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What dictates weight class?

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What dictates the weight class a fighter is listed in the rankings?


I thought it was by his preferred weight class but Sakurai was listed as a welterweight two months ago and prefers welterweight but now is listed as a middleweight. I then thought mybe it was by last weight class fought at. However, Randleman is still in the heavyweight rankings despite fighting at LHW in his last fight. Miletich has only fought at welterweight but is listed in the middleweight rankings.


It appears to be by the weight class that is shown on their profile, but what dictates that? Randleman and Miletich prefer HW and MW and are listed there on their profile but have been fighting in and are listed in LHW and WW in my promotion. Sakurai is listed at MW on profile but prefers WW. It says he has been fighting at MW though (neither Randleman nor Miletich say where they have been fighting). Also, Heath Herrins was fighting in PRIDE at HW and is now in UFC's heavyweight division but is listed in the super heavyweight rankings...


I'm sure there is a method but I cant figure it out. Also, is there a way to change or manipulate it? Obviously I'd rather see Randleman in the LHW rankings and Miletich in the WW ones.

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