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The RA-Verse Hype

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The Really Awesome Verse


This is going to be a fictional world with fictional characters. I have just started the mod two days ago and this is for people to keep track if they want to.


Things I have done





Match Types









Allout Wrestling!


-Known as one of the most promising new promotions

-Wrestlers of good skills go to get a cult following

-Based on Skill more than Popularity

-Start : 250,000




Bloody Championship Wrestling


-Debuted in 2002 and surprisingly exploded on the scene gaining a cult following


- Looked down on by the "Traditional" wrestling fan


- Good young workers make the future look bright for BCW


- most over in the Tri State, Great Lakes, and New England area



Tits N Ass Wrestling


-The name explains it all


-Most popular among teenage guys and any other guy for that matter.





Total Wrestling Action


-2nd biggest wrestling company in the US


-At war with WWCW and USCW


-Might take over WWCW for number 1 in the US if they keep their momentum going



World Wide Championship Wrestling


-The Biggest wrestling promotion in the world


- Been around for over 50 year under different names


- Have recently got more competition than they have in many years


I still have about five more US promotions or maybe more.



Other Countries


I have one promotion outside of the US which is in Canada


I plan on a lot more in Canada, Mexico, Japan, and UK



Alter Ego 0/0

Agers 0/?

Promotions: 6/35

Workers 2/750

Titles 0/???

TV Networks 0/28

Dojo 1/25


Percent done: 1.5%

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