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Okay, Gonna Go For It With Regional Titles - More Opinions Please

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As a continuation of my other thread discussing having "secondary" Regional titles UNDER my GAMMA WORLD TITLES...


I am going to attempt to have Regional titles for my up and coming fighters. I don’t want to get too “Regional” specific and individualized because it may be way too over bearing so I have decided to have a more Regionalized National Title for different Regions of the world (IE: European Title, Latin American Title etc.)


Below is my plan and some questions I need to answer BEFORE I actually dive in. Please let me know of other things or questions that you think I have to make decisions on before getting in too deep.


The game rates fighters in three different “Name Value” levels. I will use those levels to help me categorize my fighters. The level they are in will determine what titles they may be eligible to fight for.



Who is at this level? A fighter is eligible to fight for the GAMMA WORLD TITLE if he is either at “International Name Value” OR Ranked in the Top 5 in the World at his weight Class.


NATIONAL LEVEL: Possible Titles:

European Title

Asian Pacific Title

Latin American Title

African Arabian Title

North American Title

Who is at this level? Any fighter that is at the “National Name Value” level is eligible to fight for the National Title that represents his Nationality.



Who is at this level? Every fighter with a “Name Value” lower than Low Level National is in this Regional level. They can not fight for any titles.



1. Can a fighter ever hold both a National Title AND the GAMMA WORLD TITLE?

No. A fighter that holds a National Title can move up the ranks and earn a WORLD TITLE shot. If he wins the GAMMA WORLD TITLE, he must vacate the National Title. If he losses his WORLD TITLE match, he can continue to keep his National Title and defend it against fellow fighters from his Nation.


2. Can a National Champion ever defend his title against someone that is not from his National Region?

To move up the ranks he must fight guys from all over, but the National Title is only on the line against qualifying fighters.


3. Does a fighter HAVE TO BE a National Champion to contend for the WORLD TITLE?

No, not at all. To contend for the WORLD TITLE, you must have either “International Name Value” or be Ranked in the Top Five Of Your Weight Class.


Can you guys think of any other snags that I might run into that I may need to address BEFORE I dive in? Thanks for all of your input in the other thread and thanks in advance for your "minds" in this one. :D

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