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Historic CornellVerse Mod

Guest arwrestling

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Guest arwrestling

So, I've been working on a CornellVerse update. This mod is to start in 1930. I'm added characters from that time period and I'm hoping to build up the history until 2030. Eventually I'd like to release a series of mods (one for every decade maybe?)


Basically, I'm posting this because I would need help with images / renders. I don't know how to make them, or if there is some sort of freeware I can use to create them. If not, I'd really appreciate it if I can get some people on here create some new renders for this version of the CornellVerse.


I'd really like this scenario to be as complete as possible, and so I would really like to have agers for every character, a blad picture and a masked picture for each of them aswell.


Anyways, if anyone would be interested in helping out with this that would be great. I already have pictures of people on whom I'd like the renders based... at least for the characters I have so far...


So lemme know if you are interested in making some renders and we'll get started. We can use this thread for all of it. Thanks in advanced.

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