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Akinator - An app that can guess what you're thinking


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Well to be specific, it attempts to deduce any character you're thinking of, and has been surprisingly on point with it's guesses. I've only stumped it once so far (using Marvel's Hydro-Man) but have been shocked with some of the obscure characters it can figure out.


It even managed to figure out a small dog named Potato from an anime where the dog was just kind of hanging around here and there with nothing to do with the storylines.

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Maybe less impressive because clearly Oblivion is in there, but it got M'aiq the Liar from Oblivion/Morrowind.



I stumped it with Charles Guiteau (it guessed John Wilkes Booth). It managed to get Guiteau on the second try though.

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I thought of Bouncer from Tracy Beaker and it guessed Some loser fro the only way is essex, then I got Greg from FOTC and it said Amir Blumenfeld... then Michael J Fox, some rubbish questions :( It got close with is the show based in New York but then got lost somewhere. Then Matt Bloomer, I want it to get it right.
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I thought of Doug Williams TNA and it asked me f he worked for WWE, I think it thought of Wade Barrett from the questions, I'm reading the mind readers mind! :eek:


It really is quite bad when it say does he have a headband yes, and then 3 q's down the same question. Then has he been a member of the WWE? Yes. Next question is he a stand up comedian :p lol...


1st guess Zack Ryder. X


Does the char. have blonde hair yes, next question does he have brown hair NO! :D


Jack Swagger it isn't even close to getting KENNY!


Charlie Haas no, I thought it was going to get it :(


I win again :(


One more go


It got Christopher Daniels! From an American, Bald, Never won a wwe title make up wearing, not fat, non Olympic Medal winning wrestler

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This is actually really bloody impressive.


It got Drizzt Do'Urden from Baldur's Gate (albeit second time around, first it guessed Ghost from Minecraft ¬_¬. Not entirely similar...).


Second time I was thinking of Teal'c from Stargate, and it guessed Bra'tac (you really couldn't get any closer), and then I realised something... I LIED TO IT! The last question (after it had realised that I was after an alien hero from Stargate, evidently) was "does your character have a son". I had a brain fart, and lied and said no. AND IT STILL VERY NEARLY GOT IT.


I love this thing.


Wonder if it gets Cypher from Warhammer 40k... Nope, guessed Eisenhorn. Which is... really not at all similar. Nah, after three wrong guesses, Cypher beat him. :p

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Cool program. It guessed vince mcmahon in about 30 questions. Oddly enough it was after the question, "Does your character have a famous son?"


It also got The Fresh Prince of Belair in 25 questions after the question does your character live with their uncle.


pretty accurate for me.


Its also guessed the Walmart smiley face on its first guess!


Edit: I love how once it zeroes in it asks some pretty accurate questions!

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Okay this thing is just sick! So far it got:


Crazy Joe Davola

Derek Jeter

Jennifer Aniston

Patrick Troughton

Holly J. Sinclair:o


Hiliary Clinton

Omar from the Wire

Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Peter Sellers

Darth Vader

Redd Foxx


The only one I got it on was Hilarie Burton.


I will say the one I really thought it would not get was Crazy Joe Davola but it got it right and under 20 questions as well.

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The second link in the thread, the one you can do places is really freaking good. At least as an American.


It's got the first two right for me,

Compton and Salem. Now I have to think of another place more random I guess to see if I can beat the machine without cheating (using a really small team is a bit unfair me thinks..)

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It got Bryan Danielson with some really vague question, I really am quiet shocked it got that :eek:


It still can't get Kenny but it just Got Nicky, well Ziggler but still and then he gave up :(


It got Russo I think does the character have something to do with death (of WCW) helped.


Danielson and Russo it got out of the blue though, well done Akinator

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Link in the op isn't working for me at the moment :(


us.akinator.com not working either. I click to play and it says sorry I need time to wake up can you wait a few minutes? Something close to that anyway.

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