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Supreme Wrestling Federation- New regime

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December 1st 2005 was an important night in SWF's history. Richard Eisen declares that he wanted a guy other then Sam Keith as the Head Booker of the promotion. Keith was an active wrestlers and some people felt that he was abusing his power. Therefore, Eisen decided to bring someone to fill Keith's spot.


He choose me. Yossi Hayat. I was an average booker and then all of a sudden, I got a job in the biggest promotion in the world. Hell I was happy. I got in there with a vision: To create new stars, to trim all of the fat and to turn SWF into something better. I started it immediately.


December-January recap


As I started, I decided to fire someone: Andre Jones. Never liked him. He is a jerk and he couldn't get over because he was a loser. Instead of him, I took hot prospect from DAVE: Their tag team champ, "Big Cat" Brandon James. I guess that he is going fine, because everytime I give him to fight with some big names, he makes the crowd go crazy. Queen Emily is doing all the talking for Brandon. I've also signed some staff: Curt O'Mailey, SWF legend Micky Starr and a new manager- Stetson Hatt.


The month of December started with tons of teams feud for Christmas Clash. I've tried to get the Samoan Wildboyz over by letting them defeat Death Row and the Dirty White Boys, in seprate matches and in a triple threat tag team match.


In the meantime, Squeeky McClean became one of the most hated people in the fed, as he took Texas Pete and the Lords of War into his team, while feuding with Calamari Kid, Robbie Retro and High Concept. Squeeky's team was the dominate team, as Squeeky's team members defeated their opponents week after week and also in the PPV. Just prior to that, Elmo Benson and Groucho Bling lost their titles to the Lords of War.


Flex and Pecs teamed up with Black Hat Bailey and "The Prodigy" Marc DuBois, who just came up from the training school. This team faced a combination of two of the biggest teams in SWF: The Amazing Bumfholes and The Biggz Boyz. Those teams were even, but the team of Flex and Pecs came out with the upper hand.


Eric Eisen had some big problems with Sam Keith. He lead a team consisting the massively popular Lobster Warrior and his two partners, Jumbo Shrimp and Freddie Datsun. Keith, however, led his own team of legends, consisting NA champ Joe Sexy and two of the greatest pure athletes in the SWF: Enforcer Roberts and Angry Gilmore. As Sexual Aggression had to deal with the Warriors of the Deep, Keith and Eisen had to prove themself against each other's team members. Just two days prior to the event, Lobster Warrior defeated Sexy for the NA title, granting his team the momentum to win the match at Christmas Clash.


The main feud was between dominating World champion Runaway Train and the undefeated #1 contender, Steve Frehley. Frehley got his friends, the most popular babyfaces of SWF- Enygma, Christian Faith and Jack Bruce- to help him in his war with Train. But Train got his own friends- People like Remo, Rich Money and one guy that has turned his back on his friends- Skull DeBones. As Train retained his title against the best people that SWF has to offer, Rich Money and Remo disrespected the group of Enygma, Faith and Bruce- As Remo concentrated on Bruce and Money on Faith. Frehley tried to revenge DeBones but only drew with him. However, Frehley's team came out as the victor.




January got some other feuds- For example, a tournament for the Shooting Star title. The tournament got people like Flex, Pecs, the Bumfholes, The Biggz Boyz and the Samoans. However, after I let Pecs to win the tournament, I felt that I didn't need the title and retired it. In the same time, Flex changed his name to Fredrique Antonio Garcia, leaving Pecs and starting in a singles career.


Robbie Retro became very over with the crowd, resisting Sexual Aggression. However, his rise made Gilmore and Sexy to lose their popularity, and it was fatal in Sexy's case.


The Lords of War kept defending their titles against teams like High Concept as Benson and Bling started to fight the Hired Guns (Texas Pete and Enforcer Roberts). The Lords of War defeated both teams at When Hell Freezes Over.


Black Hat Bailey and Squeeky McClean had their feud with Freddie Datsun, Jumbo Shrimp and Lobster Warrior, as Squeeky tried to fight to get a title shot at Lobby, including attacking Shrimp. As Bailey and Datsun got their feud in the undercard, McClean defeated everyone in his path- Including Shrimp, Bailey and Datsun- to get the title shot at the PPV, taking the North American title from Lobby just one month into his title reign! After Jumbo Shrimp lost this feud, him and Calamari Kid got nothing to do, as Bailey and Datsun dropped in their popularity. Therefore, I've decided to release Shrimp and Calamari, dissolving the Underwater Union and leaving Lobby as a singles competitor. Instead of them, I signed Jungle Lord and Neveda Nuclear.


Keith and Eisen's feud got hotter every day, as both of them attacked eachother every week. In the end, Keith's popularity was far higher then Eisen's, and therefore he made Eisen tap out to the Proton Lock to end their feud.


After a mysterious guy attacked Enygma after his match with Rich Money, Skull DeBones revealed himself to be the mystery attacker. DeBones kept attacking Enygma but Enygma was the winner in the PPV.


The Almighty Dollar kept their singles feud with Jack Bruce and Christian Faith. Faith has declared Bruce as the new Icon of the sport and they started to team up. However, Bruce victory over Remo in the end of the year has angered "The Alpha Dog" as Remo and Money started fighting with every legend in the block to gain respect. This included a tag team victory of Money and Sam Keith over Eisen and Faith, and included some attacks of Remo over Bruce backstage with the Dirty White Boys. The Almighty Dollar won a tag team match over Faith and Bruce at the PPV, in the match of the night.


As Steve Frehley continued his undefeated streak, Runaway Train got a new manager in Stetson Hatt, and started to make a habit out of brutally attacking Frehley. The crowd was shocked everytime that Frehley was attacked by Train, who piledrivered Frehley on the concrete floor, bear hugged him through the set and piledrivered him through a table. However, Frehley got the last laugh, defeating his arch-nemesis at When Hell Freezes Over, finally winning the World title!


But the next two months were even bigger...

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