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My name is Christopher Wright, i attended a 21CW show while on vacation in the UK and had a brief conversation with Jeff Nova , i met him in a Starbucks in the UK while waiting on line and eventually he invited me to sit down with him.


Wright- Jeff Nova ?


Nova- Yes. That's me.


Wright- Saw the show it was fantastic.


Nova- Thanks always nice to meet a fan..... you know i booked it myself , had to with my booker no showing.


Wright- What are you gonna do with him ?


Nova- He's already got the call hes fired... he actually had the balls to say id be sorry. Lets sit down if you would like to talk more.


Wright- Wow i would love to..... well my dream is to be a wrestling booker. I would never throw an opportunity like that away.


Nova-Oh yeah, i actually believe you and i dont really know why, i have an offer for you. Would you like to have a trial run as my head booker ?




Nova- Well you have an answer (laughs)


Wright- Absolutely , but why would you trust me?


Nova- You sound like you genuinely want the job and in my experience when someone wants to do something badly they do it well and try to get better at it. Well the shows in 2 days but swing by my office tomorrow so we can have a meeting with my road agents and a few top stars so i can break the news to them.


Wright- Wow thanks a lot..... I cant wait to start .....see you at the office tomorrow.

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I walk into Jeff Nova's office and see 2 guys with him im very familiar the current heavyweight champ of 21CW


and Road Agent the Steam Roller.


I walk up to Joss and extend my hand and his response was this


Joss Thompson- Hello sir, i know you haven't had much experience in this business but ill be glad to help with any problems you may have.


Jeff Nova- Joss is driven and the nicest guy you will ever meet, as a top guy hes the perfect candidate he follows instructions has great input and is an outstanding performer.


Wright(Me)- Joss im a huge fan and i look foward to giving the UK fans a memorable year. Joss nods and then says something very interesting.


Joss Thompson- I have a pretty good idea of the locker room and they're abilities and attitudes.... you need any help or wanna know what someones value is just give me a call ill be glad to help. Joss then smiles and walks out the room.


Steamroller- I am currently the only road agent along with Nova who did the bulk of the work backstage before you arrived. Im gonna keep it short and sweet... im fairly easy to work with and love my job give me your all and i will give you my all.


We then shake hands and he walks out the room.


Jeff Nova- The card for your first show better be hard hitting and good, i want people to notice a new change in booking style so whats on tap


The First Card Under My Management

Joey Beauchamp vs Daniel Black Francis© vs Phillip Cooper- UK Title Match

Petey Barnes vs Rod The God Todd

Elimination Agent© vs Anglo-Scots Connection Tag Title Match

Pitbull Brown vs Keith Adams

Rave vs Trance

Leo Price vs DJ Reason

Danny Patterson vs Rolling Johnny Stones - Heavyweight Title Shot

Adam Matravers vs Joss Thompson© - Heavyweight Title Match

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<p>I'm not as familar with the British scene, but here it goes....</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>

Joey Beauchamp vs <strong>Daniel Black Francis</strong>© vs Phillip Cooper- UK Title Match</p><p>

<strong>Petey Barnes </strong>vs Rod The God Todd</p><p>

<strong>Elimination Agent</strong>© vs Anglo-Scots Connection Tag Title Match</p><p>

Pitbull Brown vs <strong>Keith Adams</strong></p><p>

Rave vs<strong> Trance</strong></p><p>

<strong>Leo Price</strong> vs DJ Reason</p><p>

<strong>Danny Patterson</strong> vs Rolling Johnny Stones - Heavyweight Title Shot</p><p>

Adam Matravers vs <strong>Joss Thompson</strong>© - Heavyweight Title Match</p>

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