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Field Goal Bug (Maybe)

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Now this is a strange one. Akron lines up for a field goal at the Ball State 20-yard line. They miss but Ball State's KICKER is called for offsides? (What, was he running out onto the field for some unknown reason?) Akron accepts the penalty, keeps ball at 15 yard line. I checked, there is no way my kicker was a sub on defensive special teams or defense. Akron ball, Q1, 2-8-BALL24 (07:25) 14-0 Offense: Short Pass, Set: Shotgun, Play: SG-SE-outs Defense: Normal, Set: 4-2-5, Play: 425-norm-DZ QB A. Weinmeister completes a 2 yard out to WR D. Moore (FS M. Harris, ILB L. Willhite). Akron ball, Q1, 3-6-BALL22 (07:04) 14-0 Offense: Inside Run, Set: SingleBack, Play: SB-HB-straight-LG Defense: Stop Run, Set: 4-2-5, Play: 425-run-Man-B5,6 RB A. Kopay runs left guard for 2 yards (ILB L. Willhite, OLB C. Rucker). Akron ball, Q1, 4-4-BALL20 (06:38) 14-0 Jerry Young misses the 38 yard field goal. It will be Ball State ball at the BALL 20 Offsides against K Harry Curtis on Ball State. The Penalty is for 5 yards. The Offense will accept the penalty. It is now First and 10 at the Ball State 15.
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