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Question about a new NOTBPW Game

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I want to start a new NOTBPW game but I am afraid that I will run into the same problems with Money that I always do. The first thing I want to do is to get off of CBN and onto another network but I am wondering which network I should go with. Any help would be great thanks!
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I've never had money issues with NOTBPW.


First, increase all ticket prices by $4. Second, Do house shows four days a week throughout Canada. Depending on which day you have your PPV, take that day and your TV day off. Pick another day before TV to take off as well, that way guys have a day off before TV.


In terms of talent, hire cheap for the PPAs and make sure to get guys that will have strong relationships with other guys you want. You can get Rhino Umaga, Samoan Machine, the Keiths, Davis Wayne Newton, Nelson Callum, Crippler Ray Kingman (to replace Prince as a road agent) for not much. Do not go overboard on PPAs though. You don't need to grab Steve Flash or others right off the bat as they will jack up your talent budget if used often.


Make sure you use your written workers as much as possible on shows. Sign talent trade deal with TCW and non-aggression with SWF. This will keep them off your talent for a while. Use your MEs to get other guys exposure. Feel free to run McFly vs Strong matches where McFly goes over, but Strong gets ring time with him. You don't need to run PPV quality matches every show to score well. I ran this show:


McFly d Watson - 80

Blondes d Irish - 71

Angel d Dragon - 68

Brown/Haynes d Hash/King - 60

DeColt d Westybrook - 78

DSj d Hayes - 81

Jeremy drew with Bloodstone - 96


That show got a 91. Hayes is kind of gatekeeper for ME status so him losing to DSJ isn't big. Heat people up for PPVs. If DeColt vs McFly is your next PPV ME, then neither should lose the weeks leading up to it. Get that heat for the feud/storyline to 100.


Advance book for PPVs will help $$$ as well. Get a PPV deal in USA before first PPV. This will help long term as your talent will be seen in the US as well.


Hope that helps. Your goal is to reach 7 million and backstage near 100%. Then you can start signing written deals.

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I'll also add that NOTBPW is a good fed to use unchained storylines. You can put 6 of your MEs in one and each match they have against each other will boost it's heat.


I wouldn't run title matches more than once or twice a month. Make them special and make them be earned by someone on a winning streak or who won a #1 contenders match. Your champ can have non-title matches against lower card guys to keep his heat up and give the other guys exposure.


Something I like to do is try to book my PPVs out on paper 6 months or so in advance. At least the ME matches. That way you know where you are going and can come up with some ideas on how to get there. If you next PPV ME is McFly vs Maverick, you'd want to make sure both guys are on nice winning streaks leading up to the PPV match. Go ahead and advance book the match and watch the heat increase as both guys win.


If you lose your TV show, it's ok. Keep running house shows and run an event about halfway through the month (or more often if you want). These can be your touring shows and help offset losing your TV in terms of $$$.

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