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9 point TD still in the game

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here is the PBP Florida State ball, Q3, 3-4-CMU4 (12:23) 20-14 Offense: Medium Pass, Set: I Form, Play: I-FB-playact-flat (short pass) Defense: Stop Run, Set: 4-2-5, Play: 425-run-Man-B5,6 (target run) Here's a handoff. Wait, it's a play fake. QB Cooper DeLong squares up in the pocket, lofts the ball into traffic where it's caught by WR Montrae Fauria for the touchdown!FSU: Gain of 4 on the play. Florida State ball, Q3, 1-0-CMU0 (11:48) 26-14 Shane Springs will attempt the 21 yard field goal.The snap is good, here's the kick it's in there. Florida State ball, Q3, 1-10-FSU35 (11:48) 29-14 Shane Springs gets ready to kick, It's in the air, and comes down to Morlon McCormack.He'll be brought down at around the 43.Spearing against Florida State, for 15 yards and an automatic first down.
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