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Hollyweird Grappling Company

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<p>This is the Roster I have for HGC in 2001, Most likely missing a couple of names</p><p> </p><p>

J.K. Stallings Jr</p><p>

Sam Strong</p><p>

Tommy Cornell</p><p>

Rip Chord</p><p>

Peter Valentine</p><p>

Liberty </p><p>

BLZ Bubb (Tyson Baine)</p><p>

Demon Anger</p><p>

Demon Spite</p><p>

Ricky Dale Johnson</p><p>

Randall Hopkirk</p><p>

Joel Bryant</p><p>

Robert Oxford</p><p>

Bryan Vessey</p><p>

Larry Vessey</p><p>

Ian "Madman" Boone</p><p>

Paul Steadyfast</p><p>

Genghis Rahn</p><p>

Craig Prince</p><p>

Charlie Thatcher</p><p>

Ota (Fumihiro Ota)</p><p>

Kazuma Narato</p><p>

Steve Gumble</p><p>

Harry Allen</p><p>

Jimmy P (James Prudence)</p><p>

Donnie J</p><p>

Silver Shark</p><p>

Stevie Grayson</p><p>

Troy Tornado</p><p>



Jason Azaria</p><p>

Kyle Rhodes </p><p>

Ray Johnson </p><p>

Sam Sparrow </p><p>

Archie Judge</p>

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