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1987 Watchers Dynasty

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Ok so I’m in July of 93 and I thought maybe some people would like to know what there favriote wrestlers or promotions or anything else has gone on. Just post who you want me to tell you about.


Important Info


AWA-Died in 88

WCW, ECW, ECWA, NWAUK, WAR, LLPW, UWFi, UWF(CA), and FMW have debuted

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<p>August 1993 </p><p>

WWF Global</p><p>

WWF World Champion: Oscar Perez (Random Gen. who has great skills and has held both WCW and NWA US titles)</p><p>

Last 5 champions</p><p>

Randy Savage</p><p>

Ric Flair (2)</p><p>

Andre the Giant (2)</p><p>

Ric Flair</p><p>

Andre the Giant</p><p> </p><p>

WWF Intercontinental: Bill Jack Haynes</p><p>

Last 5 champions</p><p>

Bob Orton jr.</p><p>

Tito Santana (3)</p><p>

Ken Patera (2)</p><p>

Big Boss Man</p><p>

Jimmy Snuka</p><p> </p><p>

WWF Tag Team: The Stretchers (Tito Santana and Bill Jack Haynes) (4)</p><p>

Last 5</p><p>


The Stretchers (3)</p><p>


The Stretchers (2)</p><p>

Wild Samoans</p><p>

The Stretchers</p>

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<p>1993 top 20 wrestlers</p><p>

1. Tatsumi fujinami (NJPW)</p><p>

2. Riki Choshu (NJPW)</p><p>

3. Oscar Perez (WWF)</p><p>

4. Keiji Mutoh (NJPW)</p><p>

5. Yoshiaki Fujiwara (NJPW)</p><p>

6. Antonio Inoki (NJPW)</p><p>

7. Seji Sakaguchi (NJPW)</p><p>

8. Sting (NJPW)</p><p>

9. Chigusa Nagayo (AJW)</p><p>

10. Mr. Pogo (NJPW)</p><p>

11. Randy Savage (WWF)</p><p>

12. Ricky Steamboat (WWF)</p><p>

13. Yoshiaki Yatsu (NJPW )</p><p>

14. Ric Flair (WWF)</p><p>

15. Harley Race (WWF)</p><p>

16. Genichiro Tenyu (AJPW)</p><p>

17. Jumbo Tsuruta (AJPW)</p><p>

18. Paul Orndorff (WWF)</p><p>

19. Negro Casas (WWA Mexico)</p><p>

20. Yoshiaki Kawada (AJPW)</p>

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