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North of the Border Pro Wrestling: Dan Stone and the Stone Family

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(Winter of 2009, NOTBPW Promoter, Dan Stone Sr., meets with bookers and other staff about the future of the the promotion)

Dan Sr- I want to thank all of you for being here. As you all know, we are undergoing some changes here in our promotion. For years we have been a rock solid promotion in Canada. We are very sound financially and that has been good enough for me.


I was never interested in trying to compete internationally with the "sports entertainment" companies. However, we have had some investors come in, and they know a very substantial minority share in this promotion. I have been in this business for nearly 50 years and have done it all.


Sometime in the near future, I want to begin lightening my duties and designating more responsibilities to my daughter Victoria and to a couple of the bookers. It is time for me to experience life where wrestling is not my entire life. When that change does occur, I assure you that this company will be in good hands. I am still the owner, but I will take a less active role in day to day affairs.


We have a lot of things we want to do here in the next 12-16 months. As you know, we will begin taping a new TV show next month. It will be an hour show to start but we hope to eventually do a live show as well as expand to 2 hours. Also, we may split this promotion into 2 to allow some younger talent a chance to develop. That is down the line though.


The TV tapings will be used to advance our storylines as we near our PPV which will occur about every 5-6 weeks. Our championships will continue to be valued. You will not see World Title matches each week as you see on some bigger promotions. We want those matches to feel special as they already do here.


We are in the process of trying to acquire some talent to help compliment our already solid roster. Also, we will be adding a North American Championship to our World, Tag Team, and Women's Championship lineup. Our goal over the next year is to begin building towards expanding into the Northern part of the United States and add new fans to our loyal base.


This is an exciting time to be in NOTBPW. These changes we are striving for are going to be lucrative for all talent here now and will also make us more attractive for new talent as we look to sign more written, solid contracts with talent instead of so many pay per appearance deals.

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I am new to the board here guys. I have been a wrestling fan for years, have recently rekindled some of my love for the business, and discovering TEW has helped with that. I have always been fascinated with the writing in wrestling and how it could improve. I have posted other dynasties for other games on other gaming sites in the past.


The love of the business is evident on this site and I hope to add something here that you all find interesting to follow. I appreciate your interactions as I progress. I look forward to being able to express, my creative side, and hope that is something many of you can enjoy.

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Go to your "user CP" top left of the page beside FAQ. Then down the left side of your screen find "edit options" scroll down until you see "Thread Display Options" and under "Visible Post Elements" make sure "Show Images (including attached images and images in code)" is checked, if it isn't check the box and save changes.
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Current Roster (H-Heel, F-Face)


Main Event

Dan Stone Jr-F

Jeremy Stone-F

Johnny Bloodstone-H

Sean McFly-F

Steve DeColt-H


Upper Mid Card

Dark Angel-F

John Maverick-H

Owen Love-H

R.K. Hayes-H

Terry Crush-F

The Natural-H


Mid Card

Derek Frost-H

Harlem Haynes-H

Harrison Hash-F

Lord James King-F

Mighty Cavanaugh-F

Omar Brown-H

Tim Westybrook-F


Lower Mid Card

Canadian Dragon-H

Jason O'Connor-F

Robbie McNamara-F


Erik Strong-F

Julian Watson-H

Enhancement Talent



Women's Division

Kristabel Plum-F

Lauren Easter-H


Sally Ann Christianson-H



Tom Townsend-H, Announcer

Tommy London-F, Announcer

Victoria Stone-F, Personality

Bookers/Road Agents

Craig Prince-F

Dan Stone Sr-F


Clarence Garcia

Matthew White



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World Champion-Steve DeColt




North American Champion-(Vacant)



Tag Team Champions-Harlem Haynes, Omar Brown (The Brothahood)



Women's Champion-Kristabel Plum




The Brothahood

R.K. Hayes

Harlem Haynes

Omar Brown

The Stone Family

Dan Stone Sr.

Dan Stone Jr

Jeremy Stone

Victoria Stone

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Week 1 January

-There are heavy rumors that GCG Wrestling is about to go on a big spending spree for talent

-Remy Skye was the star of the show at last night's CZCW Revolution

-Dan Stone Sr is currently looking to bolster his roster for NOTBPW and is looking at a few Indy stars to bring in. He has a interest in Champagne Lover


-Chance Fortune defeated Edd Stone for the TCW Championship last night on TCW Total Wrestling. It was Stone's first defense of the belt.

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NOTBPW Has Announced the Lineup of NOTBPW Championship Wrestling's first taping


The Natural vs Terry Crush

Womens Championship Match-Kristabel Plum vs Melody

Dark Angel vs Julian Watson

Tim Westybrook vs Johnny Bloodstone

Main Event Dan Stone Jr. vs R.K. Hayes


Advertised Dark Main Event-World Title Match- Steve DeColt vs Jeremy Stone

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Week 1 January 2010

Caribou Arena

The Maritimes

4,991 tickets sold


Segment 1


(Music hits, show opens with Dan Stone Sr. in the ring with a mic)


Dan Stone Sr.- Welcome everybody, to NOTBPW Championship Wrestling on CBN! This is going to be fun. My first order of business is filling the vacant North American Championship. We will announce next week, 8 participants who will compete in a single elimination tournament, each week here on Championship Wrestling with the final round being held at our first PPV in 4 weeks, The Big City Brawl ! (crowd cheers)


Our first PPV, very….(music hits, World Champion Steve DeColt walks out, wearing a nice suit and the World Title over his shoulder and stops at the top of the ramp)


DeColt- Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let’s slow down just a second Herman Munster ! (crowd boos). .For those of you in TV land who don’t already know it, my name……is Steve DeColt, and I am the World…..Heavyweight…..Champion (boo) Now surely the World Champion is going to Main Event this first PPV ?! Why in the hell are we yammering about some little North American Championship ?


Dan Stone Sr- DeColt, everyone knows you are the Champ, and I would neeeeeever leave you out. You will find out soon enough who you will be facing, hut, I have to remind you about your manners son. It is really rude to interrupt , and that is exactly what you are doing! (cheering)


DeColt-(screaming) Manners ? Manners, old man ? Do you know who I am ? Did you not hear me before? I am Steve DeColt, I come from greatness! I am the greatest World Champion to ever live! Manners ?

Stone Sr-That’s right manners, and if you don’t turn around and go right back where you came from, I am gonna slap you around this arena just like I used to do your Daddy when we were in the ring together! Try me DeColt! (Cheers)


DeColt-(irate) You son of a bitch! (takes a step down the ramp, Dan Stone Sr takes off his jacket and rolls up his sleeves, DeColt stops and steps back up the ramp) Stone, you are lucky tonight, I don’t want to get your blood on this new suit. I am gonna give you that one

(crowd boos as DeColt walks off the stage, camera goes over to the announcers)




London: What a way to kick off NOTBPW Championship Wrestling. We come to you this week from The Caribou Arena in The Maritimes. I am Tommy London along side “Terrific” Tom Townsend. So much for a subtle start here tonight Tom.


Townsend: I think Dan Stone might need to have his head examined, London! Talking about a legend like George DeColt like that and speaking to his son Steve. The old man is just lucky that DeColt had a new suit on tonight!

London: Tom, you are in rare form for sure. Let’s go down to the ring for tonight’s first bout.


Segment 2


The Natural vs. Terry Crush

Crush pins The Natural at 7:39




Segment 3


Dark Angel vs. Julian Watson

Dark Angel wins via Flying Moonsault at 8:53


Segment 4

Women’s Title Match


Kristable Plum vs. Melody

Plum wins at 7:36 via The Plumtucker


Segment 5


Tim Westybrook vs. Johnny Bloodstone

Bloodstone wins via submission with the Bloodstone Mutilation at 6:54


Segment 6


Main Event


Dan Stone Jr vs. R.K. Hayes

Stone wins at 9:54 via The Stone Ankle Stretch




Show Score 80, considered a success

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Week 1 January 2010


-Internet voters have named Tommy Cornell the best overall worker in wrestling today.


-NOTBPW's first tv taping aired last night and was thought to be an overall success. It drew a 1.28 rating. In other NOTBPW news, the promotion has recently signed Davis Wayne Newton, Jefferson Stardust, Jennifer Heat, Katie Cameron, Nelson Callum, Krissy Angelle, Matthew Keith, Remmy Skye, and Rhino Umaga to their roster.



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I don't know if you've changed the default match times or not, but your matches (according to default expected times) are WAY too short. You might look into that. Just started my very first NOTBPW game very recently myself, so I'll be following.
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Week 1 January


-NOTBPW has signed several younger talents as well as veteran Eric Tyler. They are expecting to assign several more soon.

-Al Coleman is rumored to be on the verge of a big push with CZCW

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Glad to see a NOTBPW dynasty on the boards hope it sticks around because NOTBPW dynasties are rare and don't seem to last long once they start. NOTBPW is my favoriote C-Verse promotion so it wouldn't feel right if I didn't follow this one.


Best of luck!

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World Champion, Steve DeColt will find out who his opponent it is for The Big City Brawl, The North American Title Tournament begins, and much more when Episode 2 of NOTBPW Championship Wrestling is posted on Monday!

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North of the Border Championship Wrestling


Jan 2010, Week 2


Episode 2

The Quebec Stade Uniprix

(Music hits, show starts)


London: Welcome to North of the Border Championship Wrestling ! We have a great night of wrestling action for you tonight as we come to you from The Quebec Stade Uniprix. I am Tommy London along with the incorrigible, Terrific Tom Townsend.

Townsend: Incorrigible ? I thought you said we were in Quebec?

London: (shakes his head) Tonight we see the debut of Champagne Lover as he will participate in the opening match of The North American Title Tournament taking on the ruthless John Maverick. We will also see the debut of the recently signed “Samoan Destruction Inc.” in tag team action. And our Main Event this week will see World Champion Steve DeColt in a non title match vs. the Dark Angel.

Townsend: That’s right London, and all these people are going to see excellence personified in the ring with Steve DeColt. The greatest World Champion in the business. I can’t wait for him to school that Gene Simmons look a like, The Dark Angel.


London: That is just uncalled for Tom! Let’s head to the ring for the opening match.

Open With Steve DeColt in the ring talking about his possible opponents for the PPV

Score 96


Segment 1


1st Round of the North American Title Tournament


Champagne Lover vs. John Maverick

Winner: Champagne Lover via The Love Stunner at 8:57

Score: 59




Segment 3


Dan Stone Jr. vs. The Natural

Winner: Dan Stone Jr at 6:36 via the Stone Ankle Stretch



Segment 4

1st Round of the North American Title Tournament



R.K. Hayes vs. Tim Westybrook

Winner-R.K. Hayes at 6:31 via the Homicide Bomb

Score: 67


Segment 5



Segment 6


(Steve DeColt is in the ring)


DeColt: I want to say, as the World Champion, I have never felt so disrespected as I felt last week when Dan Stone Sr spoke to me the way he did, not only how he spoke about me, but he spoke about my father, God himself to me ! I want an apology here tonight! (boo) (Dan Stone Sr music hits) (cheers)


Dan Sr: (stands at the top of the ramp, laughs) DeColt, don’t sit around waiting from an apology from me, because you aren’t going to get it!


DeColt: (irate, goes to get out of the ring to head up toward Dan) Old man!


Dan Sr: Stop right there Steve! I have a whole family backstage that would like nothing better than to bounce your ass all over Quebec here tonight! (Cheers) Speaking of family, I did come here tonight to grant a request of yours.

DeColt: What are you talking about Frankenstein ?

Dan Sr: Your request, you were so hell bent last week on knowing your opponent at The Big City Brawl PPV. Your opponent is family…..of mine……your opponent for the World Title at Big City Brawl is……….my son in law, Sean Mcfly. (cheers) (Dan Sr exits)


DeColt: (fuming) Mcfly!?!? YOU CAN’T DO THAT !




Townsend: Who does Stone think he is, London ? He has no respect for our Champ!


London: He is the boss, that’s who he is Tom! He can make any match he likes and Sean Mcfly is a former champion himself, you couldn’t ask for a better opponent.

Townsend: You are gonna have to wipe that brown off the end of that nose if he keep shoving it up the Stone Family’s behind!

London: Folks, we will be right back.



Segment 7

Tag Team Match


Samoan Destruction Inc (Umaga and Machine) vs. Fighting Irish (O’Connor and McNamara)

Winner: Samoans at 7:37 via the Unbreakable Sleeper by Samoan Machine on O’Connor

Score: 48


Promo for the DeColt vs Dark Angel Main Event

Score 87


Segment 8

Main Event


Steve DeColt vs. Dark Angel- Non Title Match

Winner: Steve DeColt via pinfall with DeColt Stamped at 7:01

Score: 82

(after the match, DeColt yells into the camera)


DeColt: Mcfly! This is you in 3 weeks pal! Daddy in law didn’t do you any favors ! MCFLY! MCFLY! MCFLY!

(fade to black, show ends.)

Show Score 83, Hurt Popularity

6,155 attendance



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Week 2 Jan 2010


-NOTBPW Championship Wrestling drew a 1.09 rating.


-SWF Hell Freezes Over PPV did a 3.93 rating.


-Jack Bruce of the SWF was voted the Most Entertaining Wrestler in the World Today on the internet. Champagne Lover of NOTBPW and SOTBPW was voted as the Best Highflyer.


-CZCW inked Acid to a PPA deal.


-RAW officials feel that Gregory Grace is the next big star there


-Tommy Cornell was voted “The Best Overall Worker” in wrestling by fans.

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I used to Play NOTBPW alot. Here are a few tips.


- No Angles

- Long Matches (At Least 28 Minutes in the Main Event)

- Heels vs Faces, ALWAYS

- Use the Stones in the Main Event as much as possible.


With those, you'll EASILY get A shows.

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I wouldn't say NO angles. You can get away with minimal angle usage. I usually run 1-2 SHORT angles. Usually hype videos, or DeColt on the stick talking trash about the competition. As those tend to draw fairly good ratings.


But other then that, all of the points that Mr. McFly listed really should be followed.

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