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ZEN - Insert witty eye catching title here.

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Having been told I should take the plunge and do a dairy about ZEN, I decided to do such. More to come.


Artwork is by me, though the style and poses are from the King Jack Kirby - done on laptop while in a car this morning so excuse the color. I plan to do different comic covers, ala` Chikara, though mine will be of different styles and quality as the federation progresses. Hope to have you here. Will post more details soon.



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I wish there was a better back story. Something full of deep intrigue, scary board room meetings or even at the very lest a winning lottery ticket. Heck I would be happy if some strange homeless man ran up to me on the street telling me that he was a long lost wrestler from the future who has seen everything I am capable of in the industry so he came back in time to give me full control over a wrestling organization. That would be a lot more interesting then how it really happened. Though, since I understand people like to read journals; I cannot call it a dairy for the simple reason I have testicles, I will start keeping this journal for others to follow.


December 24th, 2009


I woke up to the phone ringing. Granted the egg nog hang over was not that bad but it still caused the ringing to make my molars vibrate. After about three minutes I gave in, reached over to the phone and against my better judgment actually answered it. Maybe it was an emergency, who would stay on the line for three minutes trying to get a hold of me. Or maybe, just maybe, I need to talk to my phone provider about why in the holy crap my voice mail did not pick up after about half a minute.




'Maaaatttteee! How ya been ya sheila b****rd?!?' I knew the voice on the other end instantly. The fact I only knew one person in the world who spoke like a stoned used car dealer from Australia made it easy.


'What the heck do you want Frankie? It is Christmas Eve for crying out loud.'


'It is actually Christmas here mate. Time difference and all. We live upside down, remember. Like Bizarro World.'


I know the loud groan that came out of my mouth was a classic tactic used by teenagers to express their anger when they are getting disciplined by parents or some authority figure. Not caring I let another one escape my lips as I sat up pushing the three women from the Christmas party off me. (Edit: There was actually no women, the only thing I pushed out of my way was a stuffed reindeer, how it get there who knows - but we are now engaged.)


'Listen mate,' Frankie began,' My Da has decided to pull the plug on giving me any more cash for the federation. We are in a bind and I recall ya telling me once it would be great to own a federation so I decided who better to sell some of the company to then my old running buddy James!'


Frankie was better known as Halloween Knight, one of the better wrestlers in Australia. Also one of the only wrestlers who decided to make a federation just to have a place for his friends to wrestle in front of a crowd. Granted he would tell you it was because there was not a federation in New Zealand, but I knew the truth. Everything was funded by dear old dad, Frankie was something of a trust fund baby. Not that it mattered, he was still one of my best friends in the business.


The federation was known as ZEN: Art of Wrestling, or simply ZEN. It had a decent following and great wrestling but also some major flaws. One being the fact it had no real direction and the wrestlers just did whatever they felt like that night. No matter how great or flawed it was, I did not want to get involved.


'Frankie, I am honored and all but I told you that dream about three years ago. You know I do not wrestle any more. I am a comic book writer now. And it is going well, really, really well. There is no reason to get back into the ring man. Sorry."


"Maaaaatttteee.. come on. Listen, we can do something big with this. I sell you part of the company, you'd come in with your writing thing and we could bring this to the next level, seriously! Besides it was three years ago you had that whole youtube thing happen. No one will remember it at all? So there is nothing to worry about when you come back in mate!'


I was not going to insult Frankie's intelligence and tell him that once something hit the interweb it is there forever. Though I did feel like insulting him by mentioning he only talks with a thick accent when he is speaking to someone from the states, however I was too sleeping to get into a test of wits with him right now.


'The youtube thing aside, I just do not think I am...'


'Just say yes and let's get this over with James. You and I both know you will agree, come over here and start making something big happen...mate.'


I do not even think Frankie really has an accent to be honest.


'Fine. One thing, I am not working with Swoop or bring him in.'


'Ace! Though you and Swoop did some nice work, but I understand, youtube and all. This is gonna be apples mate. I will get all the...'


Click. Only so much I can take after a all niter, spiked egg nog and a reindeer.


And that was it. The next day I got a few DVDs in the mail, along with a roster break down, a financial report, and a few contracts to sign. Obviously these were sent before I even got the call, damn Frankie knows me well. Now it was time to get the juices flowing so we could make history... or at least add a few dozen people to our fan base...



-|- FIN -|-

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I decided to look over the roster on my flight to New Zealand. Halloween Knight, Frankie, sent me a text while I was waiting at the airport letting me know the night I land is the first show - so I needed something ready to go as soon as I landed. Leave it to Frankie to 'remember' something important at the last second.


I jotted down some notes on all the workers to help me come up with some ideas.



























































Thinks are going to get interested....



All artwork is ™ © me - characters are ™© Greydogsoftware and used with permission. :-)

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I don't try and hide my love for ZEN and all of their zany masked characters, and I'm REALLY looking forward to this. The opening image is a great hook, too. Works just as well as any back story does!
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Thank you all for the praise. It is a humbling experience. I was going to try and reply to everyone's quote, but Fallout New Vegas came in the mail today so I got side tracked. Thank you all so much. Have updated a bit in the second post, the third post will have a bit more story and the roster breakdown tomorrow, if Fallout does not crawl into my head (joking). By the end of tomorrow we should have a card to make some predictions on, as well as a roster break down.


Thanks again and I am really happy everyone enjoyed the image.



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Ugh, waiting at the airport for Knight/Frankie to pick me up, decide to watch a bit of youtube (god I hate that website) to keep crispy on the wrestlers of ZEN.



The small gym looked like it had seen better days. Looking at the small audience you could tell it was hot from the beads of sweat that poured freely while the tried to fight the heat by using the latest free ZEN comic as a fan. The amount of beer being drunk was at an all time high, due to the heat as well. Which would lead to think, or know if they have been to one of the small independent shows, the gym most likely smelled like a homeless man in the middle of summer stuck in a field. However, fans of wrestling could care less about the atmosphere, what matter what was going on in the ring.


In the center of the old battered ring the wrestler known as C.W.A (Clown With Attitude) was slowly making his way to his feet. The battle with Lone Shark had been going on for over fifteen minutes. C.W.A had suffered the worse of the battle due to not being able to respond to Shark's mixture of air and ground attacks. The clown's white face paint was smeared showing his dark dark skin tone underneath, the contrast between the two 'colors' was intense. Along with his disheveled dyed orange hair he now looked similar to a famous comic book villain who recently starred on the big screen then the Killer Clown of the ZEN universe.


Alex Arturro : That is one ugly mutha fu....


Sparky Sparks : Your right Alex he is a ugly mother trucker! Little do people know C.W.A was indeed a truck driver before suffering a truck collision that caused him to think he was a clown as well as a balloon animal expert.


Alex Arturro : What in the..? Fool who do you think I be? I ain't talking about him being a trucker son. I was gonna say he is a ugly motha f..


Sparky Sparks : GOD LORD IN HEAVEN HE IS ON HIS FEET! The Clown With Attitude has made it to his feet again!


Finally on his feet C.W.A. began to scream loudly in frustration, not for long though as the scream slowly turned into laughter, a hideous intense raspy laughter that echoed throughout the small gym. Those blue eyes watching the crowd as he slowly scanned for Lone Shark. The crowd looked on, all 52 of them on their feet, their faces showing a range of emotions from fear to excitement wondering what was about to happen. Though trying to understand what C.W.A was thinking would be a moot point, the mind of clowns tend to work differently then most, who other than a clown would want to travel with 20 people in one car or think throwing a bucket full on confetti was amusing.


Sparky Sparks : He is losing it! The Clown's sanity has finally left the building folks!


Alex Arturro : Sheet son! If you been thinkin dis whole time dat fool in the ring aint been crazy for long time you are bout as dumb as that post dat Lone Shark be sitting on!


Lone Shark was perched,on the top rope waiting for C.W.A to turn around so the fish could fly through the air and land a gorgeous drop kick. Why some one from the depths of the ocean was such a high flier, no one knew or cared. All they knew it was about time for the Daredevil from the Deep to make the clown pay for every time someone had to sit through a clown at a party or circus.


C.W.A spun around, Lone Shark took to the air, feet a mere inches from landing stiff drop kick on their target when suddenly C.W.A's weak legs gave out from under him, causing him to drop to the mat. Lone Shark landed hard on his 'left' knee, totally missing his target. Clutching the 'left' knee in pain he begin to roll around the ring like a fish out of water, over selling a bit and considering he was a fish out of water it fit him perfectly.


C.W.A scurried over over on all fours to Lone Shark. A quick roll up...1...2...3! The Clown With Attitude won! The crowd goes off showingtheir hatred of the out come by throwing in beer bottles, trash and any other type of debris they can get their hands on.Thankfully no one brought any small infants to the show this night.


C.W.A rolls out of the ring and jumps on his jumbo sized tricycle. Peddling like mad he takes off being the curtain, laughing the whole way.




Alex Arturro: Man, 3 Marsupials references in one sentence?!? Really? Ya need to stop watching discovery channel son! Don-get-cha panties in a bunch like a sheila! Ya boy lost, get over it!


Sparky Sparks: Such an upset! That is one lucky damn clown! I cannot believe this happened! Then again you never know what is gonna happen in the world of Zen!


Alex Arturro: Tell you one thing that is about ta happen son. Double A single E has been lookin at dem fine honeys over there in the front row all night son. Double A single E thinks it be about time to pay for those tickets with their...


Sparky Sparks: really that is what you are gonna go with double a single e....ugh... JOIN US NEXT TIME FOLKS ON THE BEST OF ZEN VOLUME 13 DVD COMING SOON!

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Preview of Zen The Dreaming



preview of cover


The rumours are true! The future of Zen is going to be changed forever! No one knows what is going to happen, not even the wrestlers!!! Be warned this is not the ZEN your daddy used to watch, and if your dad did use to watch ZEN then he is most likely from the future because ZEN has only been around for a few years, or you are 4 years old and probably cannot read this... but who cares! This Saturday everything changes! The Dreaming is a time of change in the Zeniverse and this weekend - change has truly come!




Quick Silver -vs- Maurice Jackson

Super Zero and Vertigo (Da Champs) -vs- Cyanide and Massacre - for the Zen Harmony Belts

Shaolin -(Da Champ) -vs- X-Calibre -vs- Jester -vs- Man o War - for the title of ZEN Conceptual Champion

Necromancer and Halloween Knight -vs- Lone Shark and Devilfish using classic Lucha Libre rules


And much, Much, MUCH MORE!!!!!!


Winner of Prediction Contest gets a free ZEN t-shirt

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simply brilliant. EVERYONE here needs to be informed of this if they for some reason are unaware. KUTGREATW!



Quick Silver -vs- Maurice Jackson win for the newcomer

Super Zero and Vertigo (Da Champs) -vs- Cyanide and Massacre - for the Zen Harmony Belts belts are kept

Shaolin -(Da Champ) -vs- X-Calibre -vs- Jester -vs- Man o War - for the title of ZEN Conceptual Champion simply cause I wish it

Necromancer and Halloween Knight -vs- Lone Shark and Devilfish using classic Lucha Libre rules F.E.A.R. win

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This is simply awesome


Quick Silver -vs- Maurice Jackson

Super Zero and Vertigo (Da Champs) -vs- Cyanide and Massacre - for the Zen Harmony Belts

Shaolin -(Da Champ) -vs- X-Calibre -vs- Jester -vs- Man o War - for the title of ZEN Conceptual Champion

Necromancer and Halloween Knight -vs- Lone Shark and Devilfish using classic Lucha Libre rules

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