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Sonnen won't shoot!??!

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I've been trying for hours to get Chael Sonnen to replicate his real world fight tactics. I cannot get him to shoot. I am using him in quick matches against Anderson Silva.


I have tried usung tactics with excellent all out ground and various others switched from awful-competent in the standing areas. I have tried with tactics off. He just won't go to the ground. This is completely opposite of what I have seen from the game as a whole. Fighters generally go to the ground much more than they do in real life from what I have seen. A large portion of the matches generally go to the ground. But when one of the greatest wrestlers in the game fights the greatest striker, he wants to stand???


Silva is actually out attempting Sonnen on takedowns about 3-1!?!?!? I have Sonnens wrestling and takedowns above 90, his strength, TD set up and TD speed all above 85...


I'm sure part of it has to do with Silva being good off his back but I've set his armlocks and chokes at around 80 and his leglocks around 30 and have Chael's sub D around 75. I have his ground control and attack pos both around 90 but he's still scared to go to the ground. He only takes Silva down on kick attempts and several times he has stood up and let Silva stand. It makes no sense....


Can anyone help out here?

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Huh, that is a bit puzzling since the ground game seems to dominate in the game. W/O knowing all of your exact settings I would guess that its because Silva is so good on the ground as I had a fighter with good GnP continually stand up in one of my games.


-How are Chael's standing stats? If they are also around 70-80 you may need to lower it.

- What is his strategy stat at for when you tell him to use his own tactics?

- What is Silva's wrestling and TD defense? if those are high he might just say forget it I'll stand, also goes for escape ability.

- The arm/chokes at 80 with 75 sub d might also be scaring him off.


I of course am no expert I'm just trying brain storm as I've seen guys like Drew Jenks attempt TD after TD getting stuffed since thats all they could do.

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Reach 73/76

Cut Immunity 71/88

Conditioning 92/94

Strength 86/82

Mobility 79/93

Reflexes 74/93

Chin Str 90/88

Resilence 92/92

Stun Rec 90/90

Recovery 92/94

Consistency 84/93

Dedication 83/90

Excitement 65/90

Potential 0/0


Footwork 74/92

Punch Power 74/85

Punch Tech 78/92

Hand Speed 77/95

HK Power 54/88

HK Tech 53/85

HK Speed 52/85

LK Power 47/88

LK Tech 55/85

LK Speed 51/85

Guard Def 75/92

Kick Def 78/88

Wrestling 96/63

Slams 89/25

Takedowns 96/25

TD Set Up 88/25

TD Speed 89/25

TD Defense 75/80

Clinch 71/94


Punch Power 72/72

Punch Tech 76/85

Punch Speed 72/88

Elbow Power 65/72

Elbow Tech 67/86

Elbow Speed 67/88

Knee Power 41/84

Knee Tech 43/85

Knee Speed 44/78

Sweeping 57/68

Armlocks 30/78

Leglocks 10/30

Chokes 55/82

Sub Defense 77/96

Attack Pos 94/84

Ground Con 96/82

Def Pos 60/83

Ground Esc 70/72

Ground Flex 60/90


Grappling 85/83

Takedowns 93/70

Takedown Def 75/84

Elbow Power 57/85

Elbow Tech 55/90

Elbow Speed 55/90

Knee Power 52/99

Knee Tech 53/99

Knee Speed 54/99

Dirty Boxing 71/84


Experience 100/100

Fight Instinct 86/88

Killer Instinct 72/88

Game Plan 85/80

Heart 92/95

Comfort/Cage 100/100

Comfort/Ring 86/100


Stan Striking - Poor

Coun Striking - Poor

Stan Grapp - Excellent

Coun Grapp - Excellent

Caut Ground - Excellent

All Out Ground - Excellent

1 Shot Finish - Poor

Barrage - Poor

Hit and Run - Poor

Smother - Excellent

Keep Dist - Awful

Free Flow - Awful

Avoid Strikes - Poor

Avoid TD - Poor

Spoiler - Poor


With these, the last time I ran this, Chael caught a kick and got a takedown in 5th round and then stood up. Never attampted a takedown the whole fight. Got him up against the cage twice. That was it.

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I know when i use my mod, Sonnen always tries to wrestle with Silva. Its a 50/50 split between him pushing Silva up against the cage or Silva getting away. The only time Sonnen gets a takedown is when he catches a kick from Silva.


It would be interesting to see what would happen if there was a Sonnen vs. Silva 2. I dont think Sonnen would get the takedowns as easily as in the first fight.

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I've been working at it and got a reasonable result. Sonnen still will wrestle him up against the cage mostly but shoots a little more. It seemed to have a lot to do with Silva's ground game. I had to tweak the ratings to get it even close. I'll try and post the ratings and strats 2moro.
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I was wrong, I cannot get Sonnen to shoot even semi-regularly. I can get him to hold him up against the cage which, I guess, could be a similar effect to taking him down. However, he refuses to go to the ground.


I think the main reason is that Silva is dangerous on the ground and Sonnen is scared of that. However, Silva is clearly better standing and in the clinch so its a kind of pick your poison kind of thing and Sonnen chooses to stand instead.


I really hope this sis something that is being fixed in WMMA3. Regardless if it is a good strategy or not, if you set the tactics to all out ground, then the fighter should follow that regardless...

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