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An idea for a mod.

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Hey all, I haven't been too active around here as most of my time spent on TEW has been dedicated to learning how to play it, haha.


A little about me and my experiences with this game:

More than anything, I like playing watcher games. I like trying out the great mods released by this community and simming them to see how certain situations unfold. Sometimes, I'll jump in and make a local promotion and see how far I can go with it.

Right now, I'm doing a bit of an experiment. I combined a 1987 mod with a 2002 mod, to have a more expanded selection of workers and promotions. I changed the date back to about 1935 or so, and simmed forward. It didn't work too well. I kept tweaking the date, and ended up starting around 1970 or 1975 or so. Currently I'm in 1996, and it's been giving me interesting results. It's not perfect, as I had duplicate Triple H's and duplicate Pitbull #2's. (Weird thing though, both of the latter died in 1998.)


It got me to thinking....why not do an alternate history mod? I'm talking about making a mod that dates back far enough to include Hackenschmidt & Gotch, and filled in with generated workers. I don't know the best year to start it in; what year would have enough information available to make an accurate full roster.


Going back this far may be a bit extreme, but what I'd love to do is work on something that featured all wrestlers with the stats they should have when they debut. The problem in my game is that Triple H is instantly an international star. But no one has made a mod that goes back far enough to allow for organic progress for the stars of today.


Would anyone be interested in discussing something like this? I've never made a mod before, but I'd like to work on one. I feel I know a lot about wrestling, and anything I don't know, I can find out.


Currently in my game Tully Blanchard is a 20 time tag team champion....so I have to wonder, who else would be a bigger star than they were in reality?


I think there's a lot of things to consider, though. There would need to be some 'throttling' of the bigger promotions or something. My game is going to have a *LOT* of Hall of Immortals members, so that's the only problem. But had they debuted with rookie stats and high potential, it'd be a different story. I think the abundance of established stars made the promotions overpowered.

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I thought about doing something like this a while back after playing the Effverse. I think it's a great idea. Although, it would take a huge amount of work. I think you've got a good starting point with the Mods that are out there although sorting the stats out would be a huge undertaking.


I'm working on an original mod of my own at the moment. I don't know if I'll ever finish so I know how much work these things can be. Good luck if you ever start work on this, I'd be interested in giving it a go.

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The email system on this site is garbage, I didn't even know anyone posted to this thread, and I'm subscribed to it..lol


Anyway, yeah--the Effverse is a bit of an inspiration too. I love watcher games. I'm sure you could start it in 1900 with Hackenshmidt/Gotch, Ed Lewis, etc.. and the rest would fill in organically. You wouldn't have to worry about it screwing up the Hall of Immortals because all of the generated guys would be dead or retired before PPV is even invented, lol, so I don't think anything would go past regional, based on how the game works...


The stats might be a pain in the ass though, and I've never even done a mod before so it's iffy if I could do this. You'd basically have to estimate what everyone's stats would be the day they joined the wrestling business, and ensure those stats could allow them to become about the same star they really did become, not underpowered nor underpowered. I wouldn't have a clue how to do this myself, but if I could snap my fingers and have the mod in front of me right now, I'd be playing it for weeks.

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