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Bigest stars of your WMMA2 games?

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I'm wondering, who has been so dominating that noone seemed to be able to beat them in your WMMA games?



Im currently in August 2013 in my game, and here are the absolutely dominating characters so far.

1: Hassan Fezzik (54-4) Age 46

Status: Active


Achievements: ALPHA-1 Heavyweight champion. 22 defenses, 11 years.

VFC (a org I made from the ground up) Heavyweight Champion. 4 defenses, 3 years.


After signing with my org in 2007 Fezzik lost the ALPHA-1 title in his last fight for the promotion, it kinda ticked me off, but I figured I could still use the aging superstars popularity to either build up some of my up and commers, or to wreck them and get back to his winning ways.

To prove himself I put him into a four man tournament where he dominated Gene Hernandez, but then came the upset, he lost by submission in the final to Dustin Diaz.

I thoguht he was finished, but alas, after losing another fight and being close to gatekeeper status he wrecked up two wins in a row against decent oppoistion, before losing to the champion, Rav Kapur.

After the loss to Kapur however, Fezzik was on rampage, and is currently on a nine fight winning streak having avenged almost every loss (except Kapur) in my org and still going strong at the age of 46.


2: Layla Holmes (27-2-1) Age 41

Status: Retired (HOF)


Achievements: WEFF Women's Lightweight champion. 1 defense

KDM FC Womens champion. 11 defenses.


I only had Layla fight for my org for a few fights before KDM FC signed her exclusively without me noticing, big mistake, I have now started picking her up early whenever I can in my other games.

But her nine year domination in the KDM FC is legendary, where she won 14 fights and lost only once to Tiju Kass at the end of her career.


3: Li-Kong Ho (53-2) Age 38

Status: Active


Achievements: KDM FC Featherweight champion. 2 defenses

VFC Lightweight champion x2. 3 defenses & 20 defenses)


After this guy left KDM FC he joined VFC in 2000, I do not have a featherweight division, so he had to fight in the Lightweight division.

This suited him just fine as he proceeded in wrecking up a nice winning streak and won the title within a few matches.

Early in his career he lost to Helio via submission in 2001, something I can only assume was a glitch, and Kafi Bunya in a superfight between the welterweight and lightweight champion. He did get to avenge his loss to Helio, but Bunta completely fell apart and lost eight in a row a few years after, so a rematch is unlikely.

Ho is currently on a 24 fight winning streak in the thoughest Lightweight division in the world, and it appears his reign will continue.

The best submission fighter the world has ever seen.


These are the three that has basically been untouchable in my games, how about you? Got similar experiences?

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I had two regenerated fighters (Melvin Curry and Hogai Tokuda) in an old game before my computer died who were probably the two most successful I had.

Curry was regenerated with high wrestling and boxing skills and held my promotions Welterweight title for four years making over 10 defences and when he got beaten he dropped to lightweight and held that belt for a few years as well.

Tokuda lost two early fights in his career in one of the smaller shows and then won my welterweight title. I moved him up to middleweight because my champion there needed a credible opponent and he blitzed him, holding that title for three years. Then he upset my Light Heavyweight champion when I made that super fight, weighing in at less then 200lb. Tokuda's skills weren't that solid, but he was extremely well rounded and seemed to be good at always shutting down his opponents game.

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Surprisingly enough Mills Mullally of all people turned into a star in my current game. In all of my other games he has either been a can or a mediocre gatekeeper, so needless to say I was pretty surprised by this:




Keep in mind that I haven't edited anybody's stats and Carlos da Guia was still undefeated going into their fight.


Mullally now only has one fight left on his contract so I am going to try to steal him from Alpha-1 and feed him to Julio Regueiro.

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