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Final Recruiting Email

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In the updated Demo recruiting is much better in terms of getting a few more commits early in the process, kudos. One thing I would love to see though is this. On the final recruiting summary email have all recruits listed and broken down as follows: [U]Early Commits:[/U] These would be the commitments received through week 17 of the process that are listed in the weekly emails [U]Signing Day Commits:[/U] These are the recruits from your watchlist that accept Scholarships at the "11th hour" of the process. BTW, I really love the way this works because it adds a lot of suspense after that Week 17 email. "Will I get that 4 star QB who was on the fence all the way to the end, etc." [U]Walk-ons:[/U] Self explanatory, the 1 or 2 kids you pick up to fill out the available roster spots. Adding this would be a nice touch as it is the only place to obtain an overall summary, outside of going to the roster. I feel it would just be nice to see it all in writing at the end of recruiting in summary form. Would also increase the "excitement" factor seeing who came through at the last minute, after you only had 5 or 6 solid commits on the eve of signing day.
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