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That 70s Mod 1.1 Hype Thread: Cverse 1977

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That 70's Mod


OK, let's first post the initial data that you can still get on bobinc.net


Release Date:5/13/10.....http://www.bobinc.net/TEW10Downloads.html


The corresponding thread on these boards: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=76371


Now, the new release will be mostly about fixing any errors in the first release along with updating graphics that were contributed after the fact. Along with this, I have added New Workers in Canada, Europe, and the UK in order to better transition those areas of the game world into the 80s and beyond.


For those who haven't played this data:


This is the default CornellVerse set in 1977:


--The US is still in the last stages of the territorial days. SWF has not asserted its full power and there are still several really entertaining companies around the country that are fighting the war against Eisen & Co.


--Europe, UK, and Japan are going through the re-birth that the CV website talks about and many of the legends that we see in the current data are just making their debut


--The landscape of Canada is vastly different than what we see now, as the CWF dominates the country, potentially threatening to spread to the US


--It is the golden age of wrestling in Mexico. Literally, you will never see more talent in the region than at this time, and both of the major companies in the area - OLLIE and MPWF - are stacked with future members of the HOI.


Over-all, the mod has been around since TEW07 and we have been very blessed to have worked with a variety of talented artists (sebsplex, SadisticBlessings, jtlant, Self, Trell, jhd1, London..and so many more) and to have attracted a pretty dedicated following. Adam has also liked the mod well enough that several of t he character that were created for the data have become part of CVerse canon.


So if you haven't tried it yet..what are you waiting for???


That being said - here's what we'll be looking for as we post the data and moving beyond that.


1. If you play or have played the data and found some errors...POST THEM! We are not looking to do a 1.2 so speak up!!! :)


2. I've had a few people ask if we "needed" any characters rendered. Just to expedite things, I'll be posting a list of characters that have No Render (or none we can find) and workers who probably deserve a re-render (no insult to anyone: when this mod was first started, we picked random renders off the net stuck on the CV background, so there are some pretty high profile character with some pretty lousy renders)


Anyone who sees the posted lists and contributes will be credited and we will be eternally grateful


3. The same goes for event logos, title belts, etc. Our aim is not to complete the graphics (it'd be nice.. :p ) so I'm not going to do a complete list, but if anyone 'feels moved' to contribute, I'm all for it. At the very least, if you just like practicing your renders, we'll take 'em.


Finally...I leave you with the greatest thing I've ever seen this mod do, something MTJTM posted a while back, which really captures what we were trying to do with this mod. Four years after the data starts, the AI manages to book the "Greatest Match in CV History" according to canon on the same day, the same event, with the same result.


We must be doing something right. ;)




Again..thank you to everyone who has ever played, enjoyed, critiqued, or contributed to this mod. Without you all, this would feel totally pointless. And Mr T Jobs To Me have been doing this for years. It would suck if we didn't get the feedback from you guys.

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Most of these are staff members (exciting!) but there are some interesting characters (Gargoyle, El Maestro, Louise Mayberry for instance) and some well known characters that need 77 versions.


So...go nuts...expect N-Z later today or tomorrow. There's @ 200 in total


Abeni Iwoye: female Nigerian technician working in Japan


Adam Parks – ‘Scrap Metal’ Adam Parks – bad ass gimmick – English brawler


Akihiko Sato – rookie Japanese worker in 1977, a decent athlete with good charisma


Alberto Urzua – talented young Mexican announcer


Andrew Barber – “Angry” Andrew – 30 year old brawler from the US


Asuzu Inoki –charismatic female Japanese announcer/backstage worker


Ayano Utsumi – formerly famous Japanese women’s wrestler now working as RA


Barry Trueblood – CWFs head referee – 40 year old white male


Benny Guardado – inexperienced Mexican referee


Bernard Watson – talented Canadian technician with a lousy personality – late 30s


Bernardo Cruz – fat Mexican announcer


Bill Sarver – rookie referee in the US


Bill the Bandit –scumbag mullet-wearing announcer with bad drug/alcohol habits


Bloody Takai – young talented Japanese hardcore brawler (I sweat there’s a pic somewhere)


Bobby Trebek – charismatic Canadian wrestler who could transition to manager


Botan Oonishi – Japaneze rookie with decent charisma and not much elseDONE BY HALOED. PAGE 2 OF THIS THREAD


Cap Comiskey – tough Irish brawler with no formal training


Captain USA – rookie versionDONE BY JTLANT. PAGE 2 OF THIS THREAD


Carl Strickland – young American referee


Chopper Nishida – female Japanese brawler – one half of Axe Battlers with Slicer Kamuta


Cris Warrick – black American male – ‘the West Side Warrior’ –street thugDONE BY HALOED. PAGE 2 OF THIS THREAD

Cristobal Sanchez – Mexican enhancement talent, twin brother of Jerry Sanchez


Drake Moxley – young announcer from the UK


EJ Lozano – young junior heavyweight from Canada with good mix of skills


El Coche – Mexican manager, plays the role of a boxing trainer – in his late 30s


El Maestro – famous Mexican manager – plays the part of an evil ‘brain’ type – male in late 40sDONE BY JTLANT. PAGE 2 OF THIS THREAD


Ellis Jenkins – retired wrestler, RA


Fabulous Frank – rookie version


Fiendish Fred – tiny underdog type out of the UK


FIGHT Takada- Japanese male in his 30s – tough as nails brawler


Finn Jansen – young German referee


Francois Descartes – snobby French announcer/manager who plays a stuck up French patriot


Fumisato Kinjou – 40 year old male Japanese color commentator


Gargoyle – short physically brutal Japanese brawler


Giant Yutaka – sumo wrestler converted to pro wrestlingDONE BY JTLANT. PAGE 2 OF THIS THREAD


Greg Timmons – sloppy American brawler twacked out on LSD


Gus Stripeshirt – 400 lb American referee


Gustavo Sanchez – generic Mexican announcer


Gyou Uchiyama – recently retired Japanese supior junior who is a talented announcer/RA


Hamano Michiyo – female Japanese technician, tough and noted for stiffness DONE BY MJSTARK PAGE 5 OF THREAD


Hank Jacobs – American ref in his 30s


Harold Henderson – 60 year old RA


Hideo Hara- talented Japanese announcer


Holly Fraklin – female Canadian brawler


Ikkei Saibara – mid 30s Japanese color man


Inoue Watanabe – talented female Japanese technician DONE BY MJSTARK PAGE 5


Ira Hixenbaugh low level(he works for Chicken wings) American referee in his 30s


Iron Michael Milligan – 40 year old American male. Former championship boxer. was CWB’s first ever champion


Irving Anderson – Ice Man Anderson – huge star in the 60s – 40 year old American male


Jay Jay Wilson – decent American born manager


Jerry Sanchez - enhancement talent, twin brother of Cristobal Sanchez


Jesse Walker – talented young American announcerDONE BY HALOED. PAGE 2 OF THIS THREAD


Jim Knobb- 40 year old American RA


Joe Dorado –Mexcian referee


Joey Moore – talented young Canadian referee


Jorge Montez – rookie Mexican announcer


Katsuyo Nagashima – decent Japanese male enhancement talent


Kazutoshi Hakugi – mediocre Japanese color commentatot


Keizou Terada – Japanese colour man working for BHOTWG


Kelvin Avery –“ Killer K” rookie Canadian technician , one of the toughest men in wrestling


Kensao Tokunaga – 70 year old Japanese RA


Kento Kamida – young stocky Japanese brawler


Kichi Kikuchi – good looking female Japanese technician DONE BY MJSTARK PAGE 5


Kristabel Bauman- nicknamed “Legs that kill” great looking American female wrestler/valet in her early 20s DONE BY LONDON PAGE 7


Kuni Ginoru – young female Japenese high-flyer


Kurt Longfellow – rookie Canadian jr heavyweight


Kyoto Kajiwara – Japanese technician in mid 30s – judo trained DONE BY AJA_NYC PAGE 2 OF THIS THREAD


Lena Bauer – good looking German female valet who plays a heel


Leo King – talented all-rounder from the UK


Louise Mayberry – The Farmer’s daughter – pretty American manager/valet


Luis Alarcon – talented Mexican announcer


Lyall Sinclair – young Scottish referee


Mack Gregor – rookie ref from the UK


Marilyn Stardust – 77 rookie version


Mark Minter – “smoky”Mark – rookie Canadian ref who likes cigars


Marvin Ainscough – 40 something business man who founded UKWA


Motoichi Arakida – rookie version


Mortimer James – UK announcer


Miss Bliss – pretty and talented American female valet who can work as a heel and face DONE BY LONDON PAGE 7


Miki Narita – rookie female Japanese worker


Miguel Soto – talented Mexican announcer


Masami Yuse – ‘The Beach Bunny’ talented and beautiful female Japanese worker who wears a lifeguard uniform to the ring RENDER DONE MY MJSTARK PAGE 4 OF THIS THREAD


Mateo Hidalgo – mediocre Mexican announcer


Maximus Zuniga – decent Mexican ref


Mayhem Midden – 77 rookie version DONE BY AJA_NYC PAGE 3 OF THIS THREAD


Mel Mundy – ‘The Mouth’ obnoxious Canadian weasel manager


Michael Kronenberg – talented former German wrestler who now works as WBW’s head booker


Michihigo Kouda – Japanese announcer


Mick Carver - “Slick” Mick charismatic Canadian rookie


Midori Saito – talented female Japanese high-flyer RENDER DONE BY MJSTARK PAGE 4 OF THIS THREAD

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Most of these are again staff members (still exciting!) but there are again some interesting characters ...over-all I'd say the biggest lack is in female Japanese workers.


Thanks again to anyone who chips in...


Nacho Vidal – Mexican referee


Nagami Nishino – good looking Japanese female rookie highflyer


Naruki & Tatsuki Miyata – decent Japanese tag-team of all-rounders


Naruto Ideguchi – tough young Japanese Heavyweight


Nikas Divac – young Lithuanian ref


Norm Smith – ‘the stormin Mormon’ rookie technician


Nyoko To****ala – talented young female Japanese technician


Onishi Takuma – mediocre Japanese technician


Paolo Salvatore – agile but sloppy Italian cruiserweight


Pat Emersly – terrible announcer/ color man


Pete Ellis – Canadian rookie with high psychology


Pete Jones- low level American announcer


Peter Smyther –‘the voice of London’ talented announcer from the UK


Pops Santoro – 60 year ol Hispanic announcer working in the SW American region


Prince Jafar- talented cruiser from Iran


Ramon Santana- Mexican ref


Ricardo – Colombian born announcer/road agent/manager


Rico Santino – good looking, charismatic, brawler from Mexico


Riku Ketola-Finnish announcer


Ripper Takano – outstanding Japanese female submission specialist DONE BY MJSTARK PAGE 5


River Takagi – super talented Japanese female all-rounder RENDER DONE BY MJSTARK PAGE 4 OF THIS THREAD.


Rob Dingle – longtime jobber turned RA


Roberto Menendez – Mexican boxer turned RA


Rodney Kronopolis – ‘the can collector’ Canadian brawler who does the homeless man gimmick


Ryouma Suga – competent Japanese announcer


Sabine Molyneux – female French referee


Sakurako Kagawa – talented younger female Japanese worker DONE BY MJSTARK PAGE 5


Shane Mann – ‘the ladies man’ American with great look,good charisma


Shaud The Bod – talentless American musclehead


Shay Jacoby – former UK boxer turned wrestler


Shige Shugiyama- solid mat based Japanese technician


Shimedzu Unaki – ‘The Maestro’ talented Japanese worker with good charisma


Shun Watari – 50 year old Japanese RA


Shunsuke Aihara – Japanese announcer


Slicer Kamuta – rookie female Japanese all-rounder


Spike Wallace – generic American super heavyweight DONE BY HALOED. PAGE 2 OF THIS THREAD


Steve Levinson- generic American ref


Sven & Jorg – The Rashers – a UK based team of bar-room brawlers – Sven carries a crowbar


Taichi Kumatani – powerful Japanese super heavyweight who failed after being labeled a top prospect


Takanori Fujii-male Japanese announcer


Takeichi Satoh – charismatic Japanese announcer


Takemi Kondou – veteran Japanese journeyman


Tatsui Yamasaki – 50 year old Japanese RA


Tenkou Susui – talented Japanese RA/booker and possible owner


Tetsuya Najahara – talented and successful veteran male Japanese cruiser


The Blackpool Bandit – UK brawler who does a comedy crook gimmick


The Frozen Biker – Canadian based brawler who playd a biker character DONE BY HALOED. PAGE 2 OF THIS THREAD


The Tijuana Hustler – Mexican con-man turned manager and booker


The Valedictorian – heavy set Canadian manager who plays the evil genius role


Theo Epscott – very short American ref


Theodore Ward – aging veteran Canadian technician. Ready to retire


Thunder Grunder – enormous UK based brawler


Tommy London – well known Canadian announcer


Tsurushi Kamon – talented veteran Japanese brawler, TC3 total victory holder


Tsuyuha Takeda – very talented Japanese female puro starDONE BY JTLANT. PAGE 2 OF THIS THREAD


Tuck Wobel- Canadian referee


Udo Maslowski – ‘the Slovenian Savage’ short Euro brawler DONE BY JTLANT. PAGE 2 OF THIS THREAD


Victor Puente – young talented Mexican play-by-play


Vigo Vandal- English jobber


Walt Cobb – Canadian announcer


Wayne Anderson – talented American announcer


Wayne DeSota – rookieAmerican brawlerDONE BY HALOED. PAGE 2 OF THIS THREAD


Will Briggs – talented UK ref


Will Hennigan – decent London based brawler/all-rounder


Yatil Hunsacker – extremely loud Canadian announcer


Yugoro Adachi rookie Japanes referee


Yuiri Yoshioka – young female Japanese referee


Yumena Kanegi – female Japanese rookie technician


Yuzuka Oyama – veteran female Japanese technician


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**These are renders we found on-line and placed on the CV background, so they've always looked pretty rough. **


Anne Baker – m


Anne Stardust – m




Barney Larusso


Ben Michaelson


Bob Biggs


Bret Hanover


Buford T Laramie


Burak sansai


Cap n Crush


Coyote 1 and 2


Cristo Urzua


Dancin Rick


Drrin Dreamweaver


Debbie Dallas – m


Dr Funkenstein


Dragon Fighter


Drake Oberlin


Eddie Powell


Ena Tezuka


Eric Graves


Eric Thomas


Faustino Flash




Flip Willis


Franco Lambert


Gavin Stardale


Henrik Berg


Irwin Stevens


Izzy Spanos


Jacoby Jones


Jake Sloan


Kaiser Grund


Karate Champion


Ken Wakata


Kenny Brennan


Kevin Rogan


Kyoichi Tsukata


Lukas Hermann


Manchester Maddox


Marv Brody


Mike Mitchell


Misty Winters


New Blood




Peggy Sue


Ralf Puce


Riku Ketola


Rudolph Gray


Sasha Pavlovic




Seth Storm


Shavonda Crane


Spike Wallace


Stuart Storm


Tex Montanta


The Crusher


The London Kid


The Rev


Timber Wolf




Trace Jarvis


Trent Peak


Tron the Pusher


Viktor Yakimov


Vincent Chldress


Wayne Mooney


Wolfgang Lorenz




**These are all existing pics, so you can see them if you have the data. If you have any questions about the characters or want to try someone not on the list, PM me. **

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Looking forward to seeing all the new updates etc. When I see a list of renders that need doing I may get that creative bug, you never know. :)


Well the first list is mostly staff, but there are some well known current workers that need 70s versions. Love your renders...so I'm sure I'll like whatever you can contribute.


Well... guess I'll just have to import those new workers into my APWF game and hope for the best!!!


Because I'll be hardpressed to put that one down.


Yeah..for you long time workers i know updates are tough...but eventually I think a lot of these New Workers will make fun and useful additions, especially for any version of an 80s CV.

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Two dojo graduations I know out of my head were not ackowledged in the appropriate section :


Xenos Papadopoulos from the Dog Pound (Sept 77)

Ben Michaelson from the MWA (Dec 77)


There might be a couple of others, but as I said, that's the two I remember adding manually.


WBW and APWF rosters might need a little tweaking as they constantly fire a couple of guys in the first few days. Much like Handsome Tommy always gets canned from CPW on the first day.

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Great thread start, PeterHilton! I'd like to echo the gratitude to everyone who's helped us along the way, and give a special thanks to Peter for helping from start to finish... I doubt this thing would have gotten far as a solo project.


Well, the data is back in my hands and it's time to head for the finish line. I'll try to post a list of the unclaimed titles for MJStark tonight, if anyone else with graphicin' skills wants to do something just mention it here!

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Great thread start, PeterHilton! I'd like to echo the gratitude to everyone who's helped us along the way, and give a special thanks to Peter for helping from start to finish... I doubt this thing would have gotten far as a solo project.


Well, the data is back in my hands and it's time to head for the finish line. I'll try to post a list of the unclaimed titles for MJStark tonight, if anyone else with graphicin' skills wants to do something just mention it here!


S'all good, Peter's already PMed me the list bud ;)

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OK..I've updated the lists of character with no-render or who could use re-renders.


This is starting to look greedy so i want to be clear that I've had people ask me if we need renders and if we had a list...so this was the fastest way to clear up those questions. If no one does a single render,we're still totally cool because we've gotten some amazing support from tons of people through the years. :D


Please keep posting corrections...we'll still keep updating data.


Last thing..still looking for logos for these promotions


PAW - Pure American Wrestling - pure based wrestling in the Carolinas

TTW -Toronto Total Wrestling - traditional company in Canada

UKWA:Redux -relaunch of the first organized wrestling promotion in the UK

UKPW- UK Pro Wrestling - UK based pro wrestling company

WSPW - Wild Side Pro Wrestling - Cali based trash wrestling fed - lots of sex and hardcore

3XW - XXX Wrestling - garbage fed with tons of blood and sex

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Long List :D


These two are old. Must've got lost in the shuffle the first time around.


Udo Maslowski & Tsuyuha Takeda



These three are new ones. Not totally happy with Cap USA, but like the other two...


Giant Yutaka, Captain USA & El Maestro



I'll see if I can knock a few more out later tonight. :D

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I actually made a (pretty bad) logo for TTW, since they popped up in my game (also had to edit their profile, as Andrew Barber ended up owner.)


Lemme just attach it, I'm not in the mood to go to photobucket.


Like I said, it's nothing amazing and I just slapped it together so I didn't have to look at the ? symbol anymore, but hey... it'll do until one of the real logo makers can get around to it.


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Thanks to aja_nyc we have some renders to add:



Masked Mauler 77 version



and updated Axis



And these renders which I'm going to assign to Kyoto Kajiwara

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Another batch of graduations mentionned in bios, but not included in the database :


Canadian Carnage - Warrior Death Camp - Nov 80

Daren Miller - MOSC Camp - July 80

Felix Moya - North Star Academy - Sept 77

Kayin Puro - Warrior Death Camp - Nov 81

Kerry Brennan - MOSC Camp - Nov 77

Matt Mountain - MOSC Camp - Jul 80

Max Power - MOSC Camp - Jul 80

Mike Mountain - MOSC Camp - Jul 80

Natsuhisa Tamura - Warrior Death Camp - Nov 80

Ralf Puce - MOSC Camp - Feb 82

Ryuichi the Red - Warrior Death Camp - Nov 80

Victor Vandersteen - MOSC Camp - Jul 80

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