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General Reference Thread for Mods

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This is an update as of 2/8/17


JaCeLo3's Bowl and Helmet Graphics for Bowl Bound College Football



REAL TEAMS Mod 2016 Season



This thread is now updated with live links as of 12/12/11


Right-click and Save As... on the links to download the mod.



Real College Teams/Names




This PStats file below is needed for several of the other mods


Icy's Self-Installing Real College File (v 1.6) by Icy (description/instructions) Alternate link



This file uses a Windows Installer to automatically install all of Icy's mods, including the latest PStats file, the team logos, and the Bowl logos by Ixnay.





KennyWan's NCAA Division I-AA Mod (download link/description/instructions)



Division II teams by Dunk44 (download link/description/instructions) Alternate Link




Alternate Team Logos


Ixnay's Logo Set for 1-A schools (v1) by Ixnay (description/instructions)



Hell Atlantic's Logo Set for 1-A schools (v1.2)[/url] by Hell Atlantic (description/instructions)



Real Helmets by Dunk44 (download in 2 parts/description/instructions)



Bowl Game logos


Bowl Game Logos (v1) by Ixnay (description/instructions)

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The reason I don't have a link for your download is because it is not capable of being saved directly from this thread. You can right-click and "Save As..." the other links. Instead, I linked to your thread and provided the new link as an alternate link.
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