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Offsides declined..

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New Mexico ball, Q4, 2-7-UNM38 (13:45) 19-17 Offense: Outside Run, Set: Pro Set, Play: PS-HB-pitch-LE Defense: Stop Pass, Set: Nickel, Play: Nickel-pass-DZ(Nice defensive call! Heh. Wasn't me!) RB W. Glass runs left end for 5 yards (FS A. Nugent). Offsides against DT Audray Uwaezuoke on San Diego State. The Penalty is for 5 yards. The penalty will be declined. New Mexico ball, Q4, 3-2-UNM43 (13:31) 19-17 Offense: Inside Run, Set: I Form, Play: I-HB-power-RT Defense: Stop Pass, Set: Nickel, Play: Nickel-pass-MZ-B6 RB W. Glass runs right guard for 3 yards (SS M. Williams).
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