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MC Hammer/Jay Z Beef


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If anyone is interested, the guys in the office at the begining and occasionally popping up in the video are UFC fighters Nate Marquardt and Brendan Schaub, top striking coach Trevor Wittman and former UFC fighter Elliot Marshal.


They're all contracted to Hammer's 'Alchemist Management' MMA management/apparel brand.

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In all honesty, I don't think this is going anywhere. I don't even think Jay Z meant to "diss" Hammer, as much as brag about his own power. I don't see this escalating if Jay Z has any kind of respect for Hammer, outside of "Oops, did you take that the wrong way?"


Hammer is talking about all the "devil" worshipping stuff in Jay Z's music (not just his, but other artists under his wing). It's an "I'm going to save you" message to Jay Z, not really a diss. People were already all over the Illuminata thing, and this might escalate it, if he gets any airplay/video play. Youtube alone is not going to do much, really.


Fact of the matter is, Hammer is exactly why you have to realise you can't help EVERYONE if you win the lottery. Jay Z, with all his entourage, has no where near the dead weight Hammer had. Not to say Hammer is "good" and Jay Z is "evil".... There is a way to do bussiness, and Jay Z just has a better grip on it. You can't put everyone under your pay role, but if you put the right people under your pay role, you can still help out alot of people. Hammer just went the wrong way "Sure man, I'll hire you", because they needed a job, not because they had any idea how to entertain people, etc. He put alot of folks to work, and his heart was probably in the right spot.. he just didn't have the common scense to realise that you can't win monopoly, if you don't collect rent, or risk if you spread yourself out to thin.


Jay Z on the other hand, isn't going to hire his own mother, just because she needs a job. He will buy her a house, a car, whatever to make life easier, but it's about bussiness when it comes to working for Jay Z, and if you aren't producing, your not going to last in his company..... However, that doesn't mean he won't help family and friends in other ways.


So it's really a pretty dumb beef, with a couple of words being taken the wrong way. Hammer could wipe the floor with Jay Z in a real fight, I'm sure Jay Z know's that, but lyrically Hammer doesn't stand a chance against Jay Z.


I'm glad to see Hammer do something though. I even thought the cut was halfway decent, although I think he would do better going back to what he used to do... Hyped dance music, with James Brown/P-Funk type loops. I always thought that it would be a cool combination to hear something Snoop and Hammer put together, since they come from a similar background (musically). You know those old Navy guys though, eventually they have to sing songs of Always and Forever love.

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