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UFC: Expansion [TKO!™]

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Dana White: "Listen, we're gonna change things up around here, MMA as a sport and UFC as a company have grown massively over the last 10 years. When me and the Fertitta brothers bought this company over 10 years ago people said we couldn't make it, we couldn't get a TV deal and such, well look where we are today. We're gonna take things to the next level."









HECTOR LOMBARD http://mmarecap.com/images/image/fighters/Hector%20Lombard.jpg


PAULO FILHO http://www.mmabay.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/filho21.jpg


TIM SYLVIA http://www.mmabay.co.uk/img/tim%20sylvia.jpg


More to follow..........

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UFC 121 Press Conference


Reporter: "Brock, people keep talking about how Cain has an advantage cardio wise going into this fight, how do you feel about this?"


Brock: "Y'know I've heard this alot from people, I think people forget I'm a division 1 national wrestling champion, you need to be in shape all the time. I don't see it as a danger to me."


Reporter: "Cain, what dangers do you believe Brock brings to the table and how do you feel you can counter them?"


Cain: "Brocks a big powerful guy, Yes he has a significant size advantage but size doesnt always win fights I feel comfortable in all position going into the fight."


Reporter: "This questions for Jake Shields. Jake, many hardcore MMA fans will have heard of you but for the casual MMA fan do you feel you need to prove a point?"


Jake Shields: "Yeah ofcourse, I've been on a good streak recently and beat Dan Henderson but I do feel I can beat Martin and prove I can do well in the UFC"


Reporter: "This ones for Martin Kampmanm. Martin people think that you might not be on the same level as Jake, do you feel you have what it takes to beat Jake? And also Dana hinted the winner of this bout will get a shot at GSP for the title how both of you feel about that?"


Martin Kampmann: "Yeah, I definetely feel I can beat Jake, I believe I have the skill set and danger do defeat Jake. I feel I'm ready for another shot at the title, but ofcourse it's up to Joe Silva and Dana."


Jake Shields: "Yeah, I definetely believe I'm ready for a title shot, I've been building up to this for years, I feel at my peak."


Reporter: "Dana, do you feel that if Brock loses it will damage the company and merchandise due to Brock being the "face" of the UFC and selling PPV's?"


Dana: "No, not at all we don't think like that at all, we're about fights and entertainment, not all about money"


Reporter: "One more question Dana, after this matchup and the new buzz aroun the Hispanic fans will be see the UFC come to Mexico?"


Dana White: "Listen, the thing is I get asked this all the time wherever I go. There's so many places out there we get asked to go. India has 300 million males between 18 and 35 that's as much as the whole US population. My partners going out there next to see about a TV deal."


Reporter: "One more question for Brock. Brock, since the fight with Carwin how has your striking improved?


Brock: "I feel I'm improving after every training camp. We've got Pat Barry with us training which has been a good experience y'know, we've both learned things of eachother."


DANA: "Ok guys, I'm gonna clear this stage out and you guys can get the pics"







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