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Four Corners of Chaos Redux: WCW

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The year: 2000. After many, many bad decisions, WCW is almost dead. Vince Russo was supposed to improve storylines! Having a major motion picture featuring WCW wrestlers was supposed to help business! Unfortunately, both did much more harm than good. Insiders predicted that the former leader in sports entertainment would be gone before Slamboree.


Then, something magical happened. Congress declared that professional wrestlers could no longer be considered independent contractors. That meant all WCW contracts were void. The new brass at TimeWarner considered dumping the whole wrestling division. But one man, a mysterious executive named Ben, fought for World Championship Wrestling. After weeks of negotiating, Brad Siegel finally agreed to resurrect WCW. Now, the new WCW looks to take down the promotion up north, while still fending off the up and coming ECW and the newcomers NWA: TNA. Welcome to FOUR CORNERS OF CHAOS: REDUX!


Inky The Squid Boy playing WWF

Ben5 playing WCW

Charasmatic Enigma playing NWA:TNA

20LEgend playing ECW


Our roster:


The Rock


Rey Misterio Jr.

Randy Savage

Hugh Morris

Bret Hart

TAKA Michinoku

Ron Killings


Disco Inferno

Ernest Miller

Super Dragon

Matt Sydal

Shelton Benjamin

Torrie Wilson

Pimp Fatha

"British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith



Chris Benoit

Ric Flair

Curt Hennig

Steven Regal

Andrew Martin

Buff Bagwell

Brock Lesnar

D'Lo Brown


CM Punk

Fit Finlay

Samoa Joe


Lex Luger

Rick Steiner

Alex Wright

Ray Traylor

Jim Cornette

Albert Bloom

Brian Adams

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Dear WCW fans,


On behalf of the WCW management, we are sorry. Over the pay few months, you have been subject to what can best be described as bad television, bad writing, and bad wrestling. But today begins a new era. Starting immediately, WCW will produce a better product and we will return to the top of the wrestling business where we belong.

Changes are coming to every level of the promotion. For starters, the hardcore title has been retired. WCW knows it has a smarter fan who appreciates more than "garbage" wrestling. In response to this elimination, the television title will be reinstated. This title will be defended exclusively on WCW Nitro and Thunder, and it will be defended often.

Changes are also coming to the cruiserweight division. While fans love the exciting action that these light heavyweight wrestlers bring to the table, having them compete for their own title and only their own title limits their potenital and keeps fans from seeing these men compete against larger athletes. The brass have decided that the cruiserweights will now be eligible for all titles in WCW. In addition there will be a WCW Cruiserweight Cup held once a year. Wrestlers from around the world will be able to enter this tournament and it will crown the greatest cruiserweight in the world.

As you may have heard, there are changes coming to the WCW Heavyweight Championship. In the recent past, bookers and Hollywood B Listers have helt that belt. We guarantee that those days are behind us. To distance ourselves from that era, WCW will be retiring the "Big Gold Belt" design and reinstating the former WCW World Heavyweight Championship design. A new day has dawned.

In the very recent past here, certain men behind the scenes will have put themselves too far into the limelight. In the new WCW, these problems will be eliminated. A new general manager has been appointed and will be revealed in the upcoming weeks, and he will be the authority on air. And trust us, he belongs on air.

Another change you will see are in the pay per view schedule. Gone are the spur of the minute names like Sin and Greed and the inane ideas like having a show at an outdoor biker rally. In their place, classics return: Souled Out, Clash of the Champions and World War 3, among others.

WCW is making changes to put the company at the forefront of the wrestling industry. We know you have a choice when it comes to professional wrestling, and we hope you stick with WCW.




Brad Siegel and the rest of the WCW Front Office

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Welcome to WCW Monday Nitro!


D'Lo Brown took on the dancing fool Ernest Miller in a preshow match. In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Brown defeated Miller in 9:47 by pinfall with a Low Down. He proclaimed himself to be the most valuable wrestler in the new WCW.


On Air:

Fireworks to open the show! At the announce table, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are joined by Bret Hart.

Ross announces there will be a four man tournament for the vacant WCW Heavyweight Championship. The competitors? Former WCW Champions Ric Flair, Sting, Chris Benoit, and newcomer Rocky Maivia! And tonight, Rocky takes on Benoit in our main event.



Lex Luger vs. Brian Adams

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Lex Luger defeated Brian Adams in 8:38 by submission with a Torture Rack. Although there is chemistry galore between the announcers, Lex Luger and Brian Adams didn't seem to click.



Ric Flair struts out to the ring in an expensive suit. He grabs a mic and starts talking about his match next week with the man called Sting. “Sting, wooooo, you can't handle the Nature Boy in the ring!” From the rafters, Sting comes down to confront the Nature Boy. The two have a stand off, but they do not fight.



United States Championship: Hugh Morrus vs. Lord Steven Regal

United States Champion Hugh Morrus battles against the returning Lord Steven Regal. The two fought a pretty even match. The action left the ring and headed up the stage near the new WCW TimeWarner Tron. The two men were more focused on beating each other than winning the match; they failed to respond to the referee's ten count and they both were counted out at 12:58.



Jim Cornette comes out to the podium, along with Andrew Martin and Brock Lesner. Together, they are Nightmare Fuel. Cornette hypes his tag team as the second coming of Death.


Super Dragon vs. Aguila

The crowd wasn't into this match between the two young wrestlers. The Southern California native showed off some innovative offense against the luchador. Super Dragon defeated Aguila in 7:47 by pinfall after hitting the Psycho Driver II.



A music video is shown to promote the returning Randy Savage.



Kaientai vs. ...

Before their opponents could make it to the ring, Martin and Lesner attacked TAKA and Funaki in the ring, and leave them down and out.


Davey Boy Smith vs. Albert Bloom

The Bulldog took on the big Albert Bloom. Davey Boy Smith picked up the victory here, taking down the big man in 8:58 with a Running Powerslam. The crowd was not too hot for this one, showing that former employees from up north don't really get a lot of heat. That will change now.


Rey Misterio Jr. ve. Curt Hennig

Misterio got off some good offense, but Hennig had an ace up his sleeve whether he knew it or not. While the two battled outside, Buff Bagwell made his way down to the ring. “The Stuff” got a few cheap shots in on Misterio while the ref dealt with Hennig. Misterio rolled into the ring and was met with Hennig and a steel chair. Hennig didn't use it, however. He threw it to Rey, and he acted like he had been hit. The ref turned to see Misterio with a chair and Hennig “down and out”, and disqualified Misterio!

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Curt Hennig defeated Rey Misterio Jr. in 17:06 by disqualification.



Rocky Maivia is backstage. “Finally, Rocky has come back to Alabama!” Rocky then talks about kicking Benoit's monkey ass for a few minutes. The crowd eats it up.


Chris Benoit vs. Rocky Maivia

A good, back and forth match with a lot of heat. The brawl spilled out of the ting early. Benoit launched Maivia into the steel stairs. The People's Champ hit them hard with his shoulder. Benoit worked the shoudler hard, setting up the Crippler. Rocky fought back, however. Benoit tried to tread water, and used every underhand tactic in the book: taking off the turnbuckle pad, eye gouges, and using the ropes for leverage. Rocky finally looked like he had the Crippler put away. He had him all set up for the Rock Bottom, but Benoit managed to elbow Rocky in the back of the head and twist him around for the Canadian Crossface! Rocky lasted as long as any man can, but he couldn't break the hold or get to the ropes. It took everything Benoit had, but at 20:34, the Canadian Crippler defeated Rocky Maivia!


Post Show:

In an awful match that was completely devoid of heat, Alex Wright and CM Punk defeated Pimp Fatha and Matt Sydal in 8:06 when CM Punk defeated Matt Sydal by pinfall with a Pepsi Plunge.



A video piece is played, 'Up Close and Personal with CM Punk'.

In it, Punk is interviewed in a 60 Minutes-type of setting, complete with interviews with friends and family, visits to old neighborhoods, etc. What was left of the audience hated it.


Overall: B

Fans were happy to see a great match on Nitro. Although the undercard is a little weak, after a few weeks this will not be a problem anymore.

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WCW Thunder

In a bout that had solid in-ring action but non-existent crowd heat, Nightmare Fuel defeated Pimp Fatha and Matt Sydal in 6:44 when Brock Lesnar defeated Pimp Fatha by pinfall with an Overhead Belly To Belly.



In an awful match that was completely devoid of heat, Super Dragon defeated Samoa Joe in 11:50 by pinfall. J



In an awful match that was completely devoid of heat, Ron Killings defeated Shelton Benjamin in 6:30 by pinfall with a True Conviction.



CM Punk had an interview hyping himself by telling everyone watching just... how.. good.. he... is...



In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Alex Wright defeated Ernest Miller in 15:07 by submission with a STF. T



In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Rey Misterio Jr. defeated Fit Finlay in 20:01 by pinfall with a Springboard Hurracanrana.


Overall: C-


In backstage news, WCW has signed the following wrestlers: Meng, Scott D'Amore, and Shaw Stasiak, and color commentator Stevie Ray. WCW was glad to resign some former stars.

Rumor has it that owner Brad Siegel was causing some tension backstage, but booker Ben cooled it all down before it turned into a problem. Siegel was unfamiliar with the environment at wrestling events, but now he understands.

Although it was teased that WCW would have a special, secret guest announced as General Manager on this week's Nitro, that obviously wasn't the case. Apparently the management had trouble signing the star on such short notice. If all goes according to plan, he should be on air next week on either Nitro or WCW Souled Out at the latest.

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Wow, another stellar main event. You guys are starting out strong.


The fact alone that you voluntarily chose to have Brad Siegel as owner of your company makes this an instant classic.


He is a figurehead at best. I figured that someone with no heat on anyone would be better than having an owner who not only has heat with a quarter of my roster, but would require himself to be on TV.

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WCW is proud to announce the following signings over the past week before WCW Monday Nitro:

Ballz Mahoney, Marty Jannety, Doug Williams, Norman Smiley, Chris Candido, Vlad (formerly known as Vampire Warrior and Gangrel), manager Rena Mero, referee Teddy Long, and Vince Russo.


This week on Nitro: Sting vs. Ric Flair, Rey Misterio and Lex Luger vs. Buff Bagwell and Curt Hennig, and the shocking introduction of the WCW General Manager!

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WCW Monday Nitro, live from the Charles Kock Arena in Kansas, in front of 9688 fans!


Ron Killings vs. Alex Wright

"The Truth" and the German Prodigyfaced off in this dark match. Killings beat Wright with Truth of Consequences in 9:48. The crowd wasn't into this match very much.



On Air:

WCW Nitro opens up with fireworks. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are at the announce table.


JR: Welcome to the new WCW Nitro! I'm Jim Ross, seated next to me is Jerry “the King” Lawler, and we are getting started right away!


King: That's right JR! The new WCW General Manager is here, and he will be in the ring tonight!


The lights dim, and through the arena sound system, we hear this:


Out to the ring comes... Vince Russo?


Vince gets to the ring and grabs a mic.


“I'm back!” The crowd groans. “For those of you who don't know, my name is Vince Russo, and I am the anti-Christ of professional wrestling!” Uh oh, an anti-christ reference in the south? This isn't going to end well. “I figured WCW was so deep in the crapper that Vince Russo better come back. I know this business, I am this business. I am going to turn WCW around, and I will do it with what works. Yapplepie matches? Sure. Pinata on a pole? Of course. Coal miners glove? Ye-”


JR: Wait a minute, that's Rocky Maivia's music! By gawd, that's Rocky's music!


Rocky makes his way down to the ring.


Rocky: Hey jabroni, what's your name?


Russo: I'm said I'm Vinc-


Rocky: It doesn't matter what your name is! You're out here, running your mouth, talking about coal miners gloves. You can take your coal miners gloves-


Russo: Yeah, yeah Rock. We've heard it all before. But you better watch your mouth. I made you in WWF, and as GM here, I can break you.


Rocky: GM? Who said you were GM?


Russo: WCW invited me here for the General Manager announcement. You do the math, Dwayne!


Rocky: Two things, Vince. First off, I've seen the GM, and you, sir, are not the GM. Secondly...”

Rocky drops the mic and gives Russo the Rock Bottom!


(As always Rocky looked great. Russo, on the other hand, looked lost. He has seen his last check from WCW.)


Chris Benoit vs. Marty Jennetty

Benoit requested this match as a warm-up for his WCW Championship match this Sunday at Souled Out. Jannetty held his own for much of the match, but the Crippler locked in his patented submission and that was all she wrote. Benoit defeated Jennetty in 12:00 with the Canadian Crippler.


United States Champion Hugh Morrus and Ernest Miller vs. Albert Bloom and Lord Steven Regal

In a match with very little heat, Morrus got the victory over Bloom with No Laughing Matter in 8:22. Regal managed to stay strong in this one, however. Does Morrus have enough momentum to defeat Regal this Sunday and retain his United States Championship?



10 Man Battle Royal for the WCW World Television Championship

D'Lo Brown won a 10 man Battle Royal for the vacant WCW Television Championship. Brown held off nine other men, including Meng, Super Dragon, Samoa Joe and CM Punk to become the first Television Champion of the new era.



"The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith vs. Brian Adams

Davey Boy Smith drew with Brian Adams at 6:05. These two big men fought to a double disqualification when both men used foreign objects to attack each other.



Brock Lesner vs. Funaki

Brock Lesner squashed Funaki in 3:59 with the F-5. It was all Lesner in this match. The Japanese fighter didn't stand a chance against one half of Nightmare Fuel.



After the match, Andrew Martin made his way to the ring and the two beat down on the already defeated Funaki. With Kaientai get their revenge this Sunday at WCW Souled Out?


Rey Misterio Jr. and Lex Luger vs. Curt Hennig and Buff Bagwell

In a tag team preview of two singles matches for WCW Souled Out, Rey Misterio Jr. got the surprising victory over Bagwell. These two will face off Sunday, and you know Bagwell is looking to even the odds. Misterio debuted an innovative maneuver where he swings through the upper and middle rope to kick his opponent, whose head is resting on the second rope.



Prior to the Main Event, the man known only as Sting makes his way to the ring by rappelling from the rafters!



Sting vs. Ric Flair

Winner faces Chris Benoit for WCW World Heavyweight Championship at WCW Souled Out, this Sunday on Pay Per View

In a sizzling feature match up on Nitro, Sting defeated Ric Flair in 22:12 to earn a shot at becoming WCW World Heavyweight Champion at WCW Souled Out! Sting and the Nature Boy did not disappoint in this match. Flair had the figure-four locked in; he got two two counts out of it. However, Sting is no veteran to that move and he managed to roll over, reversing the pressure. After a Stinger Splash and a Scorpion Death Drop, the Nature Boy was down for the count.



Sting celebrates on his way into the back as Flair conplains to the referee that there was a fast count.


Then, Rocky's music hits. Rocky comes out on the entrance ramp.


Rocky: Rocky is out here to introduce the new WCW General Manager. Without further ado, the new GM is-


Flair: Rocky, wooooo, what slapdick from the past are you going to introduce now? Bill Watts? Kip Frey? That ridiculous Paul Danger fellow?


Rocky: Ric Flair, shut your mouth!


Flair: You need to respect your elders, Rocky. You may have been big elsewhere, but where the Nature Boy comes from, you're still greener than goose ****. I'm the The Limousine Ridin', Jet Flying, Kiss Stealin', Wheelin' Dealin', Son of a Gun! Wooooo!


Out comes Bret “the Hitman” Hart!

JR: Oh my gawd! That's Bret Hast's music! Bret Hart!


The crowd goes nuts for the Excellence of Execution.


Rocky: As I was saying, the new WCW GH, Bret Hart!


Hart: Thanks Rocky. Now, I-


Flair: Bret Hart? You got this has been? Hart, you couldn't draw a crowd with a pen and paper. Woooooo!


Hart: Let's see how you draw, Ric Flair. This week at Souled Out, you will face the people's champ, Rocky Maivia!


Flair stomps around in the ring while Hart holds up Rocky's hand in celebration.



Overall: C+


A disapointing show heading into Souled Out. The Misterio/Luger Hennig/Bagwell match did not perform as well as hoped. Management anticipated a poor showing from Russo, and he did not disappoint.

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I'm always a sucker for Sting vs. Ric Flair matches, and liked the post-match angle. Your show may not have gotten a super rating, but hopefully Souled Out will do better with those strong matches in the upper card.
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I had that promo written a week and a half ago. I was hoping to get it on the first show, but I couldn't get Russo signed. Then I did get him signed, and I realize he was injured. I flipped out until I saw he was available for angle. I flipped out again when I tried to book the angle, because I couldn't see him. Turns out he didn't have a position.


As for Souled Out, I think I'll do alright. My top two matches will do great, but the rest of the card will be lacking. But everyone has that problem right now. Thank god I will have 6 weeks before SuperBrawl.

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WCW Thunder!


Jim Ross is at the podium and makes the announcement that Stevie Ray will be serving as a new announcer for the promotion. At that, a beaming Stevie Ray comes out and thanks Ross for the introduction. They join Jerry "the King" Lawlen at the announce table.



Pimp Fatha vs. Vlad with Vampiro

The mysterious Vlad debuted with Vampiro at his side in this match. In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Pimp Fatha defeated Vlad in 9:05 by submission with a STF.



CM Punk and Samoa Joe vs. Ron "the Truth" Killings and Ernest Miller

In a bout that had solid in-ring action but non-existent crowd heat, Ron Killings and Ernest Miller defeated CM Punk and Samoa Joe in 9:57 when Ron Killings defeated Samoa Joe by pinfall with a Truth Or Consequences. Although they failed to pick up the victory, Punk and Joe seem to have great chemistry in the ring.



Ballz Mahoney vs. Super Dragon

In an awful match that was completely devoid of heat, Super Dragon defeated the debuting Ballz Mahoney in 12:19 by pinfall.



Curt Hennig does an interview in which he challenges Lex Luger. He also throws a towel and catches it while chewing gum.



Andrew Martin with Jim Cornette vs. TAKA Michinoku

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Andrew Martin defeated TAKA Michinoku in 10:54 by pinfall with a Pump Handle Slam. Nightmare Fuel seems to have all the momentum going into WCW Souled Out, live this Sunday on Pay Per View.



Bret Hart comes out and thanks Rocky Johnson for introducing him, and he says he has big things planned for WCW.



Norman Smiley vs. United States Champion Hugh Morrus

In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Hugh Morrus defeated Norman Smiley in 15:50 by pinfall with a Power Bomb.



A video plays hyping Chris Benoit vs. Sting, live this Sunday at WCW Souled Out, only on Pay Per View! Check your local Pay Per View provider for more information. Card subject to change.



Post Show:

Shawn Stasiak vs. Scott D'Amore

In an awful match that was completely devoid of heat, Shawn Stasiak defeated Scott D'Amore in 6:03 by pinfall.. No chemistry between these two wrestlers.



Overall: C-

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WCW notes: It seems World Championship Wrestling is still trying to finalize its roster. There are a lot of heels and too few babyfaces. Management plans to correct this with signings and making some moves on the development front.


WCW is looking to build up its tag team division as well. With few well known teams signed, most all teams have to be built from scratch. For example, Vlad (formerly Gangrel) was signed to team with Vampiro.


WCW has made their first firing. Vince Russo was let go from his pay per appearance contract. WCW's plan was to hire him for one show and let him go. Russo did not know this, so he is not on good terms with head booker Ben. No one seems to be concerned with this, because Russo is most likely done in the professional wrestling world.

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Welcome to WCW Souled Out, live from the Palace at Auburn Hills in Michigan! The attendance is 24,276. At the announce table are Jim Ross, Jerry “the King” Lawler, and WCW General Manager Bret Hart.


Lord Steven Regal vs. Hugh Morrus for the WCW United States Championship

Great match from the US Champ and his English challenger. Hugh Morrus defeated Steven Regal in 16:04 by pinfall with a Power Bomb in a match that had some good action and average heat. Hugh Morrus makes defense number 2 of his WCW United States Heavyweight title.



Macho Man makes a surprise appearance!

"Ooooh yeah! Macho Man is back in action. I've been off in space, working on getting some robot legs. But now I'm gunning for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship! Yeah, no one is going to stop my quest. History beckons the Macho Man!"



WCW Television Champion D'Lo Brown vs. Super Dragon

In this non title match D'Lo Brown defeated Super Dragon in 10:14 by pinfall with a Low Down. Super Dragon was a formidable opponent and he seems to be improving in the ring, but the veteran D'Lo got the pinfall and the win.



Jim Cornette comes out to the podium, along with Nightmare Fuel. Cornette hypes his tag team. Brock Lesner and Andrew Martin are very menacing.



Nightmare Fuel with Jim Cornette vs. Kaientai for the vacant WCW Tag Team Championships

As could be expected, this one wasn't much of a contest. Brock Lesner and Andrew Martin made quick work of TAKA and Funaki, capturing their first Tag Team title together. In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Nightmare Fuel defeated Kaientai in 8:34 when Brock Lesnar defeated Funaki by pinfall with an Overhead Belly To Belly. Nightmare Fuel win the WCW World Tag Team titles.


Curt Hennig vs. Lex Luger

In a match that had some good action and average heat, Curt Hennig drew with Lex Luger in 18:44 following a double count out. Good chemistry between these two opponents, but smarks expect more from these two "main eventers".



Rey Misterio Jr. with Rena Mero vs. Buff Bagwell

A growing face pop for the cruiserweight from San Diego. Buff got some good shots in, but Misterio proved to be too much for “the Stuff” in the end. In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Rey Misterio Jr. defeated Buff Bagwell in 23:20 by pinfall with a Springboard Hurracanrana.



Rocky Johnson had an interview hyping his upcoming singles match with Ric Flair.

Rocky grabs a mic and addresses the crowd. “Ric Flair, every week I hear you run your mouth. But Rocky is going to put you in your place. I'm the the trailblazing, eyebrow raising, jabroni beating, pie eating, heart stopping, elbow dropping, here to seek and destroy, I'm gonna beat the Nature Boy, Peoples Champion, Rocky Maivia! If you smellllllllllllllllll what Rocky is cooking!



Ric Flair vs. Rocky Maivia

Rocky and Flair put on a great one in their first ever match up. Rocky started out strong, hitting Flair with a barrage of punches. The People's Champ kept the peddle down, eventually setting Flair up for the People's Elbow. Before he could throw the elbow pad, however, Flair hit a low blow and mounted a comeback. Natch used every dirty trick in the book to get ahead. The match looked like it would be over when Flair locked in the figure-four. Rocky was almost gone, until he flipped over and reversed the pressure! Rocky got Flair up and hit the Rock Bottom before getting the pin. In a bout that featured great action and a good crowd, Rocky Johnson defeated Ric Flair in 25:30 by pinfall.




A video plays hyping Chris Benoit vs. Sting.



Chris Benoit vs. Sting for the vacant WCW World Heavyweight Championship

For the first time for the WCW Championship, the Crippler Chris Benoit squared off against the WCW icon Sting. This match spilled out of the ring and back to the entrance ramp. Referee Billy Silverman let the match continue instead of counting both men out. Benoit hit a double German suplex on the metallic stage, but Sting got up! Benoit lead Sting back into the ring and set him up for the diving headbutt. Sting, using his ring presence, rolled out of the way and Benoit only hit the mat. Sting whipped the Crippler into the corner and hit the Stinger Splash. Instead of rolling up Benoit, Sting went for a second Splash, but Benoit moved out of the way. Benoit capitalized on the injured Sting and locked in the Canadian Crossface for the victory and his second WCW Heavyweight Championship! In a match that had excellent in-ring action and a good crowd, Chris Benoit defeated Sting in 32:44 by submission. Chris Benoit wins the WCW World Heavyweight title.



Having picked up the victory, Chris Benoit celebrates in the ring.


Post Show:

Pimp Fatha, Marty Jannetty, Ernest Miller and Davey Boy Smith vs. Alex Wright, Brian Adams, Fit Finlay and Meng

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Pimp Fatha, Marty Jannetty, Ernest Miller and Davey Boy Smith defeated Alex Wright, Brian Adams, Fit Finlay and Meng in 7:55 when Davey Boy Smith defeated Fit Finlay by pinfall with a Running Powerslam.



CM Punk and Samoa Joe vs. Shelton Benjamin and Matt Sydal

In an awful match that was completely devoid of heat, CM Punk and Samoa Joe defeated Matt Sydal and Shelton Benjamin in 6:07 when CM Punk defeated Matt Sydal by submission with an Arm Triangle Choke.



Overall: B- (boooo)

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I don't think anything went wrong with Luger/Hennig. Even though they are main eventers, neither has very good overness. In a perfect world, they would both be somewhere between upper mid and mid. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough upper mid card wrestlers in the database. Hell, Andrew "Test" Martin is a main eventer!


I guess the crowd just wasn't feeling Rocky? I don't know, I don't get it either.


As for Macho Man, don't be surprised if he doesn't get a title shot sooner rather than later.

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