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Unnamed Custom Mod

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So I tried to make my own fantasy mod based on the real world but with altered things such as Owen and Brian Pillman living. I got about 50% done doing my mod before it didn't play anything how I really enjoyed even though it was playing how I wanted. It just wasn't fun and was too easy to me.


I pulled out some stuff I had done a long time ago on EWR and began to plan it out for TEW10. Also added some stuff such as the fed I came up with a couple of months ago WPPW (my latest idea).


I don't have a name for this mod but maybe it will come to me by the end of my work on this. Currently don't have any pictures for workers, belts, promotions (except for WPPW), networks, shows, etc., etc. If anyone wants to get with me and help out in those departments down the road cool. If not that is fine too.


Progress on this will be posted when I get around to it.


I added all the companies. Next up I will add all of the workers for 1 promotions and then assign them to it. Then move on to the next promotion. All the way until every company has a roster. After that I will add the tag teams. Once I have everyones roles determined I will do each companies title lineages and starting storylines (won't be very restricting).


Ever since I was in middle school I have made up my own wrestlers (for TEW, video games, or other things). A lot of those will end up in this mod as well as characters who are based on people I've worked with, went to school with, or been friends with at some point in my life. The goal of mine is to finally put this all together from start to end as in the past I've put in a couple of promotions but that's about it. The only work I won't do all on my own will be some of the women in this, and all of the pictures if they are included.


I am very interested in suggestions, tips, and feedback in general.



Promotions: 27/27 (possibly a few more)

Workers: 270/? (Estimating 900 active wrestlers, 208 other roles, and about 30 or 40 retired/deceased)

Move Sets: 8/? (plan on doing most of the wrestlers)

Titles: 9/? (estimating 110 belts)

Tag Teams: 8/? (estimating 80)

Relationships: 50/?

Title Lineages: 0/?

Starting storylines: 3/? (Probably no more than 15-20 total)

Narratives: 0/? (no idea how many I will have yet)

Dojos: 4/? (not sure how many I want)

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<p><strong>USA Wrestling Picture</strong></p><p> </p><p>

<em>Work in progress...</em></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>World Power Pro Wrestling (WPPW)</strong></p><p>

-The only global promotion in the mod. Not known for having good wrestlers. Their roster consists of reality tv stars, body builders, and other unique workers. The product allows these people to do well here though.</p>

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I have added about 50 relationships, and another 100 workers. Up to about 245 workers.


Mexico needs a lot of work. I will take suggestions for names of workers, tv networks, and ppv networks.


Japan also needs a lot of work. I will take suggestions for names of workers, tv networks, and ppv networks.

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I've added some events, more workers, and even began doing some move sets.


If anyone wants to submit names or character concepts I am cool with that. I have North America covered and practically done but Japan, Mexico, Europe, UK, and Australia need work. I have only 1 promotion in Australia though so I shouldn't need more than 50 workers there.

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