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Greenhorn: the Elegy

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My n-n-...my n..


My n-...*cough*naaaaaaaaaa*cough*


Mynii...my nammmmm...






















My niiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaa...




Okay, calmmmmmm










Is. Thiiiiii*cough*




My name*hiccup*






























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Alright, I suppose I'll spill.


Eisen, Richard Eisen, never was in financial trouble. I knew when I bought him out that people would be talking about that, but it's not true. He's a businessman, and I made him an offer that made sense in the business world.


And no, SWF is not losing money. They've built up near a quarter of a hundred million dollars. 25 million. That puts them ahead of pretty much every other wrestling company in the world. And they're the largest, an international empire. No, SWF is doing fine.


So why sell out? I'm not sure. Possibly, Eisen wanted to retire a bit early. Not like he couldn't, what with all the money he's made. Why give the business to me, rather than one of his kids? I'm not real sure, but I'll take a guess:


1. Eric's a product of nepotism. I don't want to slam the kid, nor badmouth Richard, but...that's the most likely situation. Eisen's not that good in the ring. He could hang around the North American Title, I suppose, but he's not World Championship material. Richard handing the business to him...it doesn't look good, I'd say. Probably a bit of a hit on the business side, and Eric's likely to push himself a bit beyond his abilities.


2. Jerry isn't cut to be a leader. He's fine behind the desk, but only just. He's...an average announcer. He's an average man in a pool of excellence. Everyone knows that. The business would eat him alive.


So that leaves me. I'm young, but I'm smart. I've studied a hell of a lot of wrestling, both in the ring and out. I know how to run a business, and I lined Richard's pockets. So the deal was an easy sell, frankly.


I'm sure everyone wants to know my plans for the company, new hires, people I'll fire and push to the top. In due time, kids. I'll be posting my thoughts online, like this, periodically, and I'm encouraging my workers to do the same. There's a show coming up tomorrow, so everything-or almost everything-will be revealed soon.

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