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WMMA3 Release Day FAQ

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I'm pleased to announce the there is now an official schedule for the release of WMMA3.


The trial \ public beta version will be released on December 4th.


The full retail version will be released one week later on December 11th.


The Exhaustive Release Day Info And Answers Section


- We will be continuing our company policy of not announcing a specific release time. This is to stop lots of people "camping out" on the site and hitting Refresh repeatedly, as this puts a huge strain on the site and makes our job a lot harder.


- We do not have the facilities to offer pre-orders.


- I have nothing to do with the actual release, it is handled entirely by Grey Dog Software, so please do not try to "figure out" when the game is going to be released by watching for me to come online. I have no knowledge of what time the game is coming out, I get an e-mail 10 minutes before and that's it.


- The purchasing system is exactly the same as it has been for all previous releases; there is no change to what payment methods will be valid or how to make the order.


- We are more than happy for people to put up mirrors of the download once it has been released.


- The download is kept on a private site and only transferred to the Grey Dog website literally seconds before we post the news of the launch on the front page and make a post in the forums saying that it's out. Therefore, if someone tells you they have it before the web site has been updated, they are trying to con you, please ignore them. Also, there's no need for "is it out yet?" posts - if it's out then it will be very obvious that it's out, because you'll be able to see a pinned topic saying so in these forums, plus the story will be on the front page of the site.

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