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WWF-2002 Taking A Page Out Of The History Books

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In this dynasty to get things rolling i will be using the results from the shows back in 2002 to help me figure out some storylines ,once i have got some ideas i will start to edge away from the real results


WWF 2002 (I'm using Genadi's 2002 Mod)

I have canceled my Velocity show slots and most of my heat schedules just sky sports won't be reasonable

Also this will be done on my free days so it may be weeks or days between updates just depends on how much homework i get

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Live From Albany,New York

April 1,2002


Ric Flair comes down to the ring getting a great ovation from the fans he smiles and has a microphone in his hand as he is ready to speak


Flair: Woooooooo,Woooooooo, Welcome To Monday Night RAW.

Wooooooo, Tonight I will present the new Undisputed Title Belt to Triple H (the crowd roars at the prospect of seeing HHH).

(Flair pauses for a moment looking at some ladies in the audience and then says....)

Stone Cold Steve Austin will sign for Monday Night RAW....Woooooooo

I promise that Austin will sign for the A Show and now without further ado lets get this show on the road, Wooooooo


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C7IwiLz99M?fs=1&hl=en_GB"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C7IwiLz99M?fs=1&hl=en_GB" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>


JR: We have a great show for you at this historic night of Monday Night RAW

Lawler: You're not joking we have Rob Van Dam defending his Intercontinental Championship against Booker T and William Regal facing Spike Dudley

JR: The main topic on everyones mind is who will Steve Austin sign for RAW or Smackdown?

Lawler: Oh I Really hope it's RAW so we can rub it in Micheal Cole and Tazz's faces

JR: Lets Crack on with our first match of the night


Rob Van Dam © vs Booker T

For The Intercontinental Championship


Rob Van Dam defeated Booker T with A Five Star Frog Splash earning a respectable win but then Eddie Gurrerro came down to the ring and beat down RVD and hits his signiture Frog Splash on the IC Champion


Vince McMahon sneaks into the RAW ring just after Gurrerro had finished his beating on RVD


Vince: I know what your thinking why is Vincent Kennedy McMahon out here well i'll tell you why to sign Steve Austin (the crowd boos)

Now Steve I know you listening you want to sign with me because.....


The screen faded to black as Ric Flair had ordered his crew to go to a commercial break unknown to Mr McMahon when we return from the break Ric Flair is in the ring


Ric: Vince will you get out of my ring! (the crowd cheers)

Vince: Why should i God Dammit I own this company I can do whatever i like no one on that RAW roster can make me leave


Suddenly the Big Show came out and carried Mr McMahon out of the ring on his shoulders dropping him at the exit of the arena doors, McMahon starts pleading saying how he will make Show a bigger star with a lucrative trade deal, Big Show dosen't feel like listening and just throws Vince out of the building


William Regal vs Spike Dudley


Spike Dudley defeated William Regal with a Dudley Dog after pre-match Regal hid Brass Knuckles in the turnbuckle and when Regal was looking for them Spike sneaked up and hit a Dudley Dog


The camera goes backstage to the NWO, Nash,Hall and X-Pac are walking along the backstage corridors in mid conversation when the camera comes in


X-Pac: Listen i ain't being drafted to the B show i mean i get more TV time here

Nash: We ain't going anywhere so stop worrying i mean.... hey look at that


As they look they see the Office Of The APA they go in and set up there tables and chairs


Hall: Forget drafting remember Pac is facing Kane later

Nash: Scotty's right Pac you got a plan

X-Pac: Well yeah but it kinda sucks

Nash: Well I have an idea


They all huddle round in a circle but speak to quietly for anyone to actually hear what there saying the camera the camera then goes to Bradshaw


Bradshaw: Anyone seen Ron i've been looking all day, Hey Stacy you seen Ron

Stacy (Kiebler): Sorry i haven't i'll say if i do though

Bradshaw: Ok then, damn where are you


Crash comes sprinting towards Bradshaw he stops in the face of Bradshaw out of breath


Bradshaw: Erm... Crash what are you doing

Crash: The NWO....

Bradshaw: The NWO what?

Crash: (catching his breath) There in you office

(As Bradshaw goes to say something he recieves a text and his phone says it for him DAMN!, they both sprint to the offices)


The camera goes to Trish and Terri who are looking sternley into the others eyes with the picture of Trish on the divas magazine behind


Terri: Trish why have you gone this way, you've got some sort of ego since you got this magazine deal i mean they came to me first but i decided to lets someone uglier than me do it, so thats why they came to you


Trish grits her teeth and her expression gets even angrier


Trish: Get out of my face!


Just as it looks like a Cat Fight is going to break out Ric Flair enters with a smile on his face


Flair: Hey ladies you want to ride the Woo Woo Train, Wooooooo (never of them looked at him they continued staring at each other, Flair's expression changed) Well ok then ,I sense a little tension so why don't we have a match for the men a Paddle on A Poll Bikini Match, eh (The two opposing women aren't sure what to think)


The camera goes to Coach and Debra Williams


Coach: So Debra surely you must know where you husband is going, spill the beans is it RAW or Smackdown?

Debra: To be honest with you even i haven't been told, Steve says both of them are good but that you will find out which one he chooses tonight (Debra then walks off leaving Coach a little puzzeled)

Coach: Well that helped


The camera goes to The NWO who are spray painting on the APA door "nWO 4 LiFe" While spraying they are unaware that Bradshaw i coming up behind and he pounces on them landing strikes to Hall and Nash (X-Pac is getting ready for his match with Kane)

The numbers game soon takes its toll as Nash slams Bradshaw into the door leaving him down and out, the NWO walks away leaving carnage at the APA offices


Bubba Ray Dudley vs Raven ©

For The Hardcore Championship


Bubba Ray Dudley defeated Raven for the Hardcore Championship following a Bubba Bomb, during the match there was lots of weapon usage including Steel Chairs and Fire Extinguishers

Bubba Ray Dudley is the New Hardcore Champion


Vince McMahon is stainding outside his limo on his phone he says that he vows to sign Steve Austin for Smackdown


Ric Flair comes down to the ring with the new WWF Undisputed Championship


Flair: This Championship is the most prized championship in all of Sport Entertainment, it represents that you are the greatest at what you do and now introducing your new Undisputed Champion Triple H


<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="425" height="349" src="

http://www.youtube.com/embed/9Iv_3u1PQyk" frameborder="0"></iframe>


Undertaker: I do believe that i should be the one being handed that championship as correct me if i'm wrong but i beat you Ric, Wrestlemania X-8 and i defeated your precious HHH at Wrestlemania X-7, by not giving me that championship you are disrespecting me and i don't take kindly to fools who do that

(Taker takes of his jacket signifying that he is ready to fight but then....)


<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="425" height="349" src="

http://www.youtube.com/embed/pQpPvndHv3Y" frameborder="0"></iframe>


(The two stare each other down with Flair standing in the middle of them


HHH: Yes Taker, I see what you mean you did beat me at Wrestlemania 18 but these are different times, my game has elevated to new highs and I can beat you Taker, I am not afraid of the Deadman

Taker: But you should be so i'm throwing this out to you, You Triple H versus Me The Undertaker at Backlash

HHH: Why wait till Backlash (the crowd erupts)

Taker: No Backlash is just fine (He takes the belt from Flair and puts it on HHH's shoulder) Look after you championship, while you still have it


The Hardy Boyz vs Mr Perfect & The Big Boss Man


The Hardy Boyz defeate Mr Perfect & The Big Boss Man when Jeff hit a Swanton Bomb on Mr Perfect, Post match Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar came out to the ring, Lesnar destroys both Hardys, Jeff goes for a Hurricanrana but Brock counteres it into a Triple Powerbomb


Terri vs Trish Stratus

In A Paddle on A Pole Match


Trish Stratus defeated Terri when she retrived the Paddle and then swung it at Terri hitting her multiple times with it until Molly Holly came out and takes the paddle from Trish and kicks Terri out of the ring, Molly breaks the paddle on Trish's head


The camera goes out to the car park where Mr McMahon is on his phone again he says how he will get back into the building and will talk to Steve Austin


The camera then goes to Ric Flair's office where Stone Cold enters to see Ric


Austin: Flair let Vince back in the building and when you do go get him and take yourselves down to the ring like the two little sissys you are, i want to hear what both of you can do to Me before i make my decision


X-Pac w/Nash & Hall vs Kane


Kane defeated X-Pac by DQ when Kane signaled for the Chokeslam, Nash and Hall ran in and attacked The Big Red Monster, the NWO beat him down until Bradshaw sprints down the ramp to make the save


The Nature Boy and Mr McMahon are in the ring both standing with microphones in there hands


McMahon: It's obvious who Austin will sign for i mean why would he want me back in the arena, Austin wants a GM with leadership skills and business savey both of which i have and you don't.

I created Sports entertainment as we know it, I created all the Pay Per Views such as the spectacle known as Wrestlemania, so face the facts Ric he will sign for Team Blue


<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="425" height="349" src="

http://www.youtube.com/embed/fKTbxrlCIwM" frameborder="0"></iframe>


Austin came down to the ring


McMahon: Nice shirt Steve

Austin: I don't care now listen to me you two i don't give a damn how nice my shirt is now Vince i've had a lot of success with you so to better my career i'll sign with you (the crowd boos)

Ric listen no disrespect (the crowd boos more as Austin and Flair shake hands)

(Austin goes to sign the Smackdown contract)

Flair: Vince I hate you guts!

(Austin scans over the contract)

Austin: APRIL FOOLS! (Austin hits a Stunner on McMahon as Flair dances in the background the crowd chants AUSTIN! AUSTIN!)

(Flair and Austin both share a beer and Flair gets carried away and he goes into the face of the rattlesnake and goes....)

Flair: Woooooooo!!!!!

(Austin hits Flair with a Stunner and signs the RAW contract as Vince struggles to get back to his feet he is hit with a second stunner)

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