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Lockup/DTD after changing jobs

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At least, I think changing jobs is what's causing the problem. I've been trying to start by simming the first season and then changing schools (I like to have a sense of getting hired, and I definitely prefer starting at hiring and recruitment rather than training camp). The first time I tried this, the game crashed in the second week of recruiting. The second time, I saved before every week, and experienced a replicable DTD between the first and second weeks of recruiting. Not knowing what the problem was exactly, I reinstalled the game and made a third attempt (starting the game with Penn State, then taking a job with Colorado State in the first offseason). This time, I got all the way through recruiting and into the third week of the new season. Week 3 was CSU's first off week, so I went straight ahead and attempted to sim the week's games... when it told me the Penn State lineup wasn't set correctly, with a hole at TE, and froze up. I can't imagine it's coincidental that Penn State's lineup in particular was the problem... it seems likely that the game isn't cleaning up all the computer/human control toggles when you move from one job to the next. I don't know if the recruiting stage crashes were related or not. I think, for my part, I'll just stop trying to play the game with a job change for now, since it would be nice to just get through a full season. Props to Arlie for a good game design, however. :D
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