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MAW: The Struggle For Power

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http://www.clabobby.com/maw/MAW.jpgfiller<table width=100% border=0>


<td colspan="8" align=center>Main Eventers</td>


<tr><td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Aaron%20Andrews.jpg

Aaron Andrews</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Aaron%20Fujita.jpg

Aaron Fujita</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Davis%20Wayne%20Newton.jpg

Davis Wayne Newton</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Frankie%20Perez.jpg

Frankie Perez</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/James%20Prudence.jpg

James Prudence</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Quentin%20Queen.jpg

Quentin Queen</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Steven%20Parker.jpg

Steven Parker</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Zimmy%20Bumfhole.jpg

Zimmy Bumfhole/td></tr></table>filler<table width=100% border=0>


<td colspan="8" align=center>

Upper Midcarders</td>



<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Casey%20Valentine.jpg

Casey Valentine</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Darryl%20Devine.jpg

Darryl Devine</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/El%20Heroe%20Mexicano.jpg

El Heroe Mexicano</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Josh%20Jones.jpg

Josh Jones</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/KC%20Glenn.jpg

KC Glenn</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Kirk%20Jameson.jpg

Kirk Jameson</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Lenny%20Brown.jpg

Lenny Brown</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Nelson%20Callum.jpg

Nelson Callum</td></tr></table><table width=100% border=0>


<td colspan="6" align=center>Midcarders</td>



<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Antonio.jpg


<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Cameron%20Vessey.jpg

Cameron Vessey</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Dominic%20Devito.jpg

Dominic Devito</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Hugh%20de%20Aske.jpg

Hugh de Aske</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Jared%20Johnson.jpg

Jared Johnson</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Jefferson%20Stardust.jpg

Jefferson Stardust</td></tr>

<tr><td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Kashmir%20Singh.jpg

Kashmir Singh</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Lassana%20Makutsi.jpg

Lassana Makutsi</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Philippe%20LaGrenier.jpg

Philippe LaGrenier</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Rob%20Reynolds.jpg

Rob Reynolds</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Sammy%20The%20Shark.jpg

Sammy Shark</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Xavi%20Ferrera.jpg

Xavi Ferrera</td></tr></table>


<table width=100% border=0>


<td colspan="6" align=center>Lower Midcarders</td>



<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Amazing%20Fire%20Fly.jpg

Amazing Fire Fly</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Austin%20Smooth.jpg

Austin Smooth</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Edward%20Cornell.jpg

Edward Cornell</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Raphael.jpg


<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Remmy%20Honeyman.jpg

Remmy Honeyman</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Seth%20Whitehead.jpg

Seth Whitehead</td></tr></table><table width=100% border=0>


<td colspan="4" align=center>Openers</td>



<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Andrew%20Taylor.jpg

Andrew Taylor</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Cameron%20Jones.jpg

Cameron Jones</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/El%20Generico.jpg

El Generico</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Syd%20Collier.jpg

Syd Collier</td></tr></table><table width=100 border=0>


<td colspan="3" align=center>Enhancement Talent</td>



<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Felipe%20Caballero.jpg

Felipe Caballero</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Miller%20Forde.jpg

Miller Forde</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Warren%20Technique.jpg

Warren Technique</td></tr></table><table width=100% border=0>


<td colspan="6" align=center>Staff</td>



<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/AJ%20Sage.jpg

AJ Sage - Play by Play</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Clare%20South.jpg

Clare South - Personality</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Duke%20Hazzard.jpg

Duke Hazzard - Color Commentator</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Enforcer%20Roberts.jpg

Enforcer Roberts - Owner/Road Agent</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Haley%20Buck.jpg

Haley Buck - Director of Operations</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Ernest%20Forthdyke-Hume.jpg

Ernest Forthdyke-Hume - Manager</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Lisa%20Bowen.jpg

Lisa Bowen - Manager</td></tr>

<tr><td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Scott%20Styles.jpg

Scott Styles - Head Referee</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/RM%20Stones.jpg

R.M. Stones - Referee</td>

<td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Shane%20Stones.jpg

Shane Stones - Referee</td></tr></table>


* Indicates worker is on loan from another company


<table width=75% border=0><tr><td align=center valign=bottom>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/MAWHeavy.jpg

Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Championship</td>

<td align=center>Title Level: Main Event</td><td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Aaron%20Andrews.jpg

Current Champion - Aaron Andrews</td></tr></table>



<table width=75% border=0><tr><td align=center valign=bottom>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/MAWTraditional.jpg

Mid Atlantic Traditional Championship</td>

<td align=center>Title Level: Main Event</td><td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Frankie%20Perez.jpg

Current Champion - Frankie Perez</td></tr></table>



<table width=75% border=0><tr><td align=center valign=bottom>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/MAWAllAction.jpg

Mid Atlantic All Action Championship</td>

<td align=center>Title Level: Midcard</td><td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Lassana%20Makutsi.jpg

Current Champion - Lassana Makutsi</td></tr></table>



<table width=75% border=0><tr><td align=center valign=bottom>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/MAWAlt.jpg

Mid Atlantic Alternative Championship</td>

<td align=center>Title Level: Low Level</td><td align=center>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/Seth%20Whitehead.jpg

Current Champion - Seth Whitehead</td></tr></table>



Rip Chord Invitational Challengehttp://www.clabobby.com/maw/MAWRip.jpg


2015 Winner - Aaron Andrews



<table width=100% border=0>

<tr><td colspan=3 align=center valign=top>Mid Atlantic Wrestling's Top 10s</td></tr>


<td width=34% align=center valign=top>Top Ten Shows</td>

<td width-33% align=center valign=top>Top Ten Matches</td>

<td width=33% align=center valign=top>Top Ten PPV Buyrates</td></tr>


<td width=34% valign=top>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/82.jpg Summer Heatwave (July 2015)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/81.jpg The Battle of the Mid Atlantic (August 2015)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/81.jpg Wrestling Classic (February 2015)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/81.jpg Where It All Begins Again (October 2014)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/81.jpg Uprising (October 2015)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/80.jpg MAW Wrestling 28 (July 2015)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/80.jpg Where It All Begins Again (October 2015)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/80.jpg The Battle of the Mid Atlantic (August 2014)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/80.jpgUprising (September 2015)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/80.jpg Wrestling Classic (February 2014)</td>


<td width=33% valign=top>http://www.clabobby.com/maw/91.jpg Casey Valentine and Davis Wayne Newton defeated Aaron Andrews and KC Glenn (July 2015)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/90.jpg James Prudence defeated Darryl Devine (October 2015)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/90.jpg Davis Wayne Newton defeated Aaron Fujita (July 2015)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/89.jpg KC Glenn defeated Casey Valentine (October 2015)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/89.jpg Aaron Andrews and KC Glenn defeated Casey Valentine and Davis Wayne Newton (August 2015)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/88.jpg Aaron Fujita defeated Davis Wayne Newton (October 2014)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/87.jpg Casey Valentine defeated KC Glenn (August 2015)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/86.jpg Davis Wayne Newton defeated El Heroe Mexicano (October 2015)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/86.jpg Casey Valentine defeated KC Glenn (March 2015)


http://www.clabobby.com/maw/85.jpg Davis Wayne Newton defeated Aaron Fujita (February 2014)</td>

<td width=33% valign=top>- 0.03 (1500 buys) - Where It All Begins Again 2015


- 0.02 (1000 buys) - The Battle of the Mid Atlantic 2015


- 0.02 (1000 buys) - Summer Heatwave 2015


- 0.02 (1000 buys) - Fan Festival 2015


- 0.01 (500 buys) - The Clash 2015</td></tr></table>

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What a long night it had been. I zipped up my bag and stood as a lot of the guys around me still sat, some remaining in their ring gear, chatting the night away. I said my goodbyes and slowly made my way across the dressing room towards the door. Just about the time I had made it, a figure stepped into my path. It was Jay Chord. I had never held ill feelings towards the kid, but I guess his dad's idea of allowing me to pin him in my debut match for MAW a few months prior was enough to turn him against me.


Jay: You actually agreed to lose one here finally?


Aaron: Rip asked me to put Patriot over. You think I'd argue with your dad?


For the first time since my debut in MAW I saw the look of enlightenment come across the young Chord's face.


Aaron: Jay, I tried to tell you back then that I didn't petition to beat you. I came in to collect a payday and be with some friends on a Friday night and your old man asked me to go out, put on a hell of a match and pin you.


Jay: Whatever you say, punk.


I wasn't about to give in to Jay's childish antics, especially tonight. Normally I'd have gone out to the bars with a few of the boys but I was in the midst of finishing up my thesis and needed the rest of the weekend to work on it. I took a step back and smiled in Jay's direction. He still couldn't accept the fact that his father chose to put me over him. I have a bad feeling when he does finally accept it, he'll take offense to it. Jay stepped aside and I made my way through the dressing room door and down a long hallway that lead to the exit. As I neared the end of the corridor I heard a gruff old voice calling my name, reminding me of the final stop I needed to make before beginning my long drive home. I spun around on the balls of my feet and ducked my head into the make-shift office that I had just passed.


Rip: Don't forget your payoff, kid.


I entered the office and Rip offered me a chair across from him as he began filing through his drawer of envelopes until he came to mine and snatched it up. He tossed it on the desk and pushed it my way.


Rip: You know kid, I've got an idea that could put a lot more money in that envelope.


Aaron: What are you talking about you old fart?


Rip: I saw some of those local shows you booked. They had good stories kid.


Aaron: I did the best with what I had to work with. What are you talking about Rip?


Rip: Kid, I love this company. I always want to do what's right for it. What's right for the wrestling business.


Aaron: I'd say you're doing a fine job, Rip.


Rip: You won't get an argument from me on that. Thing is, I'm not entirely happy with the direction Jean is taking us creatively. I think it's time for some young blood to be transfused into the old-school mentality of MAW.


Aaron: And where do I fit into that?


Rip: Kid, stop being so modest. You know the kind of booking talent you posses. I would really like you to consider coming aboard as my head booker.


Aaron: Rip, it's an honor that you'd think of me for this, but really Jean is doing a fine job. I'm happy to be working for the legendary Rip Chord and that's enough of an honor for me.


Rip: Kid, I see a hell of a lot of potential in you. Why not take a different direction in this business. Settle down and begin working for us exclusively; be our booker.


You'd have no travel time and all of that gained time can be put towards that Doctorate in space rocks.


I had to laugh; at both Rip's continuous habit of calling EVERYONE kid and his confusion as to my future profession.


Aaron: It's a Master's degree in weather, Rip. Meteorology means weather.


Rip: Forget the details, kid. You get a pay increase, extra time to work on that paper and almost complete control over this company.


Aaron: Rip, it's late. You've got my interest, but can we talk about this more over lunch tomorrow?


Rip: Is that a yes? Alright, lunch tomorrow at noon.


I stood and grabbed my pay envelope before shaking the legend's hand and walking out the door. As I stopped to readjust the bag hanging from my shoulder and caught a glimpse of the stare coming from Jay Chord's eyes down the hall. Things were going to get even more tense between us two. I turned and walked to the exit as I quickly counted my pay. Rip knew I would end up agreeing to his job offer. He had already put an extra $200 in my envelope. Lunch the next day was going to be very interesting.




It was official; I, Aaron Fujita, was the new head booker of MAW. The lunch with Rip went smoothly as we hashed out all the details. He wasn’t kidding when he told me I’d have almost complete control over the company with this new job. He did give me some limitations and goals to work towards though. Rip liked his money, so insisted that I never allow MAW to fall into debt at any time. I wanted to bring in a few guys I had worked with around the country, so this was forcing me to try and get them cheap. That would be enough though as I’d have to cut a few familiar faces from the MAW roster as well. Rip told me he wasn’t really worried about it, but I wanted to leave a few of the raw, undeveloped talents on the roster to see what I could do with them. The second thing he told me was that I was not, unless in dire circumstances, to put the title on myself. I had always wanted to hold the MAW Championship, so this was a bit harder to swallow. I’d get over it eventually I told myself and kept my mind looking for other things to do with the belt. He also wanted two of their top workers, Casey Valentine and Jay Chord kept strong for the next several months. That was no problem as they were both good young talents that could put on good performances. The last things Rip told me before we wrapped up our meeting and I went apartment hunting was that he’d like me to avoid hiring guys who had a less than pretty reputation and guys that weren’t legitimately tough. I ended up the day having an apartment picked out, but I spent the night in a hotel room with my laptop and a notebook scribbling ideas for my first event as head booker; The Rip Chord Invitational. I e-mailed Rip at close to two in the morning with the card so he could get the fliers printed off.


MAW presents The Rip Chord Invitational

Mid Atlantic Championship

Aaron Fujita vs. American Patriot ( c )


First Round Tournament Match

Mean Jean Cattley vs. Kirk Jameson


First Round Tournament Match

Cameron Vessey vs. Hugh de Aske


First Round Tournament Match

Jay Chord vs. ???

First Round Tournament Match

Citizen X vs. ???

Mid Atlantic Tag Team Title Match

Rich and Famous (Jackpot Jordan & Jake Idol) vs. The Ring Generals (Marv Statler & Dean Waldorf) vs. The Aces of Mayhem vs. The Awesomeness ( c )


Plus more!


Quick Match List


Aaron Fujita vs. American Patriot ©

Jean Cattley vs. Kirk Jameson

Cameron Vessey vs. Hugh de Aske

Jay Chord vs. ???

Citizen X vs. ???

Rich and Famous vs. The Ring Generals vs. The Aces of Mayhem vs. The Awesomeness

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Aaron Fujita vs. American Patriot ©

Jean Cattley vs. Kirk Jameson

Cameron Vessey vs. Hugh de Aske

Jay Chord vs. ???

Citizen X vs. ???

Rich and Famous vs. The Ring Generals vs. The Aces of Mayhem vs. The Awesomeness


I'll pick Jay Chord to take the RCI trophy

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<p>Aaron Fujita vs. <strong>American Patriot ©</strong></p><p>

<strong>Jean Cattley </strong>vs. Kirk Jameson</p><p>

<strong>Cameron Vessey</strong> vs. Hugh de Aske</p><p>

<strong>Jay Chord </strong>vs. ???</p><p>

Citizen X vs.<strong> ???</strong></p><p>

Rich and Famous vs.<strong> The Ring Generals </strong>vs. The Aces of Mayhem vs. The Awesomeness</p>

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<p>Aaron Fujita vs. <strong>American Patriot ©</strong></p><p>

<strong>Jean Cattley</strong> vs. Kirk Jameson</p><p>

<strong>Cameron Vessey</strong> vs. Hugh de Aske</p><p>

<strong>Jay Chord</strong> vs. ???</p><p>

Citizen X vs. <strong>???</strong></p><p>

Rich and Famous vs. The Ring Generals vs. The Aces of Mayhem vs.<strong> The Awesomeness</strong></p>

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Aaron Fujita vs. American Patriot ©

Jean Cattley vs. Kirk Jameson

Cameron Vessey vs. Hugh de Aske

Jay Chord vs. ???

Citizen X vs. ???

Rich and Famous vs. The Ring Generals vs. The Aces of Mayhem vs. The Awesomeness


RCI winner-Jay Chord

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Aaron Fujita vs. American Patriot ©

Jean Cattley vs. Kirk Jameson

Cameron Vessey vs. Hugh de Aske

Jay Chord vs. ???

Citizen X vs. ???

Rich and Famous vs. The Ring Generals vs. The Aces of Mayhem vs. The Awesomeness


All about the established stars - and Vessey or Jay to win the tournament.

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I sat in my make-shift office at Stanley Hall, going over my notes one last time as my first show as head booker for MAW. To put the icing on the cake, I had to determine who was going to win one of the most prestigious tournaments in all of wrestling; The Rip Chord Invitational. My finals had been set for a few weeks, but I was on the fence as to who would come out on top. I had finally convinced myself of the right answer when a knock came at the door. American Patriot stood there as I got up from my desk to meet him. I assumed he was looking to go over our match again, but he came with another purpose. I followed him down the hall to the dressing room where tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. Jay Chord had been riding Ernest Forthdyke and giving him a hard time. I pulled Jay aside and gave him a little talk that would equate to a slap on the wrist. I wasn’t sure what had gotten into him, but he was fairly receptive. Things quieted down and it was time for my first show as MAW head booker to commence.



Live from Stanley Hall with a crowd of 144





Davis Wayne Newton vs. Ricky Douglas

This was just a short little match to give the crowd a chance to get settled and begin the night of wrestling. It was a fast paced match that ended when DWN hit the Fisherman’s Suplex and got the three count.

Winner: Davis Wayne Newton

Rating: D (42)


Main Show



Rip Chord opens the main show by standing in the ring with the RCI trophy in hand. He hypes the first round matches and gets a cheap pop by lifting the trophy over his head.

Rating: D (44)



Mean Jean Cattley vs. Kirk Jameson

The first match in the RCI was decent and got the crowd into the action. The majority of the match was controlled by Jean, but Kirk got a few good licks in to get a few believable near falls. In the end though it was Jean Cattley hitting the Mood Swing at about the nine minute mark for the pinfall.

Winner: Mean Jean Cattley

Rating: D (47)



Cameron Vessey vs. Hugh de Aske

The second contest to determine a semi-finalist got under way and was action all the way through. It was a back and forth matchup from start to finish but at around the 7 minute mark Hugh de Aske drilled the former RCI winner with a Cut-Throat Driver and picked up the win.

Winner: Hugh de Aske

Rating: D- (40)



Jay Chord vs. ???

Jay Chord came to the ring and waited mystery opponent number one for the night. The wait was short lived as Greg Gauge pushed through the curtain and came to the ring to a nice ovation from the crowd. The match itself was good; a lot of back and forth action. Chord was at his worst, using dirty tactics to gain advantages here and there. Finally at the nine minute mark Chord hit a low blow out of range of Jay Fair’s eyes and drilled Greg with the Cradle Piledriver to advance.

Winner: Jay Chord

Rating: D+ (52)



Citizen X vs. ???

Citizen X awaited our second mystery guest of the evening and was raring to go when Matthew Keith came through the curtain. For the second time in twenty minutes, the son of a wrestling legend debuted in MAW. The match was good, but the two had some chemistry issues to overcome. Keith made Citizen X work hard to stay in the match, but at the seven minute mark he was able to grab X in the Proton Lock and advance to the next round.

Winner: Matthew Keith

Rating: D (42)



Rich and Famous vs. The Ring Generals vs. Aces of Mayhem vs. The Awesomeness ©

The contest was chaotic at best with some decent in-ring action thrown into the mix. The four teams played the four corner match formula to a T and were able to end up with a better match than what I expected. The first team to be eliminated were The Ring Generals when Dean Waldorf was pinned by Ace Youngblood. Youngblood soon fell victim to a reverse hurrincanrana from Huey Cannonball and was eliminated as well. The last two teams, The Awesomeness and Rich & Famous went at it for a bit longer but just shy of eleven minutes in, Jake Idol fell victim to another reverse hurrincanrana that led The Awesomeness to a successful title defense.

Winners: The Awesomeness

Rating: E+ (34)


Mean Jean Cattley vs. Hugh de Aske

Our first semi-final match got underway with the veteran Cattley really taking it to the pirate. That is how the match played out over the next 7 minutes, with Hugh getting in a few random moves to threaten a comeback. The veteran was too much for the pirate as Cattley pinned Hugh at just over seven minutes after the Mood Swing.

Winner: Mean Jean Cattley

Rating: D+ (50)



Jay Chord vs. Matthew Keith

The MAW newcomer put up a hell of a fight against Jay in this one. He controlled most of the match and got several nearfalls that had Jay on the edge of defeat. The old Chord fighting spirit kicked in at about ten minutes and Chord began his comeback. Finally just after the eleven minute mark Chord drilled Keith with the Cradle Piledriver and advanced into the finals.

Winner: Jay Chord

Rating: C- (54)




Aaron Fujita vs. American Patriot ( c )

This match was nearly as good as the one prior, but fell just a little short. The bout was filled with a lot of action and momentum swings galore. The crowd was into the match from beginning to end with no clear edge being gained by either man. At the thirteen minute mark it seemed as though Patriot had the match won as he planted Fujita with a Backdrop Driver, but Fujita was able to kick out just before the three was counted. The two men battled back and forth as Fujita began to set the champ up for his finisher, a piledriver variation when Jean Cattley came down the aisle. The distraction from Cattley caught Fujita landed his finisher on Patriot, but inadvertently knocked Jay Fair out at the same time, allowing Cattley to enter the ring and plant the challenger with a Mood Swing. Cattley promptly left as Patriot recovered, not sure of what had happened and planted Fujita with an Inverted Piledriver to successfully defend his title.

Winner: American Patriot

Rating: D+ (53)




Jay Chord vs. Mean Jean Cattley

These two men put it all on the line in the match to determine the 2010 RCI champion. The contest was heavily in favor of Jean Cattley, who used his veteran knowledge to stay one step ahead of the young Chord. The match neared the twelve minute mark when Cattley landed the Mood Swing, but Chord was able to kick out. Chord gained a slight advantage as the contest neared fifteen minutes and was able to drill Cattley’s head to the canvas with a Cradle Piledriver to pick up the victory and the RCI Trophy.

Winner: Jay Chord

Rating: D (43)



As Cattley slowly made his way to the back, Rip Chord got into the ring with the trophy in hand and dished out a speech about the wrestling business before presenting the prize to his son; winner of the 2010 Rip Chord Invitational and recipient of a Mid Atlantic Championship match at Where It All Begins Again.

Rating: D (43)

Overall Rating: D (45)




Prediction Standings


1. emark (6)

2. bgbuff (5)

3. ChrisKid (5)

4. DragonMack (5)

5. James Casey (5)

6. MichiganHero (5)

7. Timber (4)

8. TheEffect (3)

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Rip: It was way too much, kid. You spent way too damn much money on that show.


I listened while Rip got his frustration out. I felt it was the least I could do for him after I spent almost $25,000 of his money for the Rip Chord Invitational. It was probably time I said something comforting to the old man before he blew a gasket.


Aaron: Listen Rip, I felt like we needed to change things up a bit and that was accomplished by bringing in some new, pricey talent. I will keep a closer eye on the bank from now on. You have my word.


Rip seemed temporarily content with my assurance and turned his attention to the creative side of things.


Rip: So you think you’ve got things set in motion for our first few storylines?


Aaron: Absolutely. I’ve got a few things planned all the way up to Where It All Begins Again. They may be primitive for my first long term cycle, but I think these two matches alone are going to set the show apart when the time comes.


Rip: I think you may be right kid. Let’s run with it.


I wasn’t sure how to say it to a legend like Rip Chord, but this was what we had to run with. It was all I had come up with. Luckily for me I didn’t have to because at that moment the arrogant frame of Rip’s son sauntered into the office with a smug smirk on his face.


Rip: What do you need, son?


Jay: Just dropped by to see how things were going.


I quickly closed my notebook with the plans for the upcoming run to our biggest show of the year as Jay wandered to a position behind me. He chuckled a bit as he began investigating the office semi-curiously.


Aaron: So how’s the world treating you, RCI champ?


Jay turned his head and smiled in my direction as he took a seat on his father’s desk.


Jay: Pretty damn good. Did you enjoy having to tell Jean that he was putting me over?


I smiled back at him.


Jay: I mean after Dad was done informing you I’d be the winner.


He smugly smiled back at me and then to his dad.


Rip: Actually Jay—


I threw my hand up as Jay peered away. Rip stopped talking in an instant and I replied for myself.


Aaron: Jean took it well. Sure he was a little peeved until I told him Rip asked for it. Then he was okay with it. Your father was right; I think you deserved it.


Jay stood and patted me on the shoulder as he slowly exited just as abruptly as he entered. Rip shut the door behind him and looked in my direction immediately.


Rip: Why did you do that, kid? You should have told him that you chose to put him over? He’d probably forgive you a little bit. Sometimes I think that you enjoy having him as an enemy.


Aaron: I just thought the father/son bond would be that much stronger if I told him it was your idea, Rip.


Rip didn’t chuckle. He didn’t even seem half amused by the comment.


Rip: Let’s just get back to the storylines, kid.


And so we did. Nothing more and nothing less.

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Nice write up. Quick, simple, and, most importantly, easy to read. Be careful with Jay, though. Push him too hard and his already massive ego will threaten to grow to regional before MAW ever does!
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Coming up with the card for Wrestling Classic with my new money limitation was hard. I had so many ideas about what could be done, but couldn’t afford the talent to do it. I sat up all night Saturday and scribbled and scratched notes into my notebook. Finally I settled on a card that I thought would work. I got an e-mail written to Rip for the fliers that needed to be printed and the card was set.


MAW presents Wrestling Classic


Main Event – Non-Title

Jay Chord vs. American Patriot


Mean Jean Cattley vs. Matthew Keith

Four Corner Survival

Casey Valentine vs. Greg Gauge vs. Brett Starr vs. Kirk Jameson


Tag Team Action

Rich & Famous vs. The Aces of Mayhem


Davis Wayne Newton vs. Riley McManus


I also had a little surprise for the MAW fans this show. Hopefully they would receive it well. I closed my lap top and laid down on the couch, ready for a good night’s sleep. My thesis would have to wait for tonight. I was way too tired to do any more writing.


Quick Match List


Jay Chord vs. American Patriot


Jean Cattley vs. Matthew Keith


Casey Valentine vs. Greg Gauge vs. Brett Starr vs. Kirk Jameson


Rich & Famous vs. Aces of Mayhem


Davis Wayne Newton vs. Riley McManus

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I had dodged the bullet for the last two weeks. SWF had expanded their market and were now classified as a Global promotion. They were prowling for talent and I was sure that some of our guys would get a call. Nobody was contacted, leaving my roster intact. For now. It was a quiet night in the locker room as well, which allowed me time to relax prior to the show.



Live from Stanley Hall

Attendance: 136


Announce Team: Marv Earnest Duke Hazzard Rip Chord






Aaron Fujita vs. Hugh de Aske

This was a good opening contest that really got the crowd into the evening’s program. Fujita and the pirate went back and forth for the majority of the match. At around nine and a half minutes Fujita was almost able to plant Hugh with his piledriver, but the pirate wiggled his way free. Hugh was able to drive Fujita’s head into the mat with a Cut-Throat Driver for the victory at ten minutes.

Winner: Hugh de Aske

Rating: D+ (52)



As Aaron Fujita is getting to his feet inside the ring, Mean Jean Cattley runs down the aisle, past the retreating Hugh de Aske. Cattley gets into the ring and begins laying a beating to Fujita, eventually driving him to the mat with a Mood Swing.

Rating: E- (17)




Rich & Famous vs. The Awesomeness ( c )

Not much can be said about this match. The crowd was still very hyped up after the opening contest, but the quality of wrestling here brought them plummeting down. The train wreck ended at the six minute mark when Jefferson Stardust pinned Jake Idol after a Stage Dive.

Winners: The Awesome

Rating: E+ (33)



Davis Wayne Newton vs. Riley McManus

This cool-down match actually had decent action and flow. Newton dominated the majority of the match and picked up the submission victory at the five minute mark with an STF.

Winner: Davis Wayne Newton

Rating: D- (36)



The crowd pops as Rip Chord rises from his position at the announce table and begins entering the ring with a black velvet bag in his hands. He receives a microphone and waits for the crowd to quiet down before speaking.


Rip: Thank you for the warm reception folks. I’m going to make this short so here we go. I think that MAW has some of the best young talent in the country. I also feel that they deserve a prize for their efforts.


Rip reaches into the velvet bag and pulls out a brand new championship belt.


Rip: So the next match, the four corners match, will be to crown the first ever MAW Traditional Champion. Good luck to everyone involved.

Rating: D (42)




Casey Valentine vs. Greg Gauge vs. Brett Starr vs. Kirk Jameson

The crowd showed a bit of life again as they witnessed a decent match by some of MAW’s young talent. Each man had their time to shine in this one, too. Greg Gauge was the first man eliminated, getting pinned by Kirk Jameson at four minutes. At the five minute mark, Jameson hit the Bullseye on Bret Starr. He went for the cover but Casey Valentine played opportunist and eliminated his own ally. Kirk and Casey went at it for another two minutes before Valentine was able to defeat Jameson in just under eight minutes.

Winner: Casey Valentine (New Champion)

Rating: D (42)



Matthew Keith vs. Mean Jean Cattley

The crowd was finally back with us completely here as these two men put on a good match. Keith got a lot of offense in. The match became very back and forth in the closing minutes with each man getting a few nearfalls. In the end it was Jean Cattley planting Keith with a Mood Swing for the pinfall at fourteen minutes.

Winner: Mean Jean Cattley

Rating: C- (57)]/b]



Jay Chord appears in front of an MAW backdrop and cuts a promo on American Patriot. He claims that tonight is just a preview of what is going to happen at Where It All Begins Again. Jay plays the arrogant card throughout, claiming that he is going to roll right through Patriot tonight.

Rating: D (42)



Jay Chord vs. American Patriot

This match was a very nice way to end the night. It was a very back and forth match with a lot of nearfalls. In what would be the closing minutes Jay Chord was backed into a corner and desperate as his three partners in The Succession, Casey Valentine, Bret Starr and Cameron Vessey all came to the ring and began attacking American Patriot. Referee Jay Fair had no choice but to throw the match out at seventeen matches once he lost control.

Winner: Draw

Rating: C- (56)


Overall Rating: D+ (50) The only complaint seemed to be that the segments weren’t up to par when compared to the quality of wrestling.




Prediction Standings (After 2 events)


1. emark (9)

2. bgbuff (7)

3. MichiganHero (7)

4. TheEffect (6)

5. Timber (6)

6. ChrisKid (5)

7. DragonMack (5)

8. James Casey (5)

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Rip and I sat across from each other going over our notes after Wrestling Classic. It had turned out to be a decent show, but I still felt that our under card was lacking. After the train wreck of a tag title match that occurred, it was something we needed to improve on. I had our financial statement for the month of February ready to go and handed a copy over to Rip.


Rip: This can’t be right. How do we go from losing so much money last month to making money this month, kid?


I hadn’t consulted with Rip the week prior to the show and made some cost cutting decisions on my own. I knew that I couldn’t save money on talent with the economy in so much of a boom period. I had looked at a number of financial information websites that all graded the state of the US economy in the mid-90s on a scale of 100. I needed the guys I brought in to fulfill some of the visions I had and they were costing us more money. I also had to consider that some of our existing talent was going to expect pay increases when their negotiations came up.


Aaron: I decided to put a stop to drug testing for now.


Rip set the statement down and sighed as he peered across the desk at me. I could tell he wasn’t happy, as I had anticipated. I sighed back and waited for his comments.


Rip: You did what? Kid, you need to consult with me on these things.


I had already mentally prepared a rebuttal knowing that Rip wouldn’t be happy. Here goes nothing.


Aaron: I apologize, Rip. What you told me last month stuck in my head. We can’t lose that much money. Talent is getting expensive with the economy as strong as it is so we needed to cut costs in other areas. I checked up on the entire roster’s backgrounds. There is no prior knowledge of anybody using drugs at all. Until we get on our feet and make some money the drug testing costs is something we can get rid of. You saw what it did to us last month. We lost twenty-five thousand dollars of your hard earned money.


He remained in his state of thought after I had finished. Finally he broke the silence with another sigh and picked the financial statement back up.


Rip: Alright kid. I’ll trust your judgment on this but if somebody gets picked up for drug use, you will be addressing it publically.


I nodded in agreement and allowed a small smirk to come across my face.


Rip: I guess that’s about it for tonight, kid. E-mail me when you’ve got the card for Super Showdown squared away. Try and get it to me a few days earlier than the last two months if you could. I was three days late getting the fliers ordered because I forgot how to check my e-mail.


I laughed aloud at the old man’s technological incompetence. He smiled back as I stood up and pointed to the computer on his desk.


Aaron: Check it now, I sent the card before I came in.





MAW presents Super Showdown


Main Event – Mid Atlantic Championship

Hugh de Aske vs. American Patriot ©


Jay Chord vs. Matthew Keith


Three Way Dance

Aaron Fujita vs. Citizen X vs. Kashmir Singh


Mean Jean Cattley vs. Davis Wayne Newton


Mid Atlantic Traditional Championship

Ricky Douglas vs. Casey Valentine ©


Mid Atlantic Tag Team Championships

The Aces of Mayhem vs. The Awesomeness ©



Quick Match List

Hugh de Aske vs. American Patriot ©

Jay Chord vs. Matthew Keith

Aaron Fujita vs. Citizen X vs. Kashmir Singh

Mean Jean Cattley vs. Davis Wayne Newton

Ricky Douglas vs. Casey Valentine ©

The Aces of Mayhem vs. The Awesomeness©

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