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:::End of a Millennium 2.0 Hype:::

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:::End of a Millennium 2.0 Hype:::




Changes since last release


- Added starting storylines for major companys eg. WWF, WCW, ECW.

- Added and edited TV Slots for many companys.

- Added and edited many alter egos from bio, gimmicks, movelists. Every possible gimmick used until that month of September 1999.

- Events have been edited and pictures added.

- Movesets have been added to every single active wrestler, semi-active wrestler, retired wrestler and most on screen personalies.

- Promotions Bios have been edited and power structers altered.

- Major worked added on Title Linage on everysingle title in the game from vacant reigns and title change in history.

- Worker relationships added.

- Titles added for everysingle company retired titles with full history and active titles with full history.

- Worker have been extensive and a longhule of work on with everythink changed on all 1,097 workers from real names, DOB, debuts, Bios, Movelists, Gimmicks,

Contracts, Loyalty, Expire dates. Basicaly everybody has there real name and in ring name under gimmick e.g Steve Borden - Sting , Dwayne Johnson - The Rock.

- Starting injuries on many workers who are either injured, taking breaks or out with long term injuries like Shawn Michaels.

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