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Describe the wrestler

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When writing a dynasty, a lot of the writers end up giving such unique gimmicks/looks/characteristics to a specific wrestler, be it Ant-man, Eric Eisen or Rich Money. Or if they're playing a game, they envision a specific wrestler acting a certain way within his gimmick.


So this is what the thread's about. Describe a wrestler as you see him, envision him to act in the ring, doing a promo, his reasoning, etc...


For example, I see the American Patriot as a really old school face and patriot, fighting those who would impinge on the honor of the USA, its military, its people, its presidents, as well as fighting those who he things don't fully represent the values of the USA, like say "I'm not a Role Model" Jay Chord.


Now that's as a face. As a heel, I could imagine something similiar to Muhammad Hassan's early gimmick, him being sickened of what America has come to, decrying current actions and deeds and seeing himself as the sole true patriot in a country of turncoats. :p

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<p>So Mr. Gilmore...</p><p> </p><p>

I don't see his "Anger" as being out-and-out rage. Like...I think Bloodstone has a reputation for. I see it as being fed up with stupidity. Going up to someone and just backhanding the **** out of someone for being a moron. Pwning the trolls and whatnot.</p><p> </p><p>

As a heel? Unjustified ire toward the faces. As a heel? Get your mother****ing act together or he will kill you. Not in rage. No, he'll kill you because you should, y'know, not exist.</p><p> </p><p>

Oh, and Devil's Daughter/Vixxen (especially Vixxen ;-)) remind me of Katie Lea somewhat. Mmmmm</p>

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