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Owner but not booker

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Is there a way to own a promotion, but not be forced to book every match on every card?


I want to own a promotion and only book important storylines and matches every now and then. Is there a way to achieve this, whilst still holding onto ownership of a promotion within the game?



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The basic bonus of being the owner, is that you don't have any owner expectations. You have to book no matter what, except for house shows.


As an alternative, try it as just a booker and check out the owner goals, once you go a day or two. I think you might like that, although it doesn't help with booking, it does immerse you into the game a little faster (at least to me it does).

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I know the auto-booker debate has raged for a long time around this game.


However, what I propose isn't strictly an auto-booker. I'd like to book what I WANT to book. Am I interested in booking yet another opening match between jobbers on an episode of WCW Saturday Night? No. Do I want to spend an age working through hundreds of storyline combinations looking for the angle I want before I can finish a show? No. Booking a minor show can take FAR too long, and I'm really not interested in tacking this long to book shows.


Whilst I undestand Adam has stated many times that there will never be an auto-booker feature, I was just wondering if there was a way that someone had found to just book important events matches.


It's not a huge criticism of the game, or anything of that sort. I think it's an awesome, immersive experience, and the best of its kind. However, know that people like to play games in different ways and for different reasons. Do I want to play a booking game? Yes. Do I want to spend an hour booking a TV show? No!


I want to book big angles and important matches. It would be great to be able to hire a booker in-game; a guy who will come in and handle the minor booking issues. You could set your major matches angles in "Advance Booking" and your booker would build your cards from there. Anytime you wanted to step in and "micro-manage," that option would be available to you. There are plenty of sim/management games out there that allow a player to do something like this.


Why do I feel like this would be beneficial to a game such as this? Primarily, it would allow for the game-time to move along A LOT faster. This is important to me - I'm a big picture guy. I like to see the years roll on by in game-time and notice the changes in my game over the course of years, rather than days. A feature like this would keep me interested in the game longer, because I wouldn't be playing for hours, only to find out I've only moved on a month in-game. I can only speak for myself, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who sees this as one of the few drawbacks to the game.


I'd just like to be able to maco-manage and focus on the big things, not be forced to micro-manage everything!


Don't mean to sound like I'm being overly negative here, just thought I needed to elaborate on the point a little more. :)

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