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Tips on increasing promotion size

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First off, ive been part of the boards for a long time, read often but hardly ever post. Been playing since the Extreme Warfare 9000 days. Thats why it kills me to ask this.


I created a 0/0/0 fed. Im in November of 2013, I run 3 small shows and 1 medium event per month that i treat as my "ppv" in booking terms. I just broke the 41 percent Pop in my home region (New England). With the 41 pop, i now have 17 pop in the Tri-State area. My ultimate goal is to increase someday to atleast international, global would be cool too. I ran 1 show in NY right after i got the 17 pop spill over. My question now is, how sould i go about improving?


The only tv network that would deal with a regional promotion that has coverage in New England said i was not populuar enough (im assuming this is because i have only 17 in tri-stae, 5 in some others, and 0s)


To build up pop in NY, I am losing out on ALOT of ticket money. only had like 150 or something people at my NY show. However, building up POP in New England is getting harder, to raise pop you need a 10 or more better rating better than your pop, example: im 41 in New england, i have to put on atleast a 51 overall show to raise pop. My shows have been averaging between 48-54, so not sure i can keep up with the +10 ratings.


I have just under 100K in the bank. Depending on how much i use certain big name stars during the month, I have been anywhere between losing 5k and earning 10K.


my product is as follows

Key features: Traditional

Heavy: Mainstream

Medium: Lucha Libre

Low:Modern, hardcore, pure, dare devil

very low: Cult

everything else is low


Wrestlers are rated more on Pop than performance

Fans expect all wrestlers to have a proper gimmick

Attract fans who will not like highly risky gimmicks

attract fans who like their gimmicks simple

fans will not get subtle gimmicks

fans expect storylines to follow

fans put off by highly risky angles

Very favorable towards getting sponserships (this helps alot)

Allows company not to be rocked by wrestling industry changes

young lion system not taken into account


Ok, so, I may have givin a little TOO much info, but I just want to make sure i covered everything in order to get some good solid advice on how i should stratagize to build my company up to cult, and then up to national. One last thing, I also know Cult kills alot of companys, but if you have advice on how much money i should have, that would be appreciated too.

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I always waited until I was popular enough in my home region to benefit from spillover (66 I think) which means that when you start running shows in another region you shouldn't lose much money and might actually make a small profit. In my MAW game I'm currently at 67 pop in my home region and I'm building up two other areas before my jump to Cult. I run two large shows per month in my home region and one medium show in each of my new regions and I'm making about 140k per month in profit. When I get to about 5 million I'm going to get a TV show and push myself over into cult. That's how I tend to do it usually, other people may have other/better methods though but that's what I'm comfortable with.
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