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Need help deciding on a background for logos...

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I'm gonna do a series of streamlined promotion logos for my War of The Worlds mod and could use some input on which of the two backgrounds below I should use:






The grey one is perhaps a bit boring, but has the advantage of being neutral and not distracting from the logo - while the light brown one is sort of the opposite. But which one looks the best?


(And yes, I am aware that the actual logo put on the backgrouns is sloppy, but focus on the backgrounds! :p)

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<p>Thanks for the input, guys!</p><p> </p><p>

Another question, having established that backgrounds should be rather neutral in character: is my current grey background nice enough, or should I try to find something a bit more spiffy? I'm not too sure I'm 100 % happy with it myself...</p>

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