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Iffa (reborn!)

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Ok, I have decided to restart the IFFA, this time it's new and improved!


I have to first thank the creator of the Tap or Snap mod, now the game is BOTH real and fake fighters

I've done away with the Tiers, and there are only the regional leauges and then the IFFA, including two new companies specifically for Women fighters

The old weight classes have been switched to the current, real life ones but the rules are the same:


-Non Title Fights are five 3-minute rounds

-Title Fights are ten 3-minute rounds

-All Unified MMA rules are in effect

-Fighters can be stood up due to inactivity

-A 10-count for striking knock downs

-Knee strikes and stomps to a downed opponent are illegal


The way that I am planing to do this is will be totally different than before. Due to not having enough time to write shows and weigh-ins like I did before, I am instead just going to post up news and notes. I have other things going on in my real life right now, and this is just me having fun with a game. So, don't expect a huge show, or a 7-10 page essay explaining the show.


Instead, I will post notes and happenings from inside the game and maybe a news article, or two, a week.


Since we are doing a real and fake fighter deal, I am going to make it easier for the people reading this who don't own the game. I will post the fighter's stats, as well as their side-by-side skill comparisons. To those that don't own the WMMA2 game, the skills are judged a LOT different than the TEW series, some say for the better, some say the opposite, but let me explain it:


The skills are measured in belt colors as opposed to alphabetically. I think is a litte “cutesy” but whatever, it goes from no belt to black belt. Black is equal to a A* in TEW while a no belt is equal to a E. So you could make the associations from alphabetically to belt colors from there (White = F, etc...).


I think you guys know the deal, once I have posted match-ups and stats, you guys can discuss and choose whomever you think will win the matches/tournaments.


Information about the IFFA:


The IFFA is the premiere MMA organization in the world today. Within the IFFA, there are six regional organizations, all of which are in charge of their specific regions; North and South America (NACFA and SACFF), Asia (ASFFA), Africa (AFCSF), Europe (EBMAA), and Oceania (OMAA).


The IFFA has two annual events a year, the IFFA World Cup event and the IFFA Master Leauge. The World Cup and Master League events accumulates the top 16 fighters in each division and through a process of elimination, comes down to one fighter.


The World Cup uses a Double-Tournament Method to help determine the Champion. The World Cup Champion recieves the World Cup Trophy in his weight division, as well as a $1 Million paycheck.


The process of crowning a World Cup Champion is as follows:


Double Tournament Elimation Method

- 16 Man 1st Round Fights

- The 8 Winners advance into the Winner's Brackets

- The 8 Losers go into the Last Chance Brackets

- Both 8 Man Tournaments are held congruently

- The 2 winners from each Tournament goes into the Tournament Finals

- The winner of the Tournament Finals is declared the World Cup Champion


The Master League events use a League/Tournament format, and the Master League Champion is awarded $750,000 per class winner as well as winning his class division's Master League trophy.


The process of crowning a Master League Champion is as follows:


- League; Round-Robin Format, with one fighter fighting with each fighter fighting once

- The Top 2 from each group will go on to the Knock Out Stage

- Knock-Out Stage; 4-Man, Single-Elimination Tournaments

- The Winner of each division's tournaments will be crowned the Master League Champion


The World Cup and Master's Leagues are mjor events and usually ends up drawing very well, with the Finals usually being in venues that could hold in upwards of 50,000 people. Because the World Cup and Master League events are held in paralell to regional shows, the regions are still able to run their shows, and in some cases, have a Mega-Event where the regional shows will be on the week of the events.


The World Cup Event has a gala every October, this gala is also the World Cup drawings where the Top-10 Consensus Rankings, as well as the IFFA Top-10 Rankings are used to determine the 16-Man field. The latter portion of the event, the World Cup Draw, is usually televised and this is where the current President of the IFFA come up and announces the 16-Man fields for the tournaments.

After the event, all the fighters chosen will be transferred from their regions and will be placed on the IFFA World Cup roster. This is to allow the fighters time to heal while avoiding fighters being pulled by their promotions into matches leading up to the World Cup Events, which starts on the 1st week of April every two years, and doesn't end until the new Champions are crowned.


The Master League Event has a different method of chosing their 16-Man fields. This is due to the fact that the fighters are usually chosen while during their respective regional tours. So, rules were put in place that would allow for the fighter to fight in his regional fight, then immediately afterwards, the fighter is transferred into the IFFA roster. As opposed to the World Cup event, there is no gala where the fighters are chosen, instead the list of fighters are chosen and a press release is given out to the public, as well as posted on the IFFA website, and if the fighter is recovering, or has finished his last bout, he will automatically be transferred to the IFFA roster. Again, this is to allow the fighters time to heal while avoiding being pulled by their promotions into matches leading up to the Master League events, which starts on the 1st week of August, annually, and doesn't end until the new Champions are crowned.. The only time when a Master League tournament will not be held is if there is a World Cup that year, in which case it will be postponed until the year after.





I hope that this explains my new method well enough. I will post the 16 fighters in each division in a little bit. Till then!

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