feature as Mainstream and Daredevil at least a medium if possible


2) MAJOR: I especially want wrestlers to be rated equally on popularity and performance.


3) And to not get too many "will attract fans who..." notes in definition.


Thanks in advance and hope this wasn't already a thread on its own. If so, I apologize.

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Put Risque down to Low and put Modern at Medium or above.


The analysis for this product says:

rated equally on performance and popularity

fans expect proper gimmicks

fans will not like highly risky gimmicks

fans like simple gimmicks

fans will not like subtle gimmicks

no Afternoon TV

quite favorable towards sponsorship

not rocked by industry changes

no young lions

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